Lady Gaga on her Oscar performance with Bradley Cooper

The Oscar winner told "GMA" that Cooper "had a beautiful vision for what he wanted" for the co-star's "Shallow" performance at the Oscars.
5:15 | 02/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga on her Oscar performance with Bradley Cooper
You're holding off yeah. Hang on yeah song that is movie yeah waiting. For god god anyway. It means an accident involving extending it and tonight's the night but he's not explain a little bit about it. You know honestly but I feel it in my whole life and last I think we'll. Experience. Music companies that let them at the scene at the moment it fits in this legged yeah. Blacks and I remember us sitting in Ireland together and write a song and and presenting its Bradley yeah. It's just it yeah. It's it's ending yeah. Please hang tight so soon here and the song and snow. Your performance I need eyes certain. It was. I I bought it and did we all the children so that was the Oscar moment is going to let me second Oscars that I had worked out. This that was the best hospital back ever seen. Mindless and who was hitting me under. This was almost looks to handle but. Well that is that him. It was completely cognitive and apparently pain that we just. That music. You know I don't know a lot of flights. I really really wished him well knows that Bradley this and yeah it is but what lines yeah yeah all of it's. It was. The direct yes and I and I need. Yeah. Because that she is that this song. Wouldn't have one yeah. Eat what it is without him. Was there ever a moment when someone other than happiness in an invention. This is only you dismissed your song Bradley you know it was paid Clinton. I don't. What was it was always going to matter was when his son. You know it was it was meant to us yeah. This. And it would agree to let him and he. Diplomacy this song. Asking what they want in my. Well. It's over and as I've silence a lot of and I really Atlanta's explain when I don't let him as saying that's not me. News or any conflict. Z and I. I'm really happy about not yeah. You know haven't. Oh my that's Newsnight. I got what happens now we nice all live together values and asked him. Now I don't really is a great president. Look it is. Probably and and silently. Into the a beautiful. And lunch and I'll never. And like this yeah. This song definitely. Bradley. It's the angels regarding these little money and you know I just yeah. So proud to be standing here is obviously people are my friends and we need something together we aren't really. I think it's over Harry notices that wasn't a random right. People respect and let me. We've seen there's so much for no reason his clients and it. It's all like yeah. I loved highlighted in his speech I haven't you even if you may remember. Art and music not about winning it's about working on. I don't I actually don't remember. You guys been actively I usually tell you yeah yeah yeah grant states. Yet. It just itching dream sequence. If it means they sit up all the parties. It. Represents all of I like this. With these companies. There's just can't eat and you are. And I only can hope that you say something and it meets that they will ambulance diet. Because when you win it's not about us you know. Get. End quote. That's it that's what music is healthy it's accounts. Yeah. So more coming bands yeah.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"The Oscar winner told \"GMA\" that Cooper \"had a beautiful vision for what he wanted\" for the co-star's \"Shallow\" performance at the Oscars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61298585","title":"Lady Gaga on her Oscar performance with Bradley Cooper ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/lady-gaga-oscar-performance-bradley-cooper-61298585"}