Red Sox and Dodgers play longest game in World Series history

The L.A. Dodgers defeat the Boston Red Sox, 3-2, in Game 3 of the World Series.
3:19 | 10/27/18

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Transcript for Red Sox and Dodgers play longest game in World Series history
Lots of sleepy baseball fans this morning, if they're even up yet if that's right. The latest world series game between the dodgers and the red sox was one for the record books going 18 innings. This morning an L.A. Ending fit for Hollywood. Muncy flies one in the air to left center. Back at the wall, and it's gone! It's over. Reporter: An instant classic with the home team walking off in style. Max Muncy playing the role of hero in Los Angeles. Muncy, a walkoff home run! Reporter: Dodgers fans finally heading home after sticking around for the longest game in world series history. Seven hours and 20 minutes later, the dodgers are one game closer to tying the series. It was Muncy who came within inches of sending the crowd home hours earlier. Down the line and right. Out the track. It is foul. It was kind of defeating at that point but I was able to get there and get no shot. Reporter: The magic number, 18. At 18 innings game three of the world series is the equivalent of two full games of play where an unprecedented 18 pitchers were used. The dodgers with a short turnaround as they get suited up for another clash in L.A. Tonight. I notice our red sox fan Dan here was covering his eyes. He just couldn't watch as it all played out. I was totally not paying attention. Joining us now ESPN's Jessica Mendoza from Bristol, Connecticut. Jessica, this game was really crazy here, one for the record books. Put this in perspective. How significant was it, the longest game in world series history. Yeah, the longest game and just so 2018. It combined for 34 strikeouts, the most we've ever seen. 18 pitchers were used between the two teams and we saw everything, and when you think about 2018 and the fact that it's so different because it's all about the long ball or the strikeout, so you're not seeing just the base hit to move a runner, to try to get a runner in. It's everyone swinging for the fences and it got to the point where late in the game there were so many swings and misses that it was getting exhausting just like who's going to be the one to finally get the big hit and max Muncy. In the 18th. He almost did it in the fifth. I was one of those staying up late night and up early this morning. Tell Dan not to worry about his red sox, they did go up two games in the first two. Speaking of that, how important was this win for the dodgers? Oh, it was everything because really the red sox are a better team. Hands down they are -- 108 wins in the regular season. Everything that they've shown really in this world series, the fact -- think about it, it took the dodgers 18 innings to beat them. This red sox team is just flat out better, but this could be that turning point. It going 18 innings, it definitely hurts the red sox, why? They really only have three guys in the bullpen they can utilize and they used everybody. They used their game six starter. They used their starter for tonight. They're not going to have a whole lot left. You had me till you said the word but. I think the red sox will win and we should stop gloating. Jessica, thank you. Appreciate it. Coming up on "Gma" this morning, NBC cancels Megyn

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"The L.A. Dodgers defeat the Boston Red Sox, 3-2, in Game 3 of the World Series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58789778","title":"Red Sox and Dodgers play longest game in World Series history","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/red-sox-dodgers-play-longest-game-world-series-58789778"}