Serena Williams speaks out about post-partum depression battle

The 23-time Grand Slam champ opened up about some of the difficult aspects of her life since welcoming her daughter into the world in a new interview.
3:18 | 06/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serena Williams speaks out about post-partum depression battle
We begin with our "Gma" cover story. As tennis star serenaliams stages a grand slamcomeback sh open up Abo postpartum depression. Morning, ane. She was open about her scary delivery and now seen wliams is revealing that was just the ginning of her cenges wit motherhood. When iomes to postpartum she says pe need to talk about it ands usual Serena is leading by example. Back F maternity leave Serena williadominating A hard fought win for Serena Williams. Both O the court and in fashion. I call it like wakandsped, you know, catsuit. It's really fun. Reporter: Even rocked sneakers at the royal wedding but now the tennis tar is depression. Somes I still T I have to deal wit. 'S almost like the fourthtrimester. One key issu the press S puts on herself. I couldn't find her btle and got so up I started crying because I wanted T be perfect for her. I hope I am. I lov you. Reporter: Inhe new -series "B Serena" S talks about balancing motherho and career. I've been a mom for eight months. Honestly, I shouldn't have choose between thesewo identities. S Serena sayhe would love to give O siblings. Despite the challenges she loves not only B a mom but being pregnant. If not playing tennis she would be pregnight now. It doesn't seem like she will have totg for those sibl. It's out on newsstands W. More from Dr. Jen Ashton T I was surprised. Iuchore common than I thought. One in seven new moms. Absolut and there is no shame in thisgame. Not if you're anlympian or pronal athlete not if you are the average woman. This is very. 50% of the time itctually starts during pregno we need to rename it Bute are the symptoms that women need to know Abo this is not subtle. There is tearfulness, there's crying. There's ger, irritability, anxiety can be a major presenting symptom and then feelings O detachment, even fantasies of escape you new life as a mothend T be clear, this can hap wit baby number one or B down the road. So you recognize what's going on. How do yre it That's the key. There is treatment, there is recovery. There is cure but you have to address it head on so medications can be helpful. Psychotherapy, support groups, really, reallimportant. Acog using Serena's term. This should be a fourth times and providers, midwives should be seeing women soarlier and more freq. It puts a burden on the partners as well. 100%. That's why I'm so glad you wanted to do this segment men need to be involved so they need to S that person emotionallphysicallyon't leave a person if possible if you knowt they're struggling that can be the most precarious and dgerous time and the keys education, education, education. Because we can't seetal illness or mood rder and don't think O it as serious and it doesn't just affect that woman but her entireci. Learn about it and bethere. Jen Ashton, thanks very ch.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The 23-time Grand Slam champ opened up about some of the difficult aspects of her life since welcoming her daughter into the world in a new interview. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55582264","title":"Serena Williams speaks out about post-partum depression battle","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/serena-williams-speaks-post-partum-depression-battle-55582264"}