Tiffany Haddish reveals her hilarious 'qualifications' for a date

The comedian opens up on her new movie "Nobody's Fool" and what she's looking for in a man.
8:48 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Tiffany Haddish reveals her hilarious 'qualifications' for a date
got to say we have a great, excited Friday audience with us. Thank you, guys, your Friday with us. But we got a real treat for everybody. Our next guest is one of our all-time favorites, we loved her in "Girls trip" now starring in the new movie "Nobody's fool." Last time she was here she showed us skill as an energy producer and gave George some energy. I loved that. We can't wait to see what she has in store this morning. Please welcome, Tiffany haddish. Let's go. Yeah. It's a celebration. Get up, get up. Get up. Hey. ?????? Hey! We celebrate. We woke up today. Whoo. Yeah, yeah. Just look at you. I didn't even touch him this time. He loves you. No, he don't. We all do. We go together. He almost went without a tie after that. Hey, welcome back. You know we love seeing you. We love it. Thank you. But it's been a while since you were on the show and last time you were here, Amar'e called you and you showed up backstage and you were dancing. What was exactly going on? Well, you know, that song had just came out and I was like let's do the challenge because that's how I like to wake up. Like dance, first thing I do is dance a little bit and I love to dance to this song and get the whole body activated ready for success. Ready for success. And you have had it lately and we are so happy for you. Yes. Thank you. So incredibly happy. This new one, whoopi Goldberg is your mother. She's my mom. What was it like playing with her. It was so much fun. Tyler Perry is amazing, okay. He wrote this part for me and we shot the whole movie in like ten days and whoopi came in one day and she shot like eight scenes and the scenes we did together we had so much fun we were laughing so hard but Tyler don't play, he's like, move it on. I want to enjoy it a little bit longer. What is it like when Tyler Perry says, I wrote this for you? I'm like, thank you. But he did. As he should. I mean he specifically said he wrote this for you. Specifically. He called me and told me I wrote this for you and I was dying laughing. Have you been meeting my family members? Do you know people. Who has been telling you my business? So it was super fun to do it and super fun to play the character because I know so many people like this character. Oh, goodness. Yes, I'm from south central Los Angeles. Yes, the character I play, she fresh out of jail. She meets up -- she try to move in with her mom. So she moves in with her sister and her sister is internet dating and getting catfished. We ain't having that. What if somebody is on the internet trying to date, what kind of tips do you have for them not to get duped? My first tip is I'm not the biggest fan of internet dating because you never know what you're getting. I prefer to do it like they did it in bible time. Show up in the location, you know. Let us meet somewhere, you know. At the bar. Tiffany, where do you go to meet up on location? I like to go to the library because I want to make sure I meet a man who know how to read. That's nice. Libraries. I know that becoming extinct but it's important to go to the library. You meet a man in the library, you're like, okay, he knows how to return things. This is good. I like to go to -- funerals are a really great place to meet. Men are so vulnerable at the funeral. Perfect place to meet a man and usually they got an inheritance. I like auctions. Any kind of like birthday party, celebrations, now, christening, bris. The list goes on and on. Public places. There's a guy for me. You guys want to see some of this movie? Please, please. This is nice. Girl! This is you right here. Okay. They don't smell like roachs in here or nothing. And look at this. Girl, how you get sparkles in the back of an animal? What is this, a care bear? That's when you just got out of jail. Oh, you know what, it is a great cast. A wonderful cast that you're working with. Tika sumper in, Omari hart -- Omari, whoo. Oh. You have some too. You too. Look, the chemistry of you two. How you all work together. We had so much fun together. Yeah, we did a lot of improving. What I love about Tyler, he let us play. You got to stay through the credits because they have the outtakes and you can hear Tyler in the outtakes. Playing with us. Throwing out lines and stuff, I'm, like, Tyler, you're a comedian. You funny, okay. I'm sorry. Go, after you. Please, please. Fighting over me. I'll never beat her in a fight. Saying the movie is based on your sister has -- she thinks she has to have a list to find a man and she has to have particular things on the list and if the person doesn't fit everything on that list. Yeah, he don't qualify. He don't qualify. You got a list. Oh, yeah, you know I do. What's on your list? What's on your list? First off, he has to have excellent credit. I need to know that. Okay, okay. This is a house. All right. Can't let everybody in there. I'm sorry. There's a little girl in here. Listen up, honey. Y'all can have a family discussion about this later. Also, also, no kids, so you out. My kids are almost grown and almost got the house. kids. What else? He has to have a career of his own. You know what I'm saying, likes to travel. He has to have survival techniques in case the apocalypse comes. You writing this all down? Yes. He needs to be handsome. Good hygiene. Hygiene is super important to me. Yes, it is. Super important. I would prefer he have all his own teeth. But if he a little older, that's okay. In the back. Okay. That's it. I could keep going. No, no, no. If you didn't write that list at home I'll put it on our website on "Gma." If you qualify, if you qualify with just some of those factors if you qualify you can come and see me. I'm getting ready to go on tour. Yes, I'm about to go on tour. Where? All over. I'm starting in Miami for new year's. Nice. You can go to and put in a special code, unicorn and we'll be on the west coast, east coast, down south. Everywhere. Looking for a future husband. That fits this criteria. That's fun. We're going to go to break

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{"duration":"8:48","description":"The comedian opens up on her new movie \"Nobody's Fool\