Markle's father to undergo heart surgery: Reports

Whether Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle Sr., will attend her wedding to Prince Harry remains unclear just days before the event at St. George's Chapel.
7:04 | 05/16/18

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Transcript for Markle's father to undergo heart surgery: Reports
We'll continue with the latest twist as we're three days away from the royal wedding as Meghan Markle's mother is spotted heading to London. Her father likely will not make it there reportedly undergoing heart surgery this morning. ABC's Paula Faris is at Windsor with the lathere, good morning, Paula. Reporter: Good morning to you outside of stunning Windsor castle. While Doria is expected to meet with the queen the royal family and Meghan's friends, her father will be noticeably absent undergoing reportedly a heart procedure. The reason for his heartache strife between Meghan and her half-sisters. Will he or won't he walk his daughter down the aisle after Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle's father appeared to change his mind several times over the last 24 hours. After first announcing he would not attend following reports that he staged these photos with the paparazzo, Thomas appeared to reverse course telling TMZ he would be there for his daughter's big day saying I hate the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle. But a few hours later Thomas announced he's now scheduled to undergo major heart surgery today to clear a blockage and repair damage to heart which occurred after he reportedly suffered a heart attack last week. Cardiologists advise patients to avoid air travel for at least a week after this kind of procedure. Meghan, how are you feeling? Reporter: Overnight royal sources tell ABC news that Meghan and Harry are very concerned about her father's health and that nothing that happened this weekend changed their wanting him to walk her down the aisle. But that the most important thing to them right now is that he's okay. TMZ says the elder Markle told them he believes this heart attack was brought on by an open letter his son Thomas Jr., Meghan's estranged half brother wrote to Harry last month encouraging him to call off the wedding writing, Meghan's attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old. Thomas Jr. Was not invited to the wedding and neither was his ex-wife Tracy but that didn't stop her from arriving to London to cover as contributors for "Good morning Britain." They appeared on the show this past Joan. What kind of person is Meghan Markle? Wonderful. I mean, even growing up she was just always really creative, very talented. Vivacious and she always had a tendency to want to better her environment and started that from a young age in trying to influence people and influence society. Reporter: Meantime, overnight Meghan's mother Doria, the only family member of Meghan's known to be attending the wedding was spotted heading to the airport to catch her flight to London. She was clutching a burberry bag. And we have learned that Harry and Meghan, they're really torn between concerns over Thomas Markle's health and wanting to focus on the big day. There was an announcement from kensington palace today. There will be six bridesmaids, and page boy,. Our royal contributor joins us. So so good to see you and speak to you about this. I know that you have mutual friends with Meghan Markle and you're aware of what is going on. Can you give us any insight into the prognosis and what's going on with her father? Good morning, robin. Yes, of course, Thomas Markle claims he suffered from a heart attack last Tuesday and has been in and out of hospital since. He has now said that he needs a major operation which will involve clearing an artery and inserting a stent into that artery. That will, of course, see him out of action for several days and, of course, unable to attend the royal wedding. You can understand people are a little bit skeptical because he was going, then he's not going then all of a sudden he has this heart procedure that people are -- they're wondering are they getting the full story here? Questions have been raised about the validity of Thomas' claims. The day he said he was in hospital with the heart attack last Tuesday he was actually spotted by Paparazzi outside his home and last night while he claims to be ready and prepped to go into his operation this morning, Paparazzi in rose Rita, Mexico, say he's still at his home at present. How is Meghan holding up, mid? It's obviously an understandably difficult time for Meghan. Sources say she's upset and distressed by the news. It comes days just before one of the biggest and important moments of her life. Her father should be here to walk her down the aisle and, of course, he isn't now but I'm told that she has the support of her nearest and dearest and her mum is now here and her closest friends visiting her at kensington palace, one of those being Marcus Anderson, the soho house executive we saw by her side in Toronto lat year at the invictus games. She does have a close circle of friends around her. You mentioned about her mother making it across the pond. Is she expected to be the one to walk her daughter down the aisle on Saturday? Well, sources say that plan B talks have been talking place all week, of course, without Thomas here, we do need someone to walk Meghan down the aisle. There was already a breakaway from tradition to have Doria escort Meghan from her accommodation in the car to the church to hand her over to Thomas on the day of the wedding. I think what we will see although kensington palace aren't comment something Doria taking Meghan from the car and into the church and down the aisle. Oh, and we haven't talked about the groom. How is prince Harry? How is he during all this drama? I spoke with sources very late last night. They said that Harry's most important thing ieghan and her well-being. This should be a time of celebration and happiness and should have their loved ones around them including Thomas and that hasn't happened. There's been a lot embarrassment with the recent tabloid coverage and that's been difficult for Meghan so Harry has been by her side as a rock. I'm told by kensington palace sources that despite what's going on at the moment that their focus is still very much on the wedding which, of course, is just a few days away, there's final prep to be done but the wedding day itself will still be a day of celebration, love and happiness. It will absolutely be all of that. Omid, thank you very much. We want to remind everybody that we will have full coverage of the royal wedding, Michael and I will be live from Windsor this week. It's already Wednesday. We are leaving after the show today. I'll see you tomorrow. I will he be there on Friday and David Muir and I are anchoring live coverage starting at 5:00 A.M. On Saturday eastern here on ABC. Coming up here murder

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Whether Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle Sr., will attend her wedding to Prince Harry remains unclear just days before the event at St. George's Chapel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55200821","title":"Markle's father to undergo heart surgery: Reports","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/markles-father-undergo-heart-surgery-reports-55200821"}