'Pain and Glory' star Antonio Banderas on stepping out of his comfort zone

The actor talks to Peter Travers about starring in the new Pedro Almodóvar film.
23:16 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for 'Pain and Glory' star Antonio Banderas on stepping out of his comfort zone
Now called pain and gory. Which my friend here Antonio Banderas is giving. What I think the performance of his career it's just eight to rip it. Q performance in a movie that you should all see you know and look at that I've done my work here I sit. The effect that not. But Antonio I have to say yes he did win an award as best actor at the conference best vote there's nothing awards buzz about all of this was. The fact she. When people are telling agree your every time we turn around it's not that it. I. You can tolerate that exact period nor. You have to put everything in perspective. It will and you are successful and also when you have some failures this is the story of or. Professional life and you have to take it to both. And both sides of the spectrum. It really appreciate the good things Kenya and at that a little bit the know exactly you know we commissioner is these is the word is ready beautiful because the circumstances sexually and we each we obtain success. In these particular case is very special to me. I'd be working with for the removal of those forty years I made team for decades ago we have built a movies together. From his being a pleasure and to be invited to reform in that never be trade. Himself and has been ops would you know you to his personality to human life and leave me no lights moved to different deal that. Today. Especially in today's world and to the scene in the to have somebody with a personality without the chains and just. You know. Being done William himself he's that your exited. You're and I should say in order to just set this up correctly that in pain and gore you're playing a director who doesn't have been named Pedro on the deal for us. Important that moves very much thank you. Well it looks like you two but the point at this that you hear you law in a movie. Basically playing this man who gave you yours all. Those years ago. Mr. yeah quote it did this issue. Difficult to play or with somebody who actually lived. And is Epperson whose young life. We need to be more complicated. But evaporation is actually giving you action and cut and he's just behind to calm the situation becomes an even more complicated I don't because I think you'd think we have been waiting do. About you know I think it. You know way. I think saying they've released so you know these kind of two I started creating we don't know about nine years ago. Why is that because I wore in five movies. With promoting the eighties and then for 22 years really do work we've kept our relationship of friendship. But would you ward. So when they win back to him. To do a movie called that skiing in me and I came with 22 years of experience and he went to him and said look you know if you most acute in front of the comic and to peace now completely Corsican. And after weeks rehearsing and lost to rehearse for with a month. Before principals are new he said to me you know those things that unit of these 22 years and very useful. To me well okay he says so why. Eight. Another time I confronted him but they just that. It has got stuck in my own you know care. Tony and they say. I'm I don't know what they can do with these cut you from me. And so we would it was from an attention on the set due to time that we shot them. Nothing really dramatic because we have for instance but it was station and they got an idea of what the cut to should be got a note one. Where he finished and we opened and moving to Toronto from pursuing and they watch it and I thought. How these men mind it too yes give these kind of two out of me economic and they didn't even know inside. And so. You know at a fraction of all being humbled. At 600 me and I didn't know. If I was going to have another opportunity to work with him and to go. To do that in a completely different set of mind. So he came. You know nine years after he called me insistent on how this project you and when. Sees them pretty familiar kind of connectors. Painted van and script I'm Dan created human genome so I've read it and I said to him we've been providing when it won't now. Trying to don't use all of those things that are used before fifty and that's what I wanted to be paying the K with a clean slate this stuff from zero. I mean there's just are creating these cuts are from the point of grace has made via the student. And also you know I had served in person on the issues you know of these nine years had a heart attack two and a half years ago and I mention this because. He was useful for this movie I mean we actors we use everything that happened you know personal life and apply every. We apply that to cut its isn't so he said you know they something you. Seems you had that cardiac event and it has changed and they don't warn you to hide. And we need to show that in these characters in this movie. In and dust side of the pain. No the glory but they're paying recur activities very important that you actually. I recent him meaning honest so late I knew exactly where he was talking about ten story we've. Provided the correct here we've all of those personal experiences that. Well a heart attack does slowing down. Yeah I work that's there have been two real good record but it. Coker but adds Wi fi felt toward the character that you play who we all basically know it's good. The he he's beset by a lot of physical forum. You know you just. Everything digestive system back pain everything and says that even tries heroin in order to. Just Levy this thing it is going to do so what it's done in this movie. And then your performance and then everything is it doesn't look on the surface like an armadillo. It doesn't have that flamboyance. No. If it's. Slightly different two. Organ removal were films. Dole didn't set elements of by your graphic elements in other moves of them were never was has pulled in these way. Many people ask me and I think these. Good to talk about the how much of the movie's. Real war how much of and we actually happened those events. But probably isn't known everything that you see in the scream. Actually happen. But you have. To think him. You know what what are we we do things that we have done and if things that we said. All I Wii or some things that we wanted to save but we do music. All