Ron Howard celebrates 'Star Wars Day' on 'GMA'

The director of the upcoming film "Solo: A Star Wars Story" celebrates May 4 in Times Square.
3:04 | 05/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ron Howard celebrates 'Star Wars Day' on 'GMA'
We just celebrated "Star wars" day all morning long and taking you to a galaxy far, far away with the academy award winning director behind "Solo: A star wars story," please welcome, the one, the only Ron Howard. What's up, manage? That was kind of fun. Have a seat. As entrances go -- You guys, stormtroopers protecting you. I have no one protecting me. They don't care about me. They know. Oh, man, "Star wars," "Solo," so much secrecy surrounding this. Yeah, yeah. So tell us all about it. Of course, of course. Well, you know, look, with the thing that I was immediately afacted to was that it really deals with young Han solo. It's a wide open time in the galaxy. Lawless time and it's really his quest for, you know, for his own sense of freedom but what's interesting about it with all the action and all of it, it's really the set pieces and the relationships that are really going to define him and begin to shape him into the Han solo persona we know later so those relationships are so important and one thing I could tell you that I don't think is giving away too much but, you know, Han solo and chewbacca will meet each other and I would just say that they don't necessarily like each other at first. It's not entirely cool at first. And so I think that's something to look forward to. I like that twist. But you, you know, and also but this is something -- were you a fan growing up? Yes. The first film came out when you were on "Happy days." I also acted for George Lucas the director of "Star wars" in "American graffiti." That was the movie he did before "Star wars" and I asked him what was he thinking about doing next and he's kind of a man of few words. Yeah. Kind of -- I don't know, flash gordon/buck Rogers kind of thing with really cool special effects and had no idea it was going to be -- the first day my wife and I went to see it on a matinee probably Saturday, 10:00 show because that's all we could get into and we literally stood in line two hours and were so blown away by the movie that we left and walked out of the theater and saw two more long lines and said want to see it again and got in another line. I'm surprised you had trouble getting into a movie theater. I tell you what, there will be lines around the building guaranteed day after day for this one. It is "Solo: A star wars story." Ron Howard, the man behind it.

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{"id":54932337,"title":"Ron Howard celebrates 'Star Wars Day' on 'GMA' ","duration":"3:04","description":"The director of the upcoming film \"Solo: A Star Wars Story\" celebrates May 4 in Times Square. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ron-howard-celebrates-star-wars-day-gma-54932337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}