Rapper Common calls for accountability from Starbucks beyond today's training

The actor and producer talks to "GMA" about his involvement in conversations with Starbucks surrounding racial bias and chats about his new HBO movie, "The Tale."
6:24 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for Rapper Common calls for accountability from Starbucks beyond today's training
And our next guests a rapper, actor, poet aactivist. His new movie "The LE" already has a100% rating on rotten tomatoes that's pretty amazing. Ease welcome cmon. I'm big into the muhe. I got to adm this is for a movie. It's like a '70s film'm doing calledthe kin." Don't think I would be rocking this L every day. Friends have been jok on me calling me a'70sorn ar. You could P it O if anybody can,man. You know what, you recy took on aportant . Starbucks has been in the headlines and you're teaming up with them for theraining program that they're doing. Tell us bit. Well, really I just serd as ice of narra for T daythat they have today which is about, you know just starting a conversation and I, you know, what's beenappeningith black men and in America and bla PEOP Starbucks was just a micrm of how black people have been dehumanized and I wanted to be a part of th conversation. It's important that, you know, you have a jus G, you know, with Howard Schultz I've hadationship with him because he first approached me rightfter Michael Brown killed how schuz is the CEO or former CEO of sucks and after Michael Brown was killed he wa really trying to figure outow to police and the communities toge. And one of the things -- one of the initiatives I worked with him on wasting jobs for people in undersd communities ou know, I knowir heart is in theht place. His heart is in the right place but I has to B morehan just th conversation which I think theonversation today is a step for mes a black man we want to see action and want to see you going to theommunities and show team up with people who are do things in the community are out from ese communities how C you really servehem and we to hold Starbucks accountable and we hold our political officials countable. Y businesses we support and we hold ourselves table. At's why I'm a part of this conversation. You haven Emmy, Oscar, E grammys. Anymusical, at would it be? One my favorites musicals of all time "The wiz." Ove "The wiz"ause I love Michael Jackson. Maybe I would like T do musicalutarvin Gaye so maybe it would be somethiike that.I would lo do br. Would love to see new Broadway. Meantime, you H ts incredible film. 100% already rotten tomatoes. You all want to E a little bit of "The tale"? Impnt to me. Who are these people? Like I saw letter from a woo is that? That was my wng teacher. She introduced him to . You know and she W there that summer. That's why I went to see her. I' ting to figure it out. Why do you want to find them when you're the victim I'm not saying that to -- I am not a victim. She's dealing wit a lot in this movie. A different kind of for you as well. Yeah, you know,he fil is very pful and it's a story of a woman who as ahild at 13 was in a relationship with a 40-year-old manch she considered a relnship but it was child sexual abuse and her coo grips what as an adulto me playing her lover and her like fia I real just as a character as a human being as a man I there to support her a try to help, know, as she goes through this healing process. I think it'simportant, you know, it' N reel for me but I love it because as man I G to show a loving man that' like, okay, this woman is my lady isling herself and I'm not trying to L lead the way, I'm Ju trying to B there to support H and give her anything I can give her and, you know, sometimes you don'tnow all you can give her butou just them love a I really enjoyed playing that character use usually mycharacters I'm shooting somebody I movie. The beaut thing about this, it's all based on a true story, fact, the movie directed byennifer fox who is here in our audience. Writer/director. Nnifer, this movie is based on yolife.we said this is a very incredible story.why did you dide to share it. I in M0s, a filmmaker alreadynd I J St hng every second woman had Ary of abuse or, Fran rape and I was shock you know, that I hearingllthis and suddenly as common said, what I'd always called a relationship did a seismic shiftin my mind and realized it wa sexual abuse but I wasn't able to tolerate calling it that as a ild soy the film is really out the stories we tel ourselves survive and how the mind and memory can be protection take care of yourself with trauma until you're ready to face I and T film is me trying to face it with these amazing actors common, Laura Dern, Ellen burstyn, Elizabeth Debi Jason ritt Thank Y for joining us this morning. Thank you for joining us ts morning as well an sharing this powerful story aboutething very close T you and your life ancommon,e're still trying to figure out sometng you're not good at. Come , man. You're so gooat everng. Thanor joining .

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The actor and producer talks to \"GMA\" about his involvement in conversations with Starbucks surrounding racial bias and chats about his new HBO movie, \"The Tale.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500039","title":"Rapper Common calls for accountability from Starbucks beyond today's training ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rapper-common-calls-accountability-starbucks-todays-training-55500039"}