Sam Heughan talks new season of 'Outlander,' Caitriona Balfe

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the time travel drama series.
19:11 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Sam Heughan talks new season of 'Outlander,' Caitriona Balfe
Us hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn will we tell you what it's pop and in the culture and. Everybody you outlander fans out there. You know you've waited you make us wait so long but fees in five is finally here. And my guest today Sam Young is here to tell us about it which is big lie because you won't see anything. You know you're very clever you know I really want and I'll probably stoker on every talk around the but it really doesn't matter how expensive ago. Having seen things that I can't talk about it season five I can at least they'd this now. You heard the sexiest grand dad. On TV. Along hey did you know what good value and in wage rates on its web and what money is my whole career says it was all it at a we start in in use and now each season yeah you get to be older and you don't get to time. Jamie doesn't it's time traveling does have his fiftieth birthday this season's oh. It's another export our. That oil I. Giving amyloid today foundered again is certainly he's you know he's aged and he's maturity grown up and you know season one he started he was you know this sort of young and pastors. Highland warrior with really no ties no no responsibility and he's become you know husband and father Aaron you know almost Klein chief and now is responsible for hold for a street. And it's the American revolution. In what you guys when you're supposed to be in North Carolina we're actually shooting. So we're supposed to be in North Carolina yeah and we shoot in Scotland of course you could she leave it. I'm actually it's not yet a particular hospital. Stressed that breaks it meant that. No way we share in Scotland and it's amazing how Scotland has doubled card for America you know I mean don't quite have the say whether. Missing temperature that the forests we use. Sets we've well you know have an amazing enemies in town sets now in Wilmington these early settlements and it really is incredible. And you know there's a bit of green screen as well. But when Katrina about your costar was here he sits you know sometimes I get to go away and time travel back. Town Boston and I just leave them there in the rain and the cold. As right that's where you come from home for news. Yes absolutely is yet you know I'm received from Scotland's and I am boosts its alarms announced there are many years and then. Came to America outlawed as well on them when I got the job. Back to Scotland's and have a place there and it feels like home you know when the show eventually is. It's over I don't know where all go that certainly always have a place there definitely is you know it's part of me. To me it should be because I was saying I'm calling you stand here and as if we're angles but how is it really do I think like that in. Sex they know about it he didn't think it. Now Houston a Hugh Hendry it's you've got it wow yet Hughes Hugh is Sobel they'll. And my family's name comes from the southwest school so wind did you finish shooting this season. No idea how many Ethier grounded I don't know where MI and we finished during Scotland. And where we finished. At the end of the year last parents you know suits were now and I've been impressed stored venom yeah it was it was a really good season I think this season to be honest I know we promise ever by fueling this is a very strong season. For me I'm excited for the past eight as well not only because. I'm there's a lot in this these books. And found fortunately there's those a couple of surprises about things that are made in the books that we've we've added. This commitment actually weakened in the little I've seen there surprise. And I lips are completely sealed saying nothing while the action scenes in it are great to know there's more attention paid to the sex scenes but. A certain thing and based there and that's may view this sex symbol which you've now taken to granddad you said that it either but I did there's a world. Else. The east. Yeah I mean sure it's part of the show definitely and certainly I. You know I think it's the most yet it's the part of these two cards is that you know it was reconnect with each other. It's Brad easy especially now you know some middle aged couples shall we say. I'm still exploring each other instilled. Deeply in love with the Telus I think it's fantastic to show that. I'm asked the action you know I love scenes. It's great fun and it's you know. Hotter than it looks and we were despray we have such grace them harder than it lets you may get all the yeah no it's you know when you're here it's like a night shoot and it's 2:3 in the morning running around the woods in the month and the rain and you're having to be very precise can be can be quite tricky about them it's it's great and I think this season you know where god told him that revolutionary war so. It's slightly different look this could feed them thing hit your marks when you fall off the ports pleas fall on this part of Vermont yes. You know exactly on your apartment and have yet do you remember the first and shot. I'd do you remember the first unit within 2014. And wants and it was. Six years ago it was. It was a scene where Jamie's. He firsts. Covered by Claire in this house sees dislocated shoulder. Ands yeah that was the personal for me to shoot tree parents. It was it was a heart seas off so most cactus canyon Gallic which is this going to slide which none of us can actually speak so. 