Serena Williams shares wedding advice for her friend Meghan Markle

The tennis icon shared some advice for her friend, who is preparing for a royal wedding, in an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts, saying "enjoy the moment" and "eat cake."
5:27 | 04/26/18

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Transcript for Serena Williams shares wedding advice for her friend Meghan Markle
Serena Williams, she reigned supreme on the court for two decade answer counting winning 23 grand slam title winners, four olympic gold medals. I talked to her about her new role as wife and mother and the upcoming docu-series where we get an inside look at what it takes to be Serena. Sitting across from a married woman. That's the first I -- I know. Having fun as a mom. Oh, my god. I'm having the best time as a mom. I just walked out and was giving her extra hug answer extra kisses. It's like she's the best. She just brings out patience in me and I love that about her. Reporter: Serena Williams known as a powerhouse global tennis icon. 23 time grand slam champion. Reporter: -- Is taking on a brand-new role. One she says is the most important and sweetest of all. Motherhood. She's the reason why this all means even more than it did before. Reporter: In her new HBO docu-series "Being Serena," the 36-year-old athlete gives viewers unprecedented access to some of her most intimate moments over the past year. Why did you want to do this and share so much. You know, this came about really organically. When I was younger my dad had always shot video of myself and our whole family and I wanted to do the same thing for Olympia and wanted to start with, you know, her in my belly. I felt her kick yesterday. Reporter: So one day I could go back and show her. Is that what you want as part of this docu-series, so people can see you vulnerable? When I am on the courts into's not necessarily me. That's just my ten knit two hours of the day. There's the mom I can say now, there's the wife I can say now. There's -- and it's just me. It's just Serena. I'm just being myself. Being Serena. Hey. Oh, boy, that's -- That kind of worked. I didn't mean for that. Serena also opening up about her latest health scare. Pregnancy was amazing. It went really well and I didn't have a day of morning sickness. I didn't have anything wrong. Then I got to the hospital. I had an emergency c-section. Then everything was fine for the first like, you know, eight to 12 hours then it was after that that things started going crazy and I've dealt with a lot of issues and dealt with blood clots in my lungs and everywhere in my body so in the back of my mind I was kind of not expecting it but wary of it so I was like, okay, if I have this symptom I need to tell someone straightaway like let's run these tests. Something is not right. And thank god I kind of know my body because thing cost have ended up different. On more than one occasion you have been on the brink. It's crazy because I'm still trying to come back and recover and trying to, you know, bring everything back. But you know, it hasn't been easy for me. Mr. And Mrs. Alexis Ohanian. Her husband Alex significance Ohanian cheering her on as she returned to the court in a big way. I mean, those billboards when you were coming back, everybody just kind of wait, ah. What did that mean for you to see that. First of all, I was so surprised. I was like, this is so sweet and then I saw the one, I was like, ah, it's so nice and saw another one and I was like, wow, this is crazy and then it was four and I was like, I just really was lost for words and I was crying because he knows that's like she means everything to me. Now you know there is a royal wedding coming up. We know you're friends with Meghan. Any advice on the wedding for her. I just think it's so important to enjoy the moment, you know, and eat cake. I didn't get to eat mine at the wedding. We were just so having so much fun. But, yes, so I think, you know, if I could give her any advice it would just be to enjoy the preparation and planning and it goes so fast. I know you're playing tournaments over that way. Any chance you'll be attending Meghan and Harry's wedding? I don't know. You know, I think it's during one of the tournaments so we'll see if I can make it. Robin, don't be asking me them questions. You know. And yes, all eyes are back on Serena. Serena Williams back on the court. As she works to reign supreme once again. The reception you received when you came back, people are ready to see you back on the court. It's crazy. It makes me want to work harder and do better but most of all, I just want to do it for me and for my family -- Olympia and my family and mostly prove it to me that I can do what I love to do best. I mean I'm putting so much pressure on myself and I expect to go out there and start winning straightaway but I realize that I'm going to take my time, you know, take it slowly. Enjoy myself and then I'll be back and I'm going to have fun this time around. I've always had fun but I'll have even more fun. As you heard her say her daughter is teaching her patience and that's what she needs in returning to the court because she went through a lot after childbirth and just getting back. Puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? She has a whole new outlook. This docu-series "Being Serena" on HBO is raw, intimate, it is Serena. It takes a lot to be Serena. It does.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"The tennis icon shared some advice for her friend, who is preparing for a royal wedding, in an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts, saying \"enjoy the moment\" and \"eat cake.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54744851","title":"Serena Williams shares wedding advice for her friend Meghan Markle","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/serena-williams-shares-wedding-advice-friend-meghan-markle-54744851"}