Prince William thinks Prince George may be a future police officer

Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:05 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Prince William thinks Prince George may be a future police officer
two-time mom. Not a two-time bride. Yeah, thank you for that. This audience is great. Better than coffee. Time now for"pop news." Prince George may be third in line to the crown but he could have other career aspirations. Prince William met with the winners of the metropolitan police excellence awards at a reception Tuesday when police constable Janie Richardson told William they are recruiting if George and Charlotte were interested, turns out the 4-year-old king-to-be might actually be very interested in the chance. William says George is obsessed actually by the police cars, toys and everything. Good. Good training. I didn't know little boys a lot of times gravitate toward those toys. My son is obsessed with the fire trucks, not the firemen, just the trucks. Took him to visit a firehouse and he hugged each truck twice. He's really affectionate. Thanks. Is can you imagine being pulled over by the future king of England when he's older. I'd be more impressed if Charlotte went for it. Next up a "Pop news" exclusive. Emily Blunt and hubby John Krasinski want to go on a double date with you plus one. That's right. Get drinks with the Hollywood couple then go to the red carpet premiere of their new movie "A quiet place" followed by an incite only after-party. Don't take it from me. They made this video to convince you. Hi, I'm Emily Blunt and this is my husband John Krasinski. It's cool if you know us only by krunt. Hey, guys, guys, and energy, energy. Here we go. Do something with us. John, it's still -- No friends. He's funny. I love them. You enter this opportunity with a donation to their omaze campaign for the ma llala fund. Maybe you can come up with a better name. Krunt is the worst. Like imagine if Michael and I would be together it would be sichael. Just as exciting. George. Emily and John are actually coming to the show to talk -- It took me a minute to -- I know. I got it. No one told me there would be letters on this test, okay. They will be back here in a few weeks to talk about their movie which John directed. All right. And finally forget Rosetta stone. We're going full-on Rosetta bone this morning. Digging up the secret of how to best communicate with your pooch. Turns out it's all about the inflection, that's right, folks, the baby talk isn't wrong. A new study finds that speaking to your dog in a higher pitch with exage rated emotion can improve communication with your dog. Canines spoken to in what is a considered baby talk were more likely to spend more time with their owners and were better at paying attention to instructions. It's cute. Because I do that all the time but I also do it to stranger's dogs. Do you have a dog, Cecilia. I can't even keep milk in my refrigerator. That's true. Only thing that works with dogs is a treat. Show me your dog talk. George, just one little phrase. We're on television. It's not going to ruin your news reputation. Everyone has dogs. Hey, cookie-wookie. Come on, cooper. We're going for way walk. Come on, George.

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{"id":53736003,"title":"Prince William thinks Prince George may be a future police officer ","duration":"4:05","description":"Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/prince-william-thinks-prince-george-future-police-officer-53736003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}