Michael B. Jordan calls 'Black Panther' part of a 'movement' in film

The on-screen villain for the latest Marvel superhero movie told "GMA" he thinks the representation is extremely important and he's enjoying being a part of it.
6:10 | 02/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael B. Jordan calls 'Black Panther' part of a 'movement' in film
You know our next guest from "Creed" and "Friday night lights" making his bad guy debut in "Black panther." Please welcome Michael B. Jordan. How you doing. Thanks for having me. What's going on, George? Looking good. Good, good. Mwah. Good to see you. Good to see you. My man. What's up? You too. Thanks for having me. Hey. We should have had a birthday cake for you. You just had a birthday. I did. I did. I just turned 31 so it's been -- way, I know. What you got to say? What? No. Robin said you're making your bad guy debut. It's no nicer guy, no better guy than this guy right here in real life. One of the nicest guys out there. Appreciate it. Birthday, for your birthday you were were the cast of "Black panther." Had a little party to celebrate. Yeah, we -- I was in south Korea for a minute because we were on this press tour so started off in South Korea, had my birthday and then we flew to London, you know, a lot of press then we celebrated there too. We did a little karaoke which was a good time. What's your go five to. K.C. And jo-jo "All my life." We got loose. "All my life." This is giving life to a lot of people. It is the most tweeted already most tweeted film. Crazy. Crazy. Why is this important to you. I mean to me honestly, I mean besides being a huge, you know, comic book fan growing up, black panther was one of my favorites. Representation is extremely important and especially in film and television so, you know, I just keep thinking as my 10-year-old self how would this impact me. What type of difference would it have made in my life growing up as far as what the possibilities were, the capabilities of myself so just what it means to these kids and this future generation is going to be extremely -- It's got to be so inspiring and energizing to see all these kids excited by the movie. The gifts and the YouTube videos and the go fund Mees and everybody rallied behind this thing and really trying to support the community that may or may not have a chance to see the film so it's a movie mint right now. It's a moment and I'm enjoying it. So many children will be inspired by your character, by the themes in this movie. Who is your inspiration in the industry? Oh, man, I mean there's so many. I mean from the usual suspects, the greats, you know, will Smith, Denzel, Sam Jackson, Courtney Vance, don Cheadle. Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise, people I look up to but may not know Pery but their work. Hopefully they're listening. I kind of looked at everybody growing up so it was as a collective, you know, film -- This has been your path, your journey. Since I was a kid just seeing -- used to be on "All my children." The crew with all you guys just come in, it's like a family reunion, uncles and stuff growing up so it's been a long journey but we're here and we're having a good time. The crew gets excited when you're here. They remember you from "All my children" days. A lot of love. You ready to see some of this? Please. Serving justice to a man who stole your vibrainuum and murdered people. Just as your kid couldn't deliver. I don't care that you brought claw. Only reason I don't kill you where you tan is because I know who you are. That was an exclusive clip. That's never been seen. You show up, special stuff comes. I bring gifts. First time playing the villain. Did you do anything special to prepare to be a villain? I mean honestly not really having a blueprint, not really knowing exactly how I wanted it approach the role, I know Erik was sad, had a lot of passion, had a lot of rage, he was lonely so for me I spent a lot of time by myself, a lot of music, you know, a lot of speeches, a lot of historical figures in the past, revolutionaries I kind of tried to embody their essence, not necessarily -- like I wanted that feeling around me when I was kind of portraying this character, and besides the physical training also, you know, just working out and kind of getting back in shape was a thing. What was harder, this or "Creed." "Creed," I think "Creed." Living like a fighter and shoutouts to all the professional boxers and amateurs that sacrifice so much trying to make weight and just that whole process is very strenuous. Erik, I wanted to be physically bigger and wanted to look kind of massive on screen. We saw you with director Ryan kuge ler. This is your third film with him. You didn't even have to audition. No in for this one. That's -- Yeah, me and him have a special relationship and says, Mike, you want to have fun and I'm like, yeah. And it's that easy so when he told me his vision for the movie and for the character and kind of what he wanted to do, you know, along with the cast and dealing with marvel was a no-brainer, it was no hesitation. Probably just the beginning too. Yeah, we got some -- we got some plans for you guys from here on out. Yeah. Always happy to see you, man. Happy belated 31st birthday. Appreciate that. Looking good.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"The on-screen villain for the latest Marvel superhero movie told \"GMA\" he thinks the representation is extremely important and he's enjoying being a part of it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53034539","title":"Michael B. Jordan calls 'Black Panther' part of a 'movement' in film ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/michael-jordan-opens-black-panther-53034539"}