Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas arrive in Paris amid wedding rumors

Sam Champion reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:48 | 06/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas arrive in Paris amid wedding rumors
that, we have the one and only -- I can't. I'm embarrassed to do this in front of you. Lara, I apologize. Are you with me for a special Friday edition? Let's begin with new details on one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the summer. Sophie turner and Joe Jonas, you're going, aren't they married. They arrived in the south of France or as we like to say en France. Am I close ahead of their expected wedding ceremony and they were greeted by the staff of a gorgeous 18th century castle. Sophie hugging friends and the private estate considered one of the finest in prove advance. It features a winery and of course if you have one you need a gorgeous mirror pool or that Instagram moment that you know everybody wants, well now we don't know how many guests are expected but do know that his brothers will be there, Nick and priyanka already there. How do we know that? Priyanka posted this caption with the caption it's in the air with a heart emoji and I think Dr. Phil might be there. We told you Dr. Phil said on Twitter the wedding was actually happening. I think he may have spoiled it a little bit. Giving away the date of their wedding. Now, of course, they are already we all know that tying the knot in an impromptu wedding in Vegas but this, folks, this is the real celebration. They have been in France all week and have been sharing photos from the trip. Sophie posting a photo kissing in front of the eiffel tower and relacking in a twin bathtub. What? Get ready, folks. I think we can show that on a morning show. Can we? All right, congratulations to them, by the way. And definitely thought this had to happen by the way. They weren't just going to do this in Vegas. Now multiple weddings seem to be a thing. How many did priyanka have? Guy, are you ready for a little bit more? How much we lost when we lost Whitney Houston. That voice we lost but up next, this could be the sound of the summer. A new track released overnight featuring one of the greatest pop divas of all time, our Whitney Houston's superstar producer kygo dropping "Higher you remember with Whitney, the first Whitney release in a full decade. Listen to this. Listen to this. Bring me a higher lover bring me a higher love oh Yeah. Let it out. How good is that? I feel it. With respect to everybody who sings and everyone who is amazing, that Whitney Houston voice is a sensation. There is just nothing like that. Whitney's version of "Higher love" is the cover of Steve winwood's classic and the estate went to kygo with the recording and was thrilled to make it. If you'd like to hear it kygo is performing it for the first time at pride festival utopia here in New York on Sunday. The place to be. Slightly big weekend. A huge weekend. I think there will be like 6 million people in the city. 6 million and 1. 6 million and 2 and 4. All right. So we finally have -- ready for your last pride story in "Pop"? We have worldwide pride celebrations. Zookeepers at the London zoo, zoo south London have a banner in the penguin habitat that says some penguins are just gay. Get over it. Turns out the zoo's penguin beach is home to a famous same-sex couple, Reggie and Ronny and met five years ago and it was true love. They're inseparable. It's home to some same-sex couples, martin and dev. Let's hear it for martin and dev. Love is love, people all over the world, please, it's pride. We should just get used to it. We'll celebrate it all weekend long in New York City and I'll be with my WABC family covering we have four hour, almost five hours including what ABC is doing, unprecedented at ABC 7 I hope you'll join us even if you can't be here like these folks, you can be here. Did you get Reggie and his partner as your guests. Would be a good guest. You could still book it, Sam. I think we might need to go there live as a special correspondent. Sam, you are singular. Thank you for that amazing edition of "Pop news."

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Sam Champion reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64015138","title":"Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas arrive in Paris amid wedding rumors","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sophie-turner-joe-jonas-arrive-paris-amid-wedding-64015138"}