Technology advancements could mean an end to 'password piracy'

Streaming services like Netflix lose billions due to subscribers sharing passwords with friends or family.
2:34 | 01/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Technology advancements could mean an end to 'password piracy'
Our body welcome back to GM may not that I've ever done this with the word on the street is that some people out there actually share their password. The Netflix and other streaming service it's no one would ever know but that apparently isn't popular practice couldn't it could become a thing of the past you because. We have new information about this ABC's aerial Ressa joins us with the. They could event that's right so a lot people like way it. Asking could this be the end up but Arad new tag just unveiled could make it tougher to share your Netflix password. Possibly crushing the dreams about free streaming generation. US forties or classical. It always remain calm. The end is any error or at least it could be for the culture sharing your passwords to Netflix and other streaming services with your friends. Family room eight x.s and just about everyone else. New solar flare unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could put a stop to the free ride. Not my cat security software firm cinemedia touting its technology is a way to sell upgrades to casual shares and detected shut down large scale for profit credentials sharing accounts. Run by fraud sisters. Gordon. Let's move. The company claiming password piracy could cost pay TV providers. Nine point nine billion dollars in 20/20 one are you in saint. The technology works behind the scenes by using artificial intelligence to analyze viewing behavior and the sharing of personal information to identify accounts that share passwords. Research firm Magid says 26% a millennial use someone else's password on streaming services. And with Netflix is 130 million paid subscribers and more than 190 countries a crackdown could be a source of new revenue. Experts say an end to password sharing could drop more paying subscribers at Netflix shocker there and move existing customers with price your plans where. Sharing is allowing him so people might actually paid to be able to share. This your residence on Amazon's scaled back on how many people you can share with crime whereas we from the mean you've. Random dry. Regarding the operation off hundred of us don't really does roller that matter ever Zambrano. We're at a package can't nobody saw any devices Netflix or another company's gonna come up wait you can have a family plan just like yourself found out why not. Guys we have to point out that broadcast television including ABC history. Marciano is attitudes and their jobs me yeah.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Streaming services like Netflix lose billions due to subscribers sharing passwords with friends or family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60343909","title":"Technology advancements could mean an end to 'password piracy'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/technology-advancements-end-password-piracy-60343909"}