Why is Taylor Swift snubbing the Grammys?

She is up for three nominations but the musician reportedly will be a no-show at the awards.
2:29 | 01/25/20

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Transcript for Why is Taylor Swift snubbing the Grammys?
and the offstage drama already starting. Taylor Swift is reportedly bowing out of a potential surprise performance and ABC's Marci Gonzalez is there in L.A. With the story. Marci, good morning. Reporter: Hey, Dan. Add this to the list of pregrammys drama. Now, there is already a star-studded lineup of musicians set to take the stage tomorrow night but "Variety" reports there's been an opening in the rundown for one mystery performer. Well, after lots of speculation that was being reserved for swift their sources say it's now not happening. Give me all your love and you all I gave you was good-bye Reporter: Taylor Swift reportedly saying good-bye to the grammys. I promise you'll never find another like me Reporter: "Variety" reporting she was possibly planning a surprise performance during music's biggest night but is now said to be pulling the plug as the show faces accusations of corruption and sexism. Given Taylor's status, you know, as a spokesperson for artists, especially female artists, it doesn't surprise me at all that she wouldn't want to, you know, sort of co-sign what's happening at the grammy awards right now. Reporter: The grammy's being largely overshadowed by ongoing controversy. The recording academy putting its now former CEO Deborah Dugan on leave accusing her of bullying. Dugan denying the claims and filing a lawsuit with her own accusations addressing some of them here on "Gma" this week. You wrote that the grammy voting process is ripe with corruption. Are you saying, when we're all watching the grammys this Sunday, we should be thinking the fix is in, this is rigged? I'm saying that the system should be transparent and that there are incidents of conflict of interest that taints the results. Reporter: "Variety" saying it's unclear if swift's reported decision not to perform is in response to Dugan's claims which the academy has denied. Forever and ever take me out and take me home Reporter: The pop star who's won ten grammys is nominated in three categories this year including song of the year for "Lover." Take me out Reporter: That's actually fewer nominations than many were expected for swift's latest hit song and album. We reached out to the recording academy for comment on all of this but did not get a response. All right, Marci, thank you

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"She is up for three nominations but the musician reportedly will be a no-show at the awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68525872","title":"Why is Taylor Swift snubbing the Grammys?","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/taylor-swift-snubbing-grammys-68525872"}