Reese Witherspoon shares career advice she learned from 'The Rock'

The "Whiskey in a Teacup" author answers questions from the "GMA" audience on everything from career advice to hostess gifts.
4:35 | 09/17/18

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Transcript for Reese Witherspoon shares career advice she learned from 'The Rock'
Proud Mary we're playing proud Mary. Back to break because that's on your. Rose to play this yes yes I read that I didn't make you play like. I think this fragment my butt yesterday as my address or not and I I was. I was like I let them making me here but it heist gone so. Suddenly it was just really fun to put together all those images of recipes and player Larry is. I know that you are huge fans of Dolly I always like what would Dolly due yes a flip square. Please do. It's probably not the first question for you mix. Idiot though I have three girls and they are seven Ivan eighteen months. I'm not AM with Halloween coming up and loved known suggestions for late Stanley Kasten. Oh okay epic. Games and what we recently went to bat and a constant party and I was Anthony and I think I yeah. And then went federal rail lack of up. Nice fat and went and a safari it I don't. And you did this mix it up and do everyone to. Get the pineapple. But I can also get pineapples back yeah. Disney like a green. Very bright. Tickets which are questions. My question grease you're such a successful business woman won't what do you say at what would your advice before a woman who's having a career setback. And how would you bounced back what would you do I know I I'm. Will let I think that we learn a lot from failure and I certainly had my share of failure I've had movies it didn't work I've had companies that started it's been difficult. Ups and downs. And I think that it's not reflective of who you are as a person I think the journey is long and you got to remember that you learned just as much from failure he gave from six fast. Okay. That's right here hello sunshine the company that she has been the beautiful powerful story telling in stories that don't normally gets hold so thank you for that her hype that now. I'm Layla and I just graduated from Penn they and I didn't. I was just curious what your advice to be for a 23 year old who just entry work forests. Well congratulations for saying I think the huge accomplishment he should feel great about that I think I'm. Find a passion so do you really interested and on a no that's that's that's everybody sort of searching my bet. Once you find that pretty I was looking that over that pod cast the master class at the wrong. Enemy who doesn't like the rocks would. Any positive person though Tommy really said those so Smart really resonate with me as. Whenever business you go into learn everything about that business playing every job you could have learned how much people get pain. Learn how they make money at that company or and that business and but that was so Smart and we don't encourage girls now. We do not do that Stephanie have a real quick question that yeah I just know I'm not always been told it usually bring again when you're invited to use some good at that they're detained after. The someone's house so what's your bias are your suggestion for our grant. Grade hostess gifts at hey why not and I think you can never go wrong with a mild wine. And out here to have glass of wine and bank. You cans all or you know I'm just it continues actually like a box of chocolates to you and his then you know that in Nam desert. It's nice and what it says as I know you've been a lot Africa and invest in thank you so much for having me in in and night really that's a great question. People are great guest because everybody is going home. Out of house solvency issue want to make sure everybody had a gift. Well thank you for sharing think you can include outlet I. When I wouldn't be here.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The \"Whiskey in a Teacup\" author answers questions from the \"GMA\" audience on everything from career advice to hostess gifts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57874611","title":"Reese Witherspoon shares career advice she learned from 'The Rock'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/reese-witherspoon-discusses-book-whiskey-teacup-57874611"}