'Ophelia' star Naomi Watts on choosing roles that empower women

The actress appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about her new films "Ophelia" and "Luce" and her role in "The Loudest Voice."
18:42 | 07/05/19

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Transcript for 'Ophelia' star Naomi Watts on choosing roles that empower women
And there's a movie out now called you yet it is it the area from Hamlet. But it's a completely different thing going on and my guess that it Naomi Watts is in this movie playing neither of the area nor Hamlet. But queen Gertrude. And that. Other so many surprise yes so use added an enemy you tell us. Well that's what this case is. That's been on hand let's we've tended on its head kind of thing to UN do not only thing women. At exactly this kind of being ruled by when this is right where it's at books. By Lisa Kline called a Fiat and then. A book and then adapted from the book which. Sandy chalice he writes it and then a female. Directs clinic copied so you've got a great line up rights act. And honoring the two great female roles in in the plane Robinson Hamlet I mean Hammett features obviously primary. Significant strong way that I think they felt it was a way to answer to modernize it and can adapt to a fresh animal content pretty Libyans. Well respected the point of view is Ophelia who we think we knew there. She better mad scene yes and everything but it's not that way yeah all right fifties a time for a fee now impoundment and yeah often Shakespearean character it's. Our chase to Harden. Tragic can. Openly pew are. Or their madam and suicidal they can be little one dimensional and in this fashion we are trying to make and three dimensional. And there's a friendship is a bond between the two women. Petrie sees itself in the on the Fijian clever and willful Annan's peace making decisions for himself. Very different from the actual play. And it's it's fox treats in tests and oh loss that gets it really will let's look at a clip Ripley I leave you. Scandal. Fast I'm. Yeah. I you know. My son against me. An eight week perhaps to. Sleep for good. Still a good relationship well I don't cut back into the Latin and that you checked in the clip that's where things are coming crumbling down. And she feels a sense of betrayal she felt like he had created inside the aired she was in control of it and now significant woefully. Well we've seen the life. That are true that we're basically seeing her relationship to her hot things that we really don't see in Shakespeare and right right. That this has been actually hand which is not the paragon we've once bought rights to rise to do. And cheese. Ambitious. She's a strong woman she wants to be in child should things just want to be. Having things. Decisions made for services. Pushing back. And quite accurately he would see it but again days he Ridley plays plays. A funeral with I was kind of yes great. And big Star Wars fan but you watched that before I had I had and I watched bits of it yes with my kids met and yes. I mine. Her not up on the wealthy sorry that. I don't know why people are raising two children yes and having a career that sometimes they got a lot of time that you can't see all of those things yeah. Because fewer U. And this is going to be like if he's and he Naomi Watts Beth well. I'm an Arctic is I don't know it's accidental them all we did like I did fifth film in 2016. I don't know which other. Project you're gonna talk about good to talk about the labs polite yet you're correction caught yet so that I usually just yes that's a time. That I just finished but we're just a lot only things keeping it very spot. And then lease I have another film coming out yet again it and that maybe you sit there like this. Yes it's not it's not a comfortable may have been particularly but it's address it's really important subjects been. And for that I'm going to effort to less than you were here we were discussing Ewart seeming avoidance of rom com. Not like. Dino it's not it's not a calculated. Avoidance it's not like oh I'm not going the and then if a good one came of course I would be up for. But I think it's much tied it to get at rom com. Right it's been. BGC drama. Chilly yes I think. Interest is what I want you to do that we all think what we're seeing around that it's a lark you don't ask them black are doesn't know yet memorable is that it is it something that's gonna stay with here and created great comments station. Is it I don't know a rarer. Sometimes yes and and those once yes we were fed back to you again and again bet. And I don't know what I'm doing here I'm just enjoying. She seeing good you know different roles that a calm play. Where the women. Growing in some way. And evolve thing. Yeah. They all aren't they are doing that can you talk a little bit about playing Gretchen Carlson what made you want to play her. Festival I would say who wouldn't have been. I and a woman who is looking to be inspired by other strong women she took down one of the most powerful men in her industry arm if not. Arguably Van Nuys powerful man. Her industry who seemingly had absolute. Power. And they were attempting to push her out and she was being believed abused. Sexually harassed and she stood up for itself and not many women a brave enough to do that and inadvertently she. Put on the me to movements. He spoke up and took him down as ice and and then out of that I think it's assistance when to hold me to commitments from. How do you research plane. Somebody like that this media person who is on camera one thing yeah then what we're seeing here is that. All of this is going on behind the scenes witnessed Tara. Yes god. And it didn't even you ask a really good question because it what's on camera it's always informative unite. Nice fat women as cameras around with you know as much as we want to be out myself and take self where still. Aware of the cameras and and what EC and what's available online. With helpful. But it wasn't showing me her interior life said. How she's feeling because he's so good at what she some that when the cameras were you know EC this actual middle. Glimpses of what she's way. Before they. Taken life and you concede settlements and then it's true she's just on Staten Island he has significant change. I've read her books IA. Listen to them on audiotape to get the voice and little bit. And gave sammon wrote the book that allowed its voice in Iran and that was 600. Interviews that he used synthetic with the facts that were available that was the recess that we relied upon its. You know there was some bits of footage that actually came from Lee Yates. As Anthony. You know when she's playing the viola and in the beauty contest Miss America and I so with that discipline that rake that courage. Focus and that if that is. Made me understand that someone who has who played that well he's made sentence sacrifices made life. Keep to devotes itself in a way that she is brilliant. Spoke to how she could undo this men play and take him I don't know. How much you've experienced that your record you had to wrecked experience of this kind of harassment. I've I've been lately I've seen it Leon in my Korean nicely. I remember Eric drama school for instance. They with a note he's put up to now the whole way. He. Please try out for men tariff and numbers of course you always say going to do that. Always looking for an opportunity. And I remember going out there it was a long. Like it just