Simon Biles may be preparing for a show-stopping move at this year’s summer Olympics

Janai Norman reports on the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
5:24 | 02/23/20

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Transcript for Simon Biles may be preparing for a show-stopping move at this year’s summer Olympics
Rob's popping and locking. Janai's here. Two of them. It's more locking than popping. Yeah. Oh my gosh. All right. It's time for "Pop news," and we begin with olympic darling Simone Biles who may be preparing to wow us again at this year's summer olympics. The 22-year-old multi-gold medalist shared a five-second video of her performing a vault that many have called too risky to pull off. It's called the yurchenko double pike. No female gymnast has ever performed this stunt in a competition before. Fans think she may be perfecting it for the games. My goodness. Some gymnasts have noted how risky the move is compared to other vaults saying you can't change your mind midair. You have to go for it. You were a gymnast. You have to just commit. Did you ever stick that one in practice? No. Absolutely not. It looks like she's actually pretty much got it. She was the runner-up for female athlete of the decade. So I mean, she's brought us this kind of thing before. "American idol" off to a talented contestants all vying for a ticket to Hollywood. Among those, Julia Gargano hoping to impress the judges tonight with an original song. Look at this exclusive sneak peek from tonight's episode. Are you going to sing something you wrote for us? It's called "Growing pains." "Growing pains." Put a band-aid on a shotgun wound and pray to god it heals me Are you sending her to Hollywood? She's got a great voice. You can catch "Idol" tonight at 8:00 eastern here on ABC. Jennifer garner, I just love her. Do you need another reason to love her? She wants to keep you in girl scout cookies. The actress taking to Instagram to say, she's got some extras. If you are missing your local girl scout or their cookies, just let us know why and we will send them out until we run out. Supplies are limited. Happy girl scout cookie time. That post already has a million views. Not sure how many she has left, but I'll take some of them. Yeah, and rob's daughter is selling. She's cutting into my sales. You had the sheet here yesterday and everything. Yesterday. Yeah, and rob, special guest appearance here in "Pop news." Tell us about the toys. I'll take care of this. You sign up for some more Christmas is a long way off, but toy makers have to think ahead, and I got a little help. I got some big help too checking out this year's toy fair, and the items your kids will want under the tree this December. Reporter: People are rushing in to catch a glimpse of this year's New York City toy fair. With more than a thousand exhibits, 150,000 toys, and exclusive sneak peeks of some of the hottest new releases. Hello, best friend. Reporter: While the classics never go out of style -- It's the Paparazzi. Yeah. Watch out. Reporter: -- We brought along some of YouTube's biggest stars. Can we see which one we get? Reporter: Addy and Maya from tic tac toys. It's a YouTube review channel with almost 3.5 million subscribers. They're testing out some of today's top toys. Whoa. Reporter: And while touring the toys was fun, it was a business trip for the young duo who debuted their own booth at this year's fair with a sweet surprise. I think I found you guys. These your toys? They sure are. There's Addy, and there's Maya. Reporter: From little girls to big boys. Even stars like shaquille O'Neal are in on the fun. What better person to rep a big tonka truck than big Shaq? It's tough, reliable. It's been around for a long time. Reporter: The NBA hall of famer showing me the new line of tonka trucks inspired by the man himself. What size shirt is that? 4x. 4x. You got a little something going on there. Does that come with the shirt? Is it battery-powered? Yeah. It's battery powered. Reporter: Just one of many revered figures on hand. Congrats for winning the action figure of the year. This is the wizard staff from "Onward." Showcasing the latest and greatest to hit shelves this season. I think I broke it. Oh, no I didn't. They were not happy with me, but anyway, the toy fair goes on the rest of this weekend. I brought some toys for you. Oh, yours too. Some of this I think is -- I probably shouldn't aim it. You'll poke somebody's eye out, rob. Oh, rubber darts flying there. Mine wouldn't -- oh. You have to launch it. I tried. I may have broke this one too. Janai's got the hammer of Thor. It is incredible how big that is, and all the toys that are out there. Before somebody loses an eye, let me say, great "Pop news," janai. Appreciate it. Thank you for joining us this Sunday morning. Stay tuned for George, and we'll see you back here next weekend. You're tossing to George. We have all these toys. Tossing to George.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Janai Norman reports on the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69158424","title":"Simon Biles may be preparing for a show-stopping move at this year’s summer Olympics","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/simon-biles-preparing-show-stopping-move-years-summer-69158424"}