Skylar Astin and Peyton Elizabeth Lee talk about new their Disney+ film

The two actors star as superheroes in "Secret Society of Second-Born Royals," which premieres on Sept. 25.
3:27 | 09/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skylar Astin and Peyton Elizabeth Lee talk about new their Disney+ film
That guest artist star than a new family movie about the hit Disney plus that's right Skyler asked Ann and Peyton Elizabeth the next morning as to talk about secret society of second warrant royals the first. Let's get a sneak peek it's. I'm a press a second port royal just like you guys are siblings. Are New Year's sweep the spares. Powerless. With a purpose. We're so everyone thinks. Moon this. I don't Paris and eight in debate here with us now and sky are wanna begin with you because. Die here it's your birth day how are you celebrating today and happy birthday. Well I'm very lucky talking you guys and IA. I'm also celebrating my working I'm she and Sousa was extraordinary but it is so I'm very lucky. I heard him like that that help. Pay in Britain this is your first movie Phil what do you like or what Skyler who has been on the big screen many times before. How is so amazing and Skyler had great energy that he brings the fats aren't taught Latin like here you have this energy. You bring to this that and you know he's always singing and dancing in just have a good time and really can feel and G whether you're in a steely and her August that somewhere out because it really you know trickles down the whole system. And it was just so meeting because at least that he has all that's great experience inserted getting to work with and learn. And I mean things and so Skyler as the veteran of the cast and oh what was it like working with such a talented younger. Group of actors. Well I don't know if you noticed I'm actually very old and so I think I have to. Very two very inspired by a lot of them and you know. Something we kind of did for fun. Was I had her eyes and what we were on our marks and I'm you know when your aunts that he's like. Moments for the energy and it ice dancers was to be people under martz standing still so I would want air the other. Or earlier in the scheme it. Religious unity grew into our own song which I think really the energy route. Oh an entity is important and patent all the second born royals they have a superpower so if you could have a super power what would it be. Lou I think if I had a superpower it would be the ability to fly. Like I would be me think I also love travelling in you can kinda go wherever you are whenever you. And also with Kobe you're not exposed to the airport though even the Dow I I support that's a propriety and it presents data your character can actually split into clones of himself. Everywhere she can do that in real life in exile how would you make you say that. I mean being divided and conquered so I think I'm just got a lot more done I mean if I firstly it's our right now we eat it. Sure pandemic but let's not in my fingers but I think Brady now right now if I had I had the ability to clone myself I'd probably you'll have more on. Fifth. I was AGCO myself about regular mostly. But you know what they did voter partly really worried but it's got a patent thank you both so much. And that the movie at the secret society affected warned Roy oath. It is available for streaming on Disney plots. On Friday makes you got to get out.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"The two actors star as superheroes in \"Secret Society of Second-Born Royals,\" which premieres on Sept. 25.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73185817","title":"Skylar Astin and Peyton Elizabeth Lee talk about new their Disney+ film","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/skylar-astin-peyton-elizabeth-lee-talk-disney-film-73185817"}