the fees that we wanted to do what we never did I think I'm although it. Use this movie to actually say. And to do fees that he never do you want. To his fun. Two pieces overs to doctors to see him to life itself. In a way to movies basically about reconciliation these while coming to terms with the life and forgiveness and forgive me. In playing him with a question that went through my mind after I saw he was. How much of your performance comes from watts in his screenplay. And how much comes in from the man you knew for those forty. Disinterested. The operation because. These has been. One movie that actually. Did data actions came in a completely different way. Then all the works sometimes information came. Emotionally. And it's kind of difficult to explained let me try and okay did he say seemingly moving which I am in about could mean we've the actors the pretty. My mother Malia to supply and Peter Maloney an obstacle to the senate and read the lines we few. You know on and so he give you the last indication set off remember when you say these are you have to do that rumored to mysteries very specific very specific. So he came that morning and read the part of my mother finally gave him different depending he was going to read my part. He's a he was going to and assess. He tried again and. And couldn't. And I realized you know the amount of promotion. That you know he was inside of him he's quitting even talk. About one line and they knew the line at nine Willis mother in story. That day I'm not the song that you expecting me to be. He couldn't talk. So I knew. The information I don't need to know anything else he doesn't have to explain to me anything I know the effect of these line producing in so. Go to the combo just say action. I know what I have to do. Well that's an extraordinary experience for us over here. That oh and you aren't. I don't know what he was meaning by what you've done in your Hollywood crew here he didn't wanna see I don't know exactly what I learned is. Authorities raised the issue with. Eight because we'll get you did you left Spain he came here there was huge. The bizarre. We know you would do something that big as that and they don't you would do something like Philadelphia. Next June which is. And into made movies you know but you just went across the board doing so I don't I don't see many bad has it. No but let's move it still and I am do you know I'm very happy you know I don't agree to any of the things that are done in in in my life. He has a very specific perspective you know although Ortiz and I. Pretty specific type of movies and pieces so. He according understand that it was just getting out of his box probably a symptom point in doing action movies adventure movies will leave for key aides. You know why you and a working with me. Yeah I think beast up a few European you know more Syrian ruler Morton thanks spike hit yet Robertson could be with me enough to be. An act. I named you know their repertoire actors knowing he's being AD day. To have his companions that repetitive podium. And repertoire to the used to toddler with her these fox or around the country and new morning they would doing a comedy and a night they would doing Shakespeare. And I thought of that you know with always beautiful to me you know news to see. I've to accompany many different things many for the engenders many different characters enough that you know I'd worn and recognize myself. Really as an intellectual. I am an active. And that's an ace and subject to prove he's you know that batting have to I'd we'll have to do raise that to nuke. Better than. Eighties is what do you. Well again what we've seen this is so specifically. On the dove are sometimes so I should we should show one clip. Come this movie where we see the apartment that he lives in which is basically right. A cycle re creation. Of how Pedro is living. And doing yes. If that you wall are in this department. That you note that he'd been recreated with him standing there now so let's look at this particular scene thinking all votes because. Federer. Seeking. To. Not go to critical miscues at Citicorp. To humanity. Just yeah. At any other donors a lot of opportunities him alumina and above energy. It was that he had it. I mean to you. They don't is telling them a couple of dean put us newsroom and in an idiot. I think and perfect. I'll tell almost. Seeing quite a new. (%expletive) is short you know past. He do question. Put up because. This Tuesday that there. Especially want to talk about. In terms of the subtlety of this work all across the board. If saying the word been named Federico. Is suddenly an entire relationship is visible to us that we had seen. That's pretty damn tree where you could see something like that happen and then saying Ole. Think old where you can feel that wind from now your body turned up. There you have the experience of that would harm then extract that. Yet he's we'll have a news you feel a lot because I think nothing old about it you don't call it's just not there but did that make he stopped. That heart attack in thing. There. It if you may mean. We recognize that the only thing that he's really certain. And these perfect. Perfect is death. And literature to you for everything else on soul. Only. The important things and sustained surface everything that was there with my life that I thought must comport that was important. Is it sunk and and it what was in port to my daughter. But from my friends among vocation. Know my profession in the true moment profession of the vote this week vacation why. I'm an actor why. What was the first engine you know what we're was I think they're just push me used to going from promoting some counselors. And reflect about life and you've been doing two men who went you can just laughed then when you can get emotional with them. Can just doing me and daddy's. It was very important to me these Covert act to refresh that you know things come to you in. Strange way some things since nine. I think it to tell you. These how to tell he's one of the best things to have him and I. It sounds stupid but eighties because sometimes you need. That can for slop to actually react and sea life your communities. And and things that you should do you get appreciation that I have now for life rivers pic of the day for every second of it east enormous. And and I firing and myself. Young. Then before I guess because of that because they way that I but because the glass is that these higher tech gave me