Star Wars fans have new binge worthy show

Disney's "Star Wars: The Bad Batch" animated series, the final season premiere of "SNL" star Aidy Bryant's "Shrill," a new variety show and more.
5:47 | 05/08/21

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Transcript for Star Wars fans have new binge worthy show
He does. Janai Norman. He said avocado toast and French toast, and I'm just over here, like, licking my fingers. Thinking about it. You guys don't lick your We did for the celery juice. Right? Yeah. Yeah. It's time for "Binge this." It wouldn't be a Saturday morning without a rundown of your weekend watch list, and the force is strong over here. We've got some "Star wars" fans in the studio. Tuesday was "Star wars" day, may the 4th, and to celebrate Disney plus gifted us "Star wars: The bad batch." It's a brand-new animated series that follows the genetically mutated storm force, aka, the bad batch. We met them in "The clone wars," but if you haven't seen that series, that's okay. Word is that you just need to be familiar with the events of "Revenge of the sith." Bad batch. Bad batch. That's what they call you. Kidding. That's what they can call the entire anchor team on the weekends. You are the bad batch. Wear it as a badge of honor. This is a huge weekend for TV. So what else out there is binge-worthy? Okay, "Shrill" is back, and you know aid Bryant from "Snl" she brings her comedic timing as the exec producer of the series. If you're behind on this series, now is the perfect time to catch up on this series. You won't want to miss the last eight episodes, and then nine new episodes of "Selena: The series," streaming over on Netflix. It chronicles the life and tragic murder of music legend Selena. Her family helped produce this series. She would have turned 50 this year, and the series really celebrates her legacy. Lots of people talking about an episode when a young Beyonce Knowles sees Selena. Really cool. And you have the inside what's going on? A comedian has taken over Instagram and now brings the laughs to her brand-new show on showtime. She's written shows like -- you know this? Yeah. It's on showtime. Her self-titled show has sketches, musical numbers and interviews from the likes of Bowen yang, phoebe bridges and Fran Leibowitz, but it's all starting tomorrow night on showtime. I'm glad you knew that. Dan knows everything about television. She's really great. He watches a lot of TV. And we have a bonus binge. I'll grab this real quick. Our friend, sunny Hostin does it all. She's the former federal prosecutor who lights up hot topics on "The view," and she wrote "Summer on the bluffs." It's addictive, and she joins us now. Sunny, I'm so excited to be talking to you about this. I'm halfway through. Stayed up later than I should have reading this. Oh, thank you. Congratulations. Okay, so, it's a perfect beach read. I have been reading it in bed. It's so good. You also address significant issues including race and colorism. Why was it so important for you to tackle all these issues head-on? When I was looking for a beach read, I was looking for a story centered on women of color, centered on women that looked like me in all of our complexities, and I don't really think that you can do an authentic story, write an authentic story about Martha's vineyard with its wonderful history of -- of, you know, black folks being able to buy beachfront property on Martha's vineyard at a time when they couldn't buy beachfront property anywhere else without exploring the real life issues we encounter. It was very important to me to write it in an authentic, real life, robust way, and that would including issues of race, issues of colorism, and I hope that you're enjoying reading it because I did want to reflect us in all of our complexity. So that's why. It's funny you say that, a lot of books you get 100 pages in before you really get started. Not this one. You get right into it. That's some good tease. This is your first work of fiction. I'm curious what makes it so personal. You know, I, as you know, cover a lot of social justice cases, social justice issues, but when I'm doing that work, I have to read the case files, and I have to read up on it, and brush up on it and it's always so very dark, and always so personal, and I wanted a getaway, you know, this has been a really hard year and a half for so many of us, and I was looking for that kind of getaway, and I couldn't find it. Again, centered on people of color. I wanted to experience black joy, black beaches, and I decided like Tony Morrison says, if there's a book you want to read and it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it, and I started writing and sketching away, and Martha's vineyard is my special place, the place that I go for refuge, and to get away. So I know it intimately, and I know it really well and I wrote about it, and the response, Eva, has been so incredible that I realize that there was a thirst for -- from just so many people. They wanted that getaway, and they wanted to learn a little bit of history about the vineyard and my happy place. So I'm just ecstatic actually about the response, and I'm looking forward to writing more now. We are so happy that you wrote it, and now everyone can read it. Thank you so much, sunny, for stopping by early Saturday morning on mother's day weekend. Happy mother's day to you. And be sure to check out sunny's book, "Summer on the bluffs."

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{"duration":"5:47","description":"Disney's \"Star Wars: The Bad Batch\" animated series, the final season premiere of \"SNL\" star Aidy Bryant's \"Shrill,\" a new variety show and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77574624","title":"Star Wars fans have new binge worthy show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/star-wars-fans-binge-worthy-show-77574624"}