This is the story of Christina Aguilera

Growing up in an abusive household as a child, Christina Aguilera said it was her life experiences that inspired her to step up to the plate whenever injustice was happening.
9:36 | 04/02/21

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Transcript for This is the story of Christina Aguilera
Her father asking you. I tend. Reports. Two years old but our next guest is frighteningly gifted. Did he out there and that's good debut album. Aren't very tough. Warmed him to monitor and being wrong. Okay. I got intimate at. I just really bad day and. Please give it international welcomed the Christina Aguilera. Can. I used to tell her there must be a reason behind it. Maybe you're being prepared. For something really great. I remember any team and their relatives of book you know wherever you wanted to find one but for the other. Mean bring me work groups crying lakes so hard on Matalin and yet there. Musketeers sold it should. She took this athletic stance in a posture and through her head back and very proudly. Just you know pounded the song in my brains like electrical imposed users like. And I realize oh my god I'm in the presence of true greats. I have this really problematic song. Ranging nobody can since the singer has to hit. Hi Ian octave above middle C and full voice so I called her up and I said hey Christina can hit I talked about middle C in full voice and she said mop. Can I get the idea she wasn't sure herself on about one note and down. The evening gala hit it. He's one of the hottest young singing sensation around. Two years old but our next guest is frighteningly gifted. Did you out there and that's good debut album. Chart at the very top of the navy the best. Reporter so does that become a look Mariah Carey can and can't come and. And again in him the best you. Machine yeah. And he's eating none have this Easter can wet suit and giving his kind. With one single out in time for the cut us for the Demi is fifteen a bottle. My god think is all so much. Moment of passed here is something bad to Christina Aguilera and everyone noticed that the sweet faced pop stock decided to take her career and a new direction. By age 21 Christina Aguilera had it all Grammy winner millions of records sold and fans around the world. But she felt she had failed to accomplish what mattered most to be true to herself. It would be a new album and in new latitude. They were expecting. Maybe do you know bottom part two but that's exactly how I express to the label island don't wanna make it Jean Nevada part two I'm not that person you're going back fear that Obama got you know I I think music should be honest and and and about who you really are. I got back to receive the air because he's made its decision. It appears the complete flop as a Romo only did they don't like it get on have to look at you know who implement that. Think to fool the moon but that's it. If a guy claiming that he like DeAngelo that's a video ways. Pretty might make you know what's going on was below that seen or whose win and that. It it we can Martin's it's not controversial at ought to see him find hot last and a naked female. It was a very scary time place to sleep with names under my pillow. Christine would whisper every single night mommy when can we go live to Graham can't we can't we go tonight. Yeah. It's it's it's so. Emotionally and psychologically damaging six a few million years later. The bruises if they have but you know in my head ask. Hear the echoes communities. I'm crying on the record trying to hold back my tears. It was a heart whenever had to sing well listen to it. I heard things in their quest if you didn't realize. Let the little growth cream. Kill him for the phone because I swear I remember that coming out of her now. Venus season he. Long. Paying me. Did you care when you are writing what he was gonna think I think yeah I didn't write it. At all out. Out of spite for him or or anything he was it was my own healing process and it was my own way of of letting. The work it out. He wrote a letter. To me expressing. That it you know he knew that I had to do it for. Letzing on myself he made mistakes nursing. You know going through that witnessing that I I I form never wanted to feel how they're spending and no I never wanted to be an application. No matter on this day. Everest with a strong with a tendency to hold and it does get better. You are beautiful no matter what it is today works. Any environment but placements injustice happening. Really triggers me I was always unfairly judge Taylor talked about it criticized kinda my entire life. Because I always when against the Norman did things that where not exactly like my years. Anytime I see. And fairness happening I step up to the play and try to be a voice for them.

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{"duration":"9:36","description":"Growing up in an abusive household as a child, Christina Aguilera said it was her life experiences that inspired her to step up to the plate whenever injustice was happening. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76798764","title":"This is the story of Christina Aguilera ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/story-christina-aguilera-76798764"}