Michael Jackson's sons launch new YouTube channel

New college graduate Prince Jackson, 21, and his younger brother Blanket, who now goes by "Bigi," have started a movie review channel on YouTube.
2:54 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's sons launch new YouTube channel
We are back with Michael Jackson's youngest child blanket stepping out of his father's shadow and starting a new YouTube channel with his brother prince. Chris Connelly has more from los Angeles. Reporter: Good morning. Yeah, the two sons of the late Michael Jackson dipping a toe into public life and for the moment at least not really performing, per se, but talking about those who do on screen. So look who's a college graduate. That's 22-year-old prince Jackson, oldest child of the late Michael Jackson posing to are a photograph with Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson and in a rare public appearance his younger brother who once went by the name blanket and now calls himself big. I thought they did something interesting. Reporter: The youngest child of Michael Jackson now moving in the public eye alongside his brother prince. Announcing Thursday they were starting a movie review channel on YouTube. But it's more of a global appearance and a broader appeal for like a lot of the audience. Reporter: In their first outing the brothers joined in the middle by cousin taj Jackson in the cap and special guest cousin James Sutherland talking about "Avengers: Endgame." Whatever it takes. Reporter: Their hot takes fuelinged by plenty of pizza. I had a question I didn't want to ask anybody until we did Reporter: Surprise of the though is the appealing high schooler big, little heard of when he was still called blanket as during this family interview with robin Roberts. Blanket, what do you have there? What's that little thing? Reporter: Many recall his father dangling his infant self over a hotel balcony. Now a voluble 17-year-old with lots to say about the marvel universe which he rewatched in its entirety to prep for "Endgame." There are so many great scenes of acting. Robert Downey Jr. Is probably the best performance throughout the movie. Their warm brother-in-law exchanging offer an array of good news in a seismic year for their family. But like the perfections and imperfections type stuff, I love this movie. Reporter: These two starting to make their own mark a little bit and definitely agreeing among themselves that "Avengers: Endgame" is pretty much their favorite movie ever, guys. I thought you were going to send us pizza. No pizza. Reporter: I love how low-fi it is. Start talking about the movie and interrupt it to intro douse themselves and start talking about the movie again and then the pizza arrives. We could do that here. Reporter: I'm all in favor of that. Do you know what bigi stands for. I think it's a family nickname. Something he's using himself and I guess it's really the name we should begin to call himself by. He introduces himself as big so that's the name he's going by these days.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"New college graduate Prince Jackson, 21, and his younger brother Blanket, who now goes by \"Bigi,\" have started a movie review channel on YouTube.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63098874","title":"Michael Jackson's sons launch new YouTube channel","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/michael-jacksons-sons-launch-youtube-channel-63098874"}