Meryl Streep and James Corden head to ‘The Prom’

The two actors join a star-studded cast in Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated musical comedy on Netflix, which is based on the hit Broadway musical.
4:37 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for Meryl Streep and James Corden head to ‘The Prom’
We are back with a dazzling new movie that has fans lacing up their dancing shoes and break out that high school tux, the star-studded cast of "The prom" is heading to your living room including Meryl Streep and James corden who spoke with T.J. Who is over there and dancing. I see you moving and grooving. Meryl Streep, keegan-michael key, Kerry Washington and Nicole kidman are in this movie. I assure you, you have my word when you see it you will laugh, you are going to cry and, yep, it is going to make you dance. This is the part where we roll up our sleeves and put on a prom with our own bare hands. You are cordial by invited to "A promise." It's time to build a prom for everyone Reporter: Based on the critically acclaimed 2018 Broadway music "The prom" follows four self-absorbed Broadway actors looking to reinvigorate their careers by becoming celebrity activists. We're cultural -- Reporter: They're helping a lesbian student would was banned from bringing her high school girl to the prom. It was based on a true story. Something that happened to a young girl who was not allowed to bring her girlfriend to the prom and I think people have evolved largely on this subject but there's always room for improvement. It's a personal story, but it's one that kids go through everywhere, not just in the middle of the country. I have friends of mine who are still yet to come out to their families for fear of how that would be received. I think this is a story that tells all of those people that there is hope and there is a world out there that offers acceptance and doesn't care who you love. I just want to go to prom like any other kid. Why so quickly were you all on board? Well, it was typecasting, you know. Roll out of bed and do it. Self-centered, you know -- narcissist who wears beautiful clothes all the time. Where is my suite? We don't have a suite. Now do you have a suite? And not message movie, it's something to enjoy and lift your spirits in a very dark time. How much fun were these rehearsals? There were days when we would arse with the whole company where you really could have thought we were rehearsing for kind of a regional touring it just so happens to be starring two academy award winners, you know. It was -- those things, that joy, the joy of the film is really the beating heart of all of it. How it start, how it ends. We really, really hope it's uplifting to anybody who sees it and doesn't exclude anybody. All generations of a family can watch and enjoy the film. It's time to dance It's based on a Broaddus play based on true event, Constance Mississippi was told she couldn't go to the prom. They cancel the because she wanted to go with her girlfriend. She had to sue and they sent her to a decoy prom. It happened to someone. As we talk about our prom experiences, it's good to remember there are other kids who have memories and experiences who weren't allowed to go though their prom for different reasons. It's feel good at the end but will make you dance. Other kids don't get the prom, some of us had. Who was your prom date? You know -- who was my prom date? Oh, my goodness. Oh, boy. Oh, wow. That memorable. Hopefully your prom date isn't watching. Constance, yes. Whoo! No last name? Myron cook. Myron cook. I didn't have a prom. There was just two of us at high school. I graduated with a class of two. Embarrassing to ask her and she said no. We never had a prom so I should watch this moved. You should watch it then. Everybody has different memories. If you've never stumped me on the air until that moment. Raise it up. Ite done. "The prom"remieres on Netflix, December 11th. Now to rob.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The two actors join a star-studded cast in Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated musical comedy on Netflix, which is based on the hit Broadway musical. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74517382","title":"Meryl Streep and James Corden head to ‘The Prom’ ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/meryl-streep-james-corden-head-prom-74517382"}