66. Monday better you know I agree first state to start. And yeah along time ago were you feeling confident. It's it's it's really topics to be you don't know when you're starting Q really had no idea. It's gonna work part not and nobody no one knows I think you know I was very unaware of how much support we from fines but also. How how big this weld was I think you know exists so. Immersed in in this. And so that the character in the show in the the scene that I think about the consequences I think that's probably. Thankfully didn't think about consequences the other it would have been quite nervous that. I'm we have horses such a great ensemble show or act as partners. Talented and so much fun and certainly sees one you know we made some great friends with. With all of those Highlander warriors and I know laws you know we yarn for those days again that it was it was on to view those guys we can you guys get to hang out when it's gone. Chris you're not let you don't think to be anywhere near a major city. And yeah tropical. Well most of us living Costco which is the myth that is sitting in Scotland since. We do we do tend to hang out a bit actually you know we will will sort of data Donnan. There's no it was a long time especially get back in and night that we. This season. My arms state primaries and she's fantastic actress and at a great musician and she recently did. A concert. And Costco on a lot of us went supporter rose especially on its good while their music figures a lot in his show was actually now with here. Son in law and in my mind. He does bring in some sixty students. Does this is not that strange. And extremes. Tech's position but I did hear Three Dog Night. Oh exactly in the seventeenth address you're talking Richardson and it does a great job and certainly this season we get seeded team Fraser's. Is also. Unsure of his. Mute son and Lauren whether he really can measure up says. It's to being a man in this time period sends them. But it's a nice journey they go on and you might see him on those. How did this all start for you. Back in Scotland what what were you when you said you know I want you wanna do this and I wanna be an actor went at that. It happened when they probably want him exits Edinburgh when I was teenager I mean and it was. Been tested it and think that Clinton and I joined you see it's Aaron my local theater circles that role likes him. It works as an option there aren't just waksal plays and then was put in some other shows like spear carrier in the background Adam and I just span every show weakness in the wings and watching other actors and was just kind of obsessed by that. The magic of it sounds like pretentious but the sound the sound of it on audience listening. Is it's kind of and a. It is addictive. You have a good deal theater trained and you know all of this and you bring it to the role somebody is. You know I'm not blunt smoke but some and as good looking as you war. Can sometimes be out of ideas if so I think that's an area. And there isn't anything else always bring these extra dimensions to what you're doing let's recurrent. Well it is the kind because it's happening you know we watch and as this aging processes happening it's done subtly but you see the maturity. Discuss James gone through. O want to offer yeah he's gone through a lot of yet and you played everything right you played the Bard. You've done these things on stage to do it was that what your goal first was the just to be his stage act. Yet perhaps I must adjust and I dealt to us Rafe yeah. Now accidentally was it was in TV and film was never really on my radar this is all about theater and nobody else play different characters and you know be respected as as it as a good acts or. So definitely somewhere where lights go back T. But yes it this this kind of site business of TV film wasn't really what I did get wasn't really what I was planning Adam. Yet it's it's been a great good learning curve is on the show and and I think it was amazing about it shows that it's always different characters always. Charged as an actor I'm was challenged by each episode by the different. Different you wants is a different skills I have to learn and I think if it was another show it would be different but on this one I still for trounced even even today. We're now but you know in the physical aspect of doing this show to and I heard that you have your own kind of fitness. Center that you run where did that come from and how that combat. I have it. Charity fund raiser court might challenge which raised over four and half million dollars for charity and it's basically an online fitness program and it's just part of going back to Scotland's I. Fell in love with the outdoors again and hiking in and so healthy lifestyle and I think. I want it says in part on people end we have we have a 121000 members across the world and it's it's been really remarkable movement and to see people gain confidence and ability and make friendships. Through this it's it's been really rewarding that great now that really is and here you have your own whisky I do yes. I didn't bring any all. Go well the popcorn send him away really would what it called school the SaaS. But that's the name for a cleaner you got it wow. You just take it is all I just do it is the dual chief yeah. All right in its art of guys and you know I love whiskey and a Venus knows secret and I think I've always. One it's been. Part of wan and I was approached by several companies by really wanted to you know from. From day one off the project kind of make in my and it's finance and steep learning Arafat a lot of towns is. We released him march in the US Soes are