Patton Oswalt talks 'Secret Life of Pets 2'

Oswalt appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about replacing comedian Louis C.K. as the voice of Max the dog in "Secret Life of Pets 2."
19:09 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for Patton Oswalt talks 'Secret Life of Pets 2'
That secret like a pet Q. Head hike at today Patton Oswald I would like to see plays all the voices of all the pets but he doesn't he do it. Lord that's why I'd just do that one voice this time Max. Max the little dog that is going to. He in his friend. Eric stone street. Our state sector to arm. Summers he's ardea nervous city dog who's now. Out at a farm. Meets another dog. Named rooster play by Harris and forward to that's perfect yes so yet. He apparently did so were warning in on everybody that does voice fork that. He misses his first ever voice over that opera which shocked me because he's got one of those great voices why hasn't someone. You grab him for a film at this point that he's he's terrific and it's. You ever ever get to work with these people but who don't like I was never in a room at any of them I didn't get to do anything with. Ginny Slater Kevin harder only two that I like but. You know they would play me some of their especially I have a lot of teams payers support so it would play me some of his. You know dialogue and I could react to it witches which is interest well let's look at little collect yes husband like wife year. You Google Voice let's do it your goat B day. Let's I don't. Have a behavioral disorder I I mean. I mean I worry a little shorter but it it took to dangerous world you'd be crazy not to worry. Am trying to think. It's by human it's that I mean you know I I bring you read that bankruptcy now that out. I bring our dad a job it's. Me. It out and I go on new. Asked. My owner always sister's kitchen good dog and I feel like a good that he Tottenham had to public. I got bad. And. And. Massive. Adam bold this function yes there's a lot of whose. Tension and. Neuroses in these I would imagine if I was a dog or cat living in New York City in the city. That would that would cause a lot of jarring the smells and noises that the constant. But when my dog comes to visit that's always what happened yet has yet because we'll wound up its yet much yeah. But then he goes to a farm where he thinking I'll. Fresh air wide open spaces and the more terrifying with. Belatedly some animals yes it was there and saint Turkey she house and moments it even is even less that he can be control. Are you an animal. This thing I look at I have a cat I I was never a cat person and might. Life was like we're getting a pat regaining cat because you're always working we get a dog up take care of it I can't do that. If this really sweet cat rescue. Named Addison and Robert Pattinson yet at Addison DeWitt. No it wasn't Addison DeWitt Weaver God's sake and no I'm sorry but all batteries don't. Addison was my first catch up until Addison it was all dogs I had a French Bulldog. They grow up as before him had cocker spaniel so like you know I was always a dog guy but until I am. Until I'm home more I can't have a dog is unfair it is to. Meredith she sent him. I can't deal with 6 AM in walked this things as a poop all over an als. But that's with I think that that's what the but wait that are captured penal over the house we handle it. It carpets cleaned now now she's okay. That it wouldn't be having a bad eight is that what it has got to be some kind of damage that your for nature takes. What about in terms of you doing this sequel. You're doing the voice that Louie CK did originally yes that if you have mixed feelings about. Coming in you know I did I'd I'm mavericks Hochman manager about that for awhile I talked to some friends they're like well I mean it's still. It's a job it wasn't like it was a you know a specific things this is this is a more of the movies about the characters not stars in it so that I like kind of maybe I rationalize things that I think that's ally did you call and say look you know I said of some emails that he did not he's not really answering anybody's emails right now he's not mine so. Well now you had to do it with Canada you know didn't act it is it's like. Yeah everybody has them if only its corporate and English what you know I think about it that way you know this is like. He was he was Connery and I'm Roger Moore. I think that's me now and a cutback could you be Daniel crane. I wish. Only came I'm morbid George Lasme approved and the only honest. You know so. Yeah I think the first time that I saw you do anything. Except when used to write to Rolling Stone under the name Neil comes then yeah via. He wrote the most kind of explicit movie reviews that he would ever. All it just absolute used to seeing now. Can't even leaky Goudie feel like he was reacting to the plot it lately. To him and Ypsilanti like this where it was just a collection of images and sensations that he did experience an it was a bit Trout a trying to do a brain dump. To relate them to you in the most inarticulate way possible but it was very thorough we have is watt and cat and I'm calling Neil a character. Right thickly that is what I love that movie and well if you loved I think so much that they just they don't think about it so much as does let it. Well that's how all the best movies. I think all the best art affects you I don't know if you. I'm remember in in ratatouille but there's a scene where the critic. At the end comes to review that any. Takes a bite it so that he drops his hand on the floor and we need a screening of Austin a lot of cool guys a lot of Chris and that act of dropping your pilot I have nothing to say about this it's. This is all cities generally I've. Because there must link for you how you when you start reviewing new music went moment when did you start all the talk more than forty years ago. Real and so late so late late seventies. They all know it's it's the it's like the very late eighties. Lee eighty most