felt I just remember it's taken class a train and maybe even ferry had an with it was a long way out. And I thought that and and it was just one man and he asked me to do that scene on his bed that was a camera there. It's a step yet they did yes feel like a semblance. Of of an allegation. And yet you never know you'd like I don't want I feel uncomfortable and recognizing that this does not. This is not what I expected I thought they'd be other people here. But of course. I want the tall. And and I gave one to delivered my best fashion and of an additions. Yeah it's it's very destabilize. It again it wasn't like today it's wilds where if that happens days. We're ready for we know how to deal with it when you watch the lattice what you're basically seeing a time where everybody was for a if this is a powerful yeah I'll destroy your career to the end of sky and every day you know these women weird. Yeah they were just kept at a set level and I think that's what happened with Gretchen. Why they want to get rid of despite the fact that her shadow was the highest ratings that at that time. She. Wasn't going to labels she wasn't kind to him. Fit in that mold you know you just a pretty face then taps on the house and that's hideous comments and I'll keep she was an opt for that. So when she felt. Then trying to face her out that's when she caught more more. Upset yeah this is not gonna happen and she pushes back and on guys story. In addition to the mideast you're here and there's film. Birds coming at you with your friend is opening night you know it's so that friendship we talked little about that once before. Because you've known each other for a long time at write this review word teen age. Yes being sixteen and I was just wondering in knowing each other through. Good times and bad times of a career writes he is there a bond. Between the two view as women you know act not cash apps is that it. He that the bond. And cold in. You know one of the main people to lift me up particularly in the beginnings yet her encouragement was always day. One thing that if and then that with him and care. He would see me at the end of the end of the day of menu additions then. Send me. Versions of rejection. Human prop me up every time to say it takes one thing and I didn't know what that men and held Mulholland drive and that was the one thing. And so we support each other that we there is a bond and you know we're wearing re not teen ages anymore we've been through everything we've seen everything and we can. We. We're we're bonded for life I think look I think. That I mean my wife would only say that he said there's something about relationships between men and women and then there's women and women yet and they tend collapsed. Yes. And you get hit and that NATO need to it will this week at the Celtic. And did the friends you've had very very long time. You know there say there for every new hot and and they know he's they've you know early that you eat my not to get it's just an incredible history shed. And it doesn't say you can't have great bonds with new people that you made some on the way that the old ones mass in them and then deepest possible way. And you have weird. We're up for me it will go to Daryn will will what where we we we know how to address every. Yeah votes there. I'm thinking of that yes you do you do know how to address it but you have that friend in the world that knows. The best and worst of view the good cardiac bad times you to do that which is so great now and in terms of a career you know we've talked a couple of times about what this and you're doing the prequel game room. It's him talk about she. Fresh air I know China having just watched. Laugh at yeah I season. And seeing the world you know blow off wherever it. It is crash city of you just think that yet won't be looking down one man can say anything about it nothing here is it just leave here I can't there's I'd I don't know what I'm punishment. I brought out if you deeds and I that I fear attention being unfair here. I want to keep my job we have just a couple of questions from that world out there that's on the Internet if you don't mind and Canon two of them that. It'll be good. Costs. With this move he there was Sophia you went ahead English that's what you would have helped English if you think oh yeah. It. Or was it. When it was this movie when I had English class a Clinton in fact I don't happen. Well I grew up in Australia and England I got the people we all think of you because that your acts and that's totally Osce really well I do because the Britain and I think you play it. You know it's funny is that strain and think I'm British and English people think I'm Australian. Yeah what may I think I'm completely confuse anybody casting anything I don't know and do your America and well. Thanks for say that because my children think I'm terrible at American they got money that's not how you say are that I got. Are headed back off they are okay. We'll clean coal whenever I talk to her she will revert to sound very much like the one that you are talking to me. And it sounds Ostrom yes in a certain way it's as if OK yes it's it yeah it really depends on. And and it makes me really sound fickle but it's that it depends on who your way it's like if I'm with my momma and found ratings and and my brother he somehow maintained his English accent entirely. But if you are weighted if I'm with my straight and fell friends which there are plenty else. And it's a glass of wine involved we get very S. I don't love to have that I can see that it be okay. Watch you dream role midst name watts to all home. I mean I feel like I've been lucky in that I've. I'm always looking for complexities. Always looking for new three dimensional even if it's a rump gum even though it's doubt I would like to do them wrong column we you challenge me and say. Fine line I what I'm saying that I find it ran out of KQ could it ring on the record on. I know it is why I like to think of myself as being funny and light some time. I I. I and I haven't they that but. I'd thinking out of your two Academy Award nominee for Twain when Graham yet and I feel highlights 91 doesn't think the yes. Yeah it but while we're young. I had some I mean but. Dock missed you name but it hasn't been from a well I'm just assuming that your life itself. Is less to our projects package we put it all into my life some of those what you know that we and always install. Costs now c'mon you must know that what apple I can what about acting job. I give it and Afghan side trying to spend can cause you to me expanding its own. But god but god that's Sally. Bob Bob Bob every night and then a little did. Scene that day in and that they had the at that went in Vietnam that did not. Ethnic got a sense Mac government red that was it. I'll. They what I grew up ponds I would angry and just don't with a totally into it. Output head neck creek plant and no aberration this terrible but there. Thanks so much. Only.

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{"duration":"18:42","description":"The actress appears on \"Popcorn with Peter Travers\" and talks about her new films \"Ophelia\" and \"Luce\" and her role in \"The Loudest Voice.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64149499","title":"'Ophelia' star Naomi Watts on choosing roles that empower women","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ophelia-star-naomi-watts-choosing-roles-empower-women-64149499"}