proud of all of every. Part of it it's delicious I'll expect to bomb to land Horry got a good margins coming right up. Now Hal in the east two months these amazing two months that you law. Do you have number one a personal life in I don't know. How you can have one of Katrina man. And then number two. How do you make of it that you make you're making other moves you're doing other things had that in Tibet. Short period of it was it was a busy time off IC last year to two movies and sound this year have to sneak in a couple days on an element. It's been as great I laugh because policy coincidence and it's just so much to soaps used different muscle and then it's stretch his wings and just try something different. Categories what are the movies that are coming I've looked like chalk out in March and easily do so which is should have gotten him here fitness school. He's he's got I don't sad he you know you've gotta zone he's got his own then he's he's in pretty good shape so kept us kept us going. I also saw something which means what you were doing its work you also did Batman live paths hit man who law. Yeah yeah yeah it was one of the must round them that most enjoyable talks I think whoever dug my life it was. I mean when your approach to play bristling about anything what is this but it was it was a lie it was basically a play off. If yet school. Past the story of Dick Grayson becomes open. That is in an arena. Atlas of flying and it's like Cirque show on Jan Michael's play apartment and we went all are welcome to the Staples Center in LA and that it you know the other two in London. Marriage and calling it in yeah. How about that me. Yeah but onstage. Via La and in every night Max yes and he said yes. So I'll go along and see what it feels like in it I just yeah I was it was honestly wanted to the most fun jobs ever done. Anyway I have a couple of questions here from the outside world. Re re not says hi Sam so proud of all your success. Why does something people assume like this one or something people assume about you that's quite contrary to who you really all. It. I mean I suppose you know. As a place scotsman in you know I am very proud to be scores by probably notice. Scottish justice it's people expecting. Was about my accent you know my mom missing question. It's been a long time and London's like this that made it disappoint people by not being ginger enough. Pretty tough it's what's your favorite customer prop from. That's a question. Crossing mean I was Selig. Jamie's boots kind of get you into character you know they just when he put them on they sort of ground Jinan. Q you have me Aaron. As it would as a way to them so that always helps but I think I promised favors. Of course as my course it's always among. Days out 79 minutes ago writing it's. I. I'd amounts like you being paid to do this that's for sweep though but I was god has my own part of that question is which would take all. I I guess reports York. Not because the thing I am I did this year yet I still yeah. So hopefully track down but yeah I've been to. It's so what's actually dark. From season one who just that the long Packard. Eighties by Adam had been desperate for excellent for a long time and they never gave it wants haven't had his thoughts to. We do it because that can get there and I'm gonna keep stealing more rights that we could use it for something Smith though eventually should have. A whole apartment hotel bomber what to Federer and art last question. Mr. Russell Mattison says I read somewhere as that they had as a child you want it to be him just. Doing. Did you learn any tricks or know any magic tricks. Like that you make that disappeared replaced it with. Your whiskey if you give me enough time I reckon academy. I don't matter if it's not enough. Yeah. That I did I want it's a B I think it's about you know performing in about. The that the magic. The sort of on explain them I think that that's you know being an actor has exit visas extension of that you know I think always imagine myself being. Famous warriors are. You know various heroes from mysteries I think it's sold part of the same thing and I think as an act to you get to appeal of those things what you did or did when you were doing your magic what was yours best. I was rubbish I. Our right you've got that it. You couldn't make any would disappear and London made up yet. To look at that. Make me disappear the magic of cameras can do it every cat. Anyway the youth first time you're on the show and I'm very grateful that you took time out of this because banking on him two months. That's factor here for a half an hour that's fun but. This show always ends in a little bit of song. Katrina certainly did it with no fear real and yes well so I don't know of course I'm obsessed with the theme song funds. It's like so great but you're allowed. To do a little bit of anything that senior I don't know what kind of music you listen. While man. And I'm losing could sing I know but that's a point and Cheney's himself as tone deaf. And what's changed that's not you you were bat but we like it may be singing the theme Sheehan. That's duet yes. It's to. Time. All of this he to use guy. Seeing acts I loved it. While banks it's rare to get me to sing and it was done yet because I knew when you said it was Jane goes to. That while you were holding secret there will be soon. My musical you there will be that's the next that's the next they're speaking at an annual. There is other actually was an island in these politically in the works. All right you'll be fun run yes I'm one of the equipment. Are thanking them.

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