Mariah Carey shares her family’s holiday plans and favorite traditions

The “Queen of Christmas” also talks about “Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special,” which is available on Apple TV+ on Friday.
7:01 | 12/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mariah Carey shares her family’s holiday plans and favorite traditions
Christmas tree That's Mariah's classic number one hit, "All I want for Christmas is you," which celebrated its 25 last year. And right now Mariah Carey is joining us live bringing us some much needed holiday cheer with Mariah's magical Christmas special, let us give it up here in the studio for Mariah Carey. The one and only. Getting up bright and early to be with us. Thank you. Looking beautiful as always. And I have to say, cannot wait to see the special but first of all, we know it's been a challenging year and the holidays are going to look a little different for a lot of how is your family going to celebrate, Mariah? Well, first of all, good morning, guys. I can't see you but I can feel the spirit within you for Christmas. We've been having -- we've been really trying to adjust and I think the main thing that we're, you know, it was just about the kids being able to adjust to not seeing their friends and really staying super careful and it's been hard but I've been working on this Christmas special since last February and then the world kind of went, you know, everything that happened this year and we just have been really staying prayerful, staying hopeful and knowing that at the holidays we're going to celebrate, sa and that's why it's important for us to kind of just like push past it emotionally but we're being very careful and it's been tough, but I have to say I'm really proud of the kids for adapting and for all of us for adapting. Good for them. We do need this more than ever. Tell us about the special. So, it's a magical Christmas special, "Mariah Carey's magical Christmas special" with apple TV plus and it's been so much fun really -- it's been a task because we've had to be covid compliant with everything like when we did the performances, we had planned to do this out of this world special last February, as I said thene all kind of had to put our hats on and work with award-winning producers and folks at apple were so incredibly supportive to make sure this special happened because I was like, we can't let them foil Christmas. It has to happen so we were so fortunate to have special guests, incredible guests performances with Ariana grande, Jennifer Hudson, snoop came through in a very festive way, Jermaine Dupree -- he was festive. Tiffany haddish narrates. Billy ei one of my favorite people, my gosh, misty Copeland does the -- it's S early for me. It's early yet late. The sugar plum fairy dance and showed up. She's incredible. Michael Michele Harris from "Mixed-ish." My kids are there. We were super careful and I just think it's a way that people can share in the holiday spirit with us all and kind of like push past the moment even if it's just for that, you know, amount of time we're watching the special together. I'm just excited because I know my fan also have festive moments and, you know, for anyone not a fan we tried to embody like this spirit of positivity to push through for Christmas and die that every year but this year it was even more important so, yeah, here we are and it's Christmas already. I'm excited. I was scared. I told story. I was scared when everybody was buying paper towels. Do I have to buy Christmas lights. What if we can't get Christmas lights? What are we going to do? I can see you guys now finally, You said, Mariah, you've been working on this since February. That's before we knew how the year was going to go which in a lot of ways make this more special because a lot are leaning on the holidays for a little hope. That must make that extra It really truly does and it's not just -- I'm saying this from the heart, like I wouldn't feel happy if I couldn't celebrate with fans this year and just with the world. Like it's just been so traumatizing like what happened this year but I think pushing through and the way things are kind of changing for the better. Pushing through with this holiday season for me was super important. And I'm just, you know, I'm just being festive in spite of of course and we're home and it's -- it is what it is. Like it's just about your heart. For me it's really like it's there, it's real, you know. We need this, Mariah. Bless your heart because we really, we really need something like this. We know how hard you work and we know how hard you worked on this and were talking about Tiffany haddish and misty Copeland and Billy and all these people. Do you have a special memory of the taping we'll be able to see? What were somehings that come to mind when you think about all the hard work and what did you take away and are going to remember the most? It's been interesting because watching the whole -- the special developing and come to life, there are new things every day because working with a partner like apple is kind of like you are working with such creative people who have access to so much in terms of the technology and all the things we put into the special to make it festive during this crazy year and, you know, so every moment is a great moment for me. I enjoyed every moment making this Christmas special and the through line of is little Mimi, Michael Michele Harris, she's kind of -- she's kind of lost her -- she's a little girl, 8 years old and not into Christmas this year. By the end of the special she has another moment so it's been fun and friends with rock 'N' roll so it was fun for we deal with that in the special, the meaning of Mariah Carey out this year, that was the whole thing, we went straight into the filming for this Christmas special so it's been a big year for me even though I've been doing everything from home and wanted to thank everybody who was so supportive and tell you I'm here, let's do Christmas together and be fun and festive and safe. We got to say that book made you a number one "The New York Times" best-selling author on top of it, Mariah, thank you so much. Thank you for bringing positivity and Christmas cheer to us this morning here at "Gma" and we look forward to seeing your special. We cannot wait for it. Lady in red. Lady in red. Lady in red. Bringing this morning. Yes. "Mariah Carey's magical Christmas special" is available on tape TV plus tomorrow.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"The “Queen of Christmas” also talks about “Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special,” which is available on Apple TV+ on Friday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74517383","title":"Mariah Carey shares her family’s holiday plans and favorite traditions","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/mariah-carey-shares-familys-holiday-plans-favorite-traditions-74517383"}