of the nineties OK when that there must have been. Those movies where it was such a and that it it gave you such a physical ring take a true thrill. That you today that you were almost this is a positive via the public I don't know what to write about this right now this was so well maiden I'm so. Key to buy this thing I don't really know what I can add to it except to tell you just to go it means things. Well there's that but there's today we live in that period of time maybe when I was I was watching. Score says these movies or Robert Altman's or what I care and now we're basically watching marvel movies. And asset opinion that comes out I think there's a value in it because. It's not me fitting their thinking about for a couple of days. It's. Well what would appeal are paying for that cessation so what. Your review have to say is do they give you that sensation back that you're looking what you would mistress and also must have been. Must be little surreal you know because you started in the early eighties. You were seeing the rise of he Bolick Spike Lee and Soderbergh and then you're seeing growth says he's second win with especially goodfellas and and you're watching a lot of movies now. That are master blockbusters that are just reference in those films. That a lot of filmmakers now grew up on those movies on those filmmakers and that's how they learn the language film so for you'll you'll like well. I EEU must be moments we have to separate go and I understand why you think this is throwing should be used to enjoy this but you know what came before and where they're getting. These things that are drilling new but. The last time I actually talked with view wayward Sundance and you had does great fan speak. Which was great I'm I'm think that's an app won't smoke this guy isn't so many things do you really get act. And big van. Where you've this obsessive New York Giants. Semi crazy person yeah heart yes you know with a heart. And then when you did young adult or Jason Reitman and my parents in laws incredible work. Yeah I really that was that that was a nice little stretch of just. Amazing Scripps falling in in my lap and I tried to question why it happened just a very happy that it did yeah I got to do some really really amazing. I got to do the kind of work. That was being done in the movies that period of movies I really level the early seventies and parents in America. Five easy pieces the mean streets so like that you actually have to play characters and and dwell would them for a little bits of that to mean. Was a big deal to get to do these movies harking back to that time. Well you and I mean. What is it that started the first time remembered seeing you and because I love side felt some moment at that moment where you're in that episode where you're in the video store I think. Think now. The city would noted idiots tour. What. That isn't true and oh my god it's right my first scene was. In I was working a job that kind it doesn't exist that's right it's like you're weird archaic. The people only an issue to lake history books or the one. It's been like one blockbusters were left open in like organism one blog you know star but you're in there and George stands as one in Breakfast at Tiffany's and that's right and you're seeing something like sorry it's rented out front and and can't you call the Perth. Casey who attended again while the Mike mount is what that it's just another world that this doesn't exist. I got my my first scene may as well have been mean sending a telegraph. What is he doing in the sense that it that it if that my confidence right I. My first job was doing this thing that doesn't exist anymore but what was. That moment in your life because I've never talking about it I knew. One time about your name patent being from general Patton right that was it right I know nothing out what were you when you were military. I was at my dad was a marine for twenty years Naimi after general Patton. And then he. Yeah we knew I mean we it was it was as very fortunate because I was a military brat in the ground and was super super young that would make. Entered first grade my dad remembered. When he was little and his dad would move him around constantly. And it was really rough to link goes to change high school every year and he was like I don't want my kids to have to go through that like he was of the school of things should be better for the next generation rather than the scenes he this rise of like I suffered so few day. But these people that are going let's let's forgive all student loan no. I'd pay my not bake at lake that there's this weird. I need to hear other people in pain me to justify my own which I'd lake. That that feels like that feels like like a late boomer thing to me because there that early bloomers frolic not all of things be better for people. I remember how things suck Arnold a pass that along. That's a nice way good attitude to have him elected but what when was that moment you being a military brat. That says I'm going to be in this kind of business that you wanna be funny did you want to. I just I I always liked restaurant up I loved. Monster movies make believe fantasy all that kind of stuff that kind of brightness you know that. The brightness in motion I remember. You know seeing movies religion and even a black a white once that is apparently how are they doing that so. I it was very much drawn to that world and mine. Parents luckily we're about let your kids go where they're gonna go a mile some. Running towards drugs and armed robbery delay Q a why not entertain people might that was also you know. He would then he had three very bad years in Vietnam and was very much I think like lack of a true. Warrior and veteran he was like I never want my kids to go to war why what is wrong with. Doing stuff that's making people happy rather than putting a gun at them in killing them so he was all about like it go be creative you kidding. So you know I am ever him saying housing as you will never. Ewing your brother will never go to war and over my dead body heal Beverly you experience what I experience a lot of that is though there is no different they you would think well yet there's a lot of but again. We had lit up most people that are saying that. Kate should be in war people that never experienced it mostly lower have been. In lord experience or like. Job one is to make sure no kids have to go to war. It could be. You know what he was dealing with was probably you have that when you when you first why. That we arable. Yet all that little thing can happen and you. I don't know what your daughter was at the time seven senate so suddenly you're going through that tragedy and you raising another human being. You know that was really rough that was. Not a good time that that it it is a lot of details of it that I can't even. And I talked to other way to whereas relate yap the first couple months after a spouse dies you kind of don't remember a lot of you'd be measure. In order to function your body can not dwell on the minute to minute of the grief. And you switching to like I call it the functional gray where you just. Make your daughter breakfast take her to school what I would Celek park at the school just sit there all day in the car. Just like waiting and then at three pocket picker a particular moment I didn't want to illusions. There's just a lot of the that I don't really remember it was rough and then you know luckily I was able to. Pull out of it you know with with the help of a lot of therapy aggrieved group in this amazing woman that I met. We'll see that that's I mean people might call that a happy ending because it is it's nice that you can do that but when you have a daughter when you have. This other being to take care right. That might be a part of the salvation I'm getting through that yeah I mean definitely having a daughter that I had to wake up four and take care of saved my life and you know they're still gonna always be the I would give anything to not. For her not ever after experiencing trauma. That being said you can't do we don't have time travel we don't have you know magic wand but. I've met this amazing woman who is. An incredible mom to her and who. You know she loves Alice Alice loves her and so. It's the best of all possible worlds after this horrible thing happened health. And ten so when he's the only good daddies work. I mean she always knew that I was doing stand up and was in movies and stuff like that you know now she has more of that. Taste in certain things so you know she would be. Very excited affected pianist in the Spider-Man movie because she loved Spider-Man some pictures you know but still of these movies she loves. Go into the screenings and stuff like that so when people last Q and I don't know what's on your passport you know. What is. Actor stand up comic. Writer does it's like all remember if my professionalism I'm having I define myself as a comedian I. Commit comedy is what brought me to be dance. I'm very very happy to get to act of things I love getting to right. But I will always always respect and go back to stand up comedy. Will would you mind taking a one or two questions from the world and media you know look at this will that says. What do you think your cat would only thing that will act notion habitat. Let's be paying attention it what do you think your cat would say if your cat could talk. Mike that would say people humid and chop chop. While liked my cat would definitely say get me food but it would also. Definitely. Say. It it would want media opened a lot of door opened the store what's here what's here okay over the story now at closing will win you know and look at their again there'd be a lot of like. Over development a look at this get at data can fight on the go you'll let a look at again. Could be a lot of that that it makes sense to me. That's today. Terry Jesus when I was a kid my dog penis would make a mad dash from the house every time we open the door of you ever had a pet that they do crazy things. I had a I had a French bull dog is that whenever. I was for some reason whenever I we get photographed. But of silicon my house is that he made it a point to get in my lap and sit in it like he wondered if you that was to the point where that it might they might picture for the cover of. The LA weekly and for the cover my dog sitting in my lap because not playing he just said well I'm in your lap. And he's like you know what's going on that topic of Victor and he had this look like yet critical. Epic picture. Yet not move and he just knew with a camera was is very strange. They show ends always in song. Okay okay but that day. I don't know but it desperately looking reprimand a man who. The US OK onstage I'm not scared out of this confused as I just bloody death everybody just even Harrison Ford. Well I wonder what math what's the song in max's heart it's max's heart would be oh my god. Well he's very very nervous all the time he's very very you know it would be it would be. His song would be I'm Black Sabbath paranoid. And I didn't do you Barton at. Finished we're well men because she could and help me it would mind. And and so what I mean that you could sing the that Gilligan's Island theme song apparently perfectly. I don't think you can thing yellow submarine purpose do it. In a town layer was bone man lived a man whose illnesses city. And so yeah they that's a whole new way of looking eggs that lightly that's yen to three and many. All. It's always appreciated thanks mate if it thank you think feeder.

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{"duration":"19:09","description":"Oswalt appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about replacing comedian Louis C.K. as the voice of Max the dog in \"Secret Life of Pets 2.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63555009","title":"Patton Oswalt talks 'Secret Life of Pets 2' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/patton-oswalt-talks-secret-life-pets-63555009"}