Quentin Tarantino responds to Uma Thurman's allegations

The director called his 15-year battle with Thurman "heartbreaking" and speaks out about the crash on the set of "Kill Bill."
3:11 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for Quentin Tarantino responds to Uma Thurman's allegations
That claim at the center of a 15-year-old battle between uma Thurman and director Quentin Tarantino. Thurman saying this crash left her permanently damaged. Now Tarantino is responding. ABC's Linzie Janis is here and has that story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Uma Thurman spoke to "The new York Times" about the misogynistic culture she endured during her years working for Harvey Weinstein and director Quentin Tarantino. She told the paper Weinstein sexually assaulted her but in a separate claim she says Tarantino coerced her into driving that car that she believed to be faulty. Quentin Tarantino is speaking out for the first time about uma Thurman's claim that when she was starring in "Kill bill" Tarantino insisted she drive this blue convertible instead of a stunt person even though she says she told him she thought the car was broken. Thurman says it left her neck permanently damaged calling the experience dehumanizing to the point of death. Tarantino tells deadline Hollywood the decision to put his star behind the wheel was heartbreaking, beyond one of the biggest regrets of my career. It is one of the biggest regrets of my live. Check out this split screen. The final film cut on the left, the raw material on the right. Watch as Thurman appears to struggle losing control of the car, crashing off the side of the road. Immediately clutching her head. The crew including Tarantino rushing to the scene. Tarantino says he test drove the route ahead of time and thought it was just a straight shot. I was very happy thinking she can totally do this. It won't be a problem. Uma's response was, okay, because she believed me. Because she trusted me. He says I didn't force her into the car. She got into it because she trusted me. Thurman opened up to "The new York times"columnist Maureen dowd about the toxic environment she experienced as a woman in Hollywood especially in the miramax universe where director Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein reigned supreme. He tried to force himself on her in London. He pushed me down. He tried to shove himself on me. He tried to expose himself. She says she later met with Weinstein to confront him telling him if you do what you did to me to other people, you will lose your career. Weinstein admits to making an awkward pass at Thurman once but denies he ever assaulted her. Tarantino says he became aware of Weinstein's predatory behavior after his girlfriend at the time, Mira sorvino, experienced it firsthand. Shortly after sorvino confided in him, Thurman told Tarantino Weinstein also attacked her. While we were getting ready to do "Kill bill" uma tells me he had done the same thing to her. That's when I realized there was a pattern in Harvey's luring and pushing attacks. Tarantino said he demanded that Weinstein apologize to Thurman or he wouldn't shoot "Kill bill." He also says for some reason now he feels that was wrong but back in 1999 he said it was easier to chalk it up to this mid '60s qu "Mad men" era. He says it's hard to imagine why that was ever okay. The '90s aren't the '60s. To that string missing persons case connected to "The

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{"id":52867995,"title":"Quentin Tarantino responds to Uma Thurman's allegations ","duration":"3:11","description":"The director called his 15-year battle with Thurman \"heartbreaking\" and speaks out about the crash on the set of \"Kill Bill.\"","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/quentin-tarantino-responds-uma-thurmans-allegations-52867995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}