Sarah Paulson dishes on her role in FX on Hulu show, 'Mrs. America'

The actress will also star as Linda Tripp in the upcoming "American Crime Story" about President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.
4:03 | 07/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Paulson dishes on her role in FX on Hulu show, 'Mrs. America'
We are back with the Emmy and golden globe winning actress you know from "American horror story," "American kriemg story" and now "Mrs. America," so wonderful to have one of my favorite people Sarah Paulson with us. Sarah, nice to see you. Hi. Hi. You have a new member of your family, Winnie, that you got during the quarantine. Tell us all about her. I gave birth to a tiny chihuahua mixed with a wired hair miniature dachshund rat terrier pomeranian. A big mutt but I was proud of it. I wasn't in labor very long. It was great. She's perfect. Bringing a lot of joy to your house. Let's talk about -- She is. She is. Yes, let's talk about "Mrs. America." You play Phyllis' friend Alice and Phyllis is played by cate Blanchett. You have been in three different projects together and I believe you described her as a goony goon. What exactly is a goony goon? Well, goony goon is Catherine Elise Blanchett. She's a very -- the thing about cate as we know is she's formidable but a class clown on the set in the best sense. She is spontaneous and fun and really, really capable of laughing at herself when you make fun of her a lot which is what I do because I've worked with her three times. It's like, you know, she's like my sister, hey, you look dumb, you know. The chemistry, the chemistry on this set is palpable when you watch this and we have a clip of your character talking about being friends with Phyllis. Let's take a look. I think I'm just smarter by being around her. And no matter how busy she is she always finds time to check all of my correspondence. Is there she checks your correspondence. For mistakes, a lot of political language goes right over my head. You don't seem to have any trouble expressing yourself. Liquid courage. Oh. You've told us before that you never watch your own performances but you did watch "Mrs. America." What were your thoughts? Well, you know, watching one self is really a horrifying I'm sure you have -- maybe you're comfortable with it. I find it nail-biting and awful. It's like listening to the sound of your voice. I can't -- big old face, big old schnozz. It's not for me. It's a labor of love. It's about an interesting time in our country's history and it's just filled with the most profoundly gifted actresses working today so I thought and a lot are my friends so I felt like it was sort of selfish of me to because I would have to endure watching myself for a second that I wouldn't watch all the extraordinary work by everyone so I sort of watched myself like this. La, la, la. Every time everyone else came on I was rapt as I hospital most are. It was an extraordinary cast and I do the same thing, ah, you don't want to hear or see. There's knock worse. We love watching you in "American horror story." You're about to play Linda Tripp. How did you prepare. We were two weeks shy of watching when the quarantine happened so we did not begin. I'm very exceedingly hopeful we'll start as soon as it's safe to do so for everyone. I've just been, you know, immersing myself as much as possible and now have a significant amount of time to do this. I was prepared already but this has given me a whole other level of opportunity to do nothing but read and watch her so if I'm terrible in this thing, it will not be because I didn't have time to prepare. You won't be. We cannot wait to watch you in action. "Mrs. America," streaming now on

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The actress will also star as Linda Tripp in the upcoming \"American Crime Story\" about President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71644094","title":"Sarah Paulson dishes on her role in FX on Hulu show, 'Mrs. America'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sarah-paulson-dishes-role-fx-hulu-show-mrs-71644094"}