structure of equipment what is the truth. Under these whom the airspace and I think and Moeller and and we are in the same. Ossetian you know these particular time in our lives because these who only its pace. For a tooth. And everybody knows this of Peterson's nor important. And that allows you to see the political movement is safe really respect. For the ego is going to say the name basis Torre behind. Very poll on that old because. Daddy's. Irony of resignation. When you say old because it would it be. Got me through all of us and you have to substitute their music how are you would. Oh. As we are appearance let's talk a little bit before my time. What about you and Pedro. Watching this movie together when it finished did you see did you sit down together to look no I sword you look at myself. I thought about myself he'd be incumbent of course I called me immediately and it was how incredible amount of emotion but even in even before. If it did last day here I never seeing pairs don't. So happy. Because you know way these movie became an apparent to him. He heaves of these these movies is to those from. Open wounds. And so are we would have balancing the movie peaceful and then that was me. More more night. And it was like we just taking waits had a shoulder and he and the last moment it was monitoring station Monday. The whole company finished that day than in or who. And they drop means their attorneys throughout the movie I mean he stopped crying I never seen them lower crime in my life redo it. And he was very emotional for him you know and we would directs practically they say we have these. It you know here I knew it would it would be just like that who is beating image of its unaudited looking it's it was pretty funny about their whole team you have to thing that. Everybody on the team we have been working to Wear for minis and the cinematographer Chris who's applying it he has been there for a long time on his team so. Going to pay to promo work for me is going home. He's mind from ice they're doing movies with him forty years ago they're weak hand to do these movie. After that time with so many things are happening immune. Personal. Professional stories that we have he's being tremendously. Emotion and at a noise to this would be difficult to describe relating what I I feel it. But when he's happy with what you've done how his he shall. Cry. There haven't really seen him cry if you're at it till this time we're attacked. Which is never know he's not a cry if he's got a tough guy and minorities a tough guy he's a very demanding that it took. Harsh sometimes because he's a good W meticulous. I think things don't go lower unbelievable a Grammy in skiing in the evening we got to a whom that we have to shoot and he got the he said. I won't be as these room painted green. Be stature. And we arrived that he says this is an Greenpeace fashion and have the Arctic Mercedes is being pistachio showing in that case. He says and everybody home everybody. That's 150000 the edge in the boat and everybody hope. May be ordered to ever be painted its I think it this that is it and we came the next day we thought that was exactly safe haven we have. The day before about it he says now we can shoot it now he's great he's got well US and actor who's also the canvas. You've got to be green to stop shifting right up states. So I could see about rent equipment that aren't let's take a couple of questions from out there in the the Internet and see what they wanna say to you Lewis sources would you ever wonder return to the super hero world I assume that means. Superhero is is are even though he didn't have super hit a view of the world now evidence never forget due to human music here you don't suburbia that he doesn't have a special powers are anything they've done. So early it was very. If you're beautiful character because you for kind of robbing who did what respondents community created to assist five of the New York Times. On the usual almost you know yeah. I'm Deborah tip you know it's our connector I would like to release it but if I do now I would be actually. Hum from Hopkins. I would leave your diet that he had actually yeah. I need a sign up now coming up and am going the other direction of I. Think you could they'll do it I'm not sure let's take another here. A man DP if you could go back in appear in your favorite childhood. What film would be only about. All of our reasoning that I dash who have moved first. When I remember seeing an and thinking oh my god. So beautiful crystal because it was a musical I think about Imus I'm loving that. But at the same time it was in Lenovo student and kids in very very precarious situation and circumstances. And how actually a mind to leave under those circumstances. I remembered that you can use an incredible effect to me only. Why understood that immediately immediately taken to think art one more he. Kyle places at a all the characters that you played on screen who's been your favorite and why. I have to say that I would love to save all of the eight movies that I have done withdrew but Malone casting unit Newton you know. Zona Rosa character that I enough to me. The council pays no from the be screened for an aviation bodies from a record that they played they withdrew from the reform commission because she was born in my home town. I know of all him since I was. I didn't keep you weed eating half Twomey humorous in his thing about time. If congress I know that the front passes it was long films that was involved in mine tunnel. And these guys know them well and he said he painted so he was told was these in two Picasso make it something bigger than life. And so Basanova and I that are generally covered through enough to OK well as we end as you know that we ended song. Which reminds me of another great character played but it was on stage. And it was nine. And he played a director film maker. God we depend team and an Italian film. And I don't know if you you can do any of this so you remember any of it but there's a song in nine cook we just. And to me. That song is about I have to be everything and everybody. Can you remember that I would like to I would like to be here yeah. I was there to be then. I would like to be everywhere to influence a novice a contradiction in terms and is a problem. She ruined my buddies community in fourteen as my mind he's nearly. Things apply at. He felt like different levels the I don't delivered to.

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