Maddie and Tae announce CMA Award winners

Country duo Maddie and Tae announce Kacey Musgraves as winner for the CMA Awards Music Video of the Year and more.
3:40 | 11/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maddie and Tae announce CMA Award winners
Maddie & tae. So great to see you again. Telling me, singing together for ten years. Yes. You look 10. Thank you, girl. Soy sweet. You're so talented. Congratulations. You are being honored with -- well, nominated for the cma for vocal duo of the year and, guy, the only female duo nominated. That's got to be feel extra special. Right? This year it's sort of all about the women of country music, I would imagine. It does. Yeah, I feel like Carrie put it beautifully. She said we're finally putting our money where our mouths are and stepping up and really shining a light on all the incredible females in our genre That's so great. Do you get nervous when nominate the for an award as big as this. Definitely. Maddie and I hold hands every time it's announced and my pauchls are prornl so sweaty. All set with what you're wearing. Yes. We know we love to see you sparkle. Congratulations. You just toured with one of the host, Carrie Underwood. Yes. Even that had a female empowerment vibe to it, correct? Yes. All female tour. That's right. Female lineup with our girl, runaway June so it was just -- yes, I know. We've had a female 2019 and I love that it's continuing. Speak of awards you guys can help us. Not only performing as part of a special collaboration with fellow female artists but presenting but that's happening right now, everybody. Right now you will announce the winners of two of this year's cma awards live on "Gma." I need to point out that all of the balloting is legit tabulated by the professional services organization deloitte and brought the results for these two in a suitcase. Nobody has seen it. I'll let you take it away. Maddie, you have the first one. First the award for music video of the year which we won in 2015. Yeah. Yeah, you did. The nominees are "Burning man," Dierks Bentley, director Wes Edwards, "Girl," March Morris, "God's country," Blake Shelton, director Sophie muller. "Rainbow," Kacey Musgraves, Hannah lux Davis and "Some of it," Eric church and the cma -- so excited. Never done this before. I'm so nervous. Ah, "Rainbow," Kacey Musgraves. Oh, my gosh. So awesome. So happy for her. Yes. She's taken over. I'm so proud of her. Amazing. Next the award for musical event of the year and the nominees are all my favorite people, Maren Morris featuring brothers Osborne. Purchases are Maren Morris irs and sweet Busbee. "Brand-new man" with Luke combs and the producer is Dan huff, "Dive bar," Garth brooks and Blake Shelton, producer is Garth brooks. Oldman -- hold town row, lil nas X, with Billy ray Cyrus. What happens in a small town, Brantley gill letter and Lindsay ell. The cma award goes to. Omg. So cool, ready? "Old town road." Wow, congratulations to our winners. Thank you Maddie, thank you, looking forward to see you perform on the cmas. Give it up, girls.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Country duo Maddie and Tae announce Kacey Musgraves as winner for the CMA Awards Music Video of the Year and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66973090","title":"Maddie and Tae announce CMA Award winners","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/maddie-tae-announce-cma-award-winners-66973090"}