Paul Rudd dishes on 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' live on 'GMA'

The star of the highly anticipated new film opens up about what fans can expect.
5:45 | 06/28/18

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Transcript for Paul Rudd dishes on 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' live on 'GMA'
have our newly engaged couple watching. Yes. She says she was very excited about meeting our next guest. Look who we you know him from his roles in "Anchorman" and "I love you, man" and now you're Antman. I really every movie I've ever been in has man in it. Little man with your shirt. That's my agent. Very good. He's so adorable. Yeah, I like the shirt. We have had a lot of fun having the cast here. Evangeline Lilly here last week and Michael douglassitting in that chair. They switched it. Quite enious of you and your comedic chops. I think we're all a little envious of Michael Douglas and his abilities as an actor, as the coolest guy in the room. He is the best. He has a look. He said you were stealing every scene. Oh, yeah, he likes to get those shots in. I try -- I will run around in circles and sweat and everything and he just like you said brings the house down. Your character is under house arrest I'm told for two years. That's right. Have you thought about what you would do in your house if you had to stay in there for two years and all that time contemplating your character's role? Well, you know, somebody asked moo he this the other day. What would you do if you were under house arrest. I started thinking I would probably try to learn a language. I would try and learn a musical instrument. I would read books and as I was describing it I started thinking this sounds great. House arrest sounds awesome. Yeah. In the movie and in real life you are a devoted father and you took your daughter to the premiere. It was her first time on the red carpet. A premiere like that. First time she ever saw a film that I was in in a movie theater. We went together and she went to the premiere and she picked out her outfit and she had a sparkly ant on her purse that she bought and my son was there too and he had ants on his tennis shoes. It was a really fun time. Yeah, it was pretty cool. But she wasn't overly impressed with the party, I hear. Well, we live here in new York and the premiere was in los Angeles. And with the time change, I was just scared she was going to fall asleep during the film but she made it through and she was very happy and then by the time she got to the party she was -- yeah, she was pretty beat then she told the next day, parties aren't that much fun, are they? We have a clip but you want to set it up for us? Oh, I think in this clip, what's different in this film I don't shrink just to ant size, there's a bit of a sliding scale and there's a scene where the suit gets stuck and I think I'm stuck at about two feet tall. Nice setup. ?????? Hi, Ya, champ. How was school today? Ha, ha, ha get your jokes out now. Can you fix the suit. So cranky. You want a juice box and some string cheese. Do you really have that? So you must be on the longest press tour ever -- Yeah, well, the world cup has kind of affected the way he movie is being released so it's going to be going throughout most of the summer, yeah. How was Taiwan? I just got back from Taiwan. Taiwan was an amazing place. I've never been there -- I mean I have been there now. But I hadn't been there and the people were so friendly and it was strange. It was kind of -- look around and think, wow, I'm in Taiwan. What was weird is there was a big red carpet event but we didn't show the movie. What? What? Well, it's kind of like -- it was this press tour but because it was a while ago and the movie hadn't come out yet they didn't have the movie to show them so we -- A little different. Sat around and I made dumplings on TV and, but it was -- it was cool. It was a neat place to visit. We love you for so many different roles that you play. When you're walking down the street, is there one particular role that you play that people always point out to you and ask you about? It's changed over time. Usually if I'm walking down the street now I just -- people go Antman. And then every once in a while they'll say slap the bass. They'll say that to me and sometimes I'll get how's phoebe? Yes. Yes. Those are the only three. Mike. "Anchorman." Wonderful to have you here, Paul. Thank you very much. Thank you. You and phoebe, that's true. Hey, "Antman and the wasp" hits theaters July 6th and courtesy of our friends at imax, everyone in our audience gets two tickets. Two tickets. Two! Yes. Hey. Consider it our wedding gift to

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{"id":56228616,"title":"Paul Rudd dishes on 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' live on 'GMA' ","duration":"5:45","description":"The star of the highly anticipated new film opens up about what fans can expect. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/paul-rudd-dishes-ant-man-wasp-live-gma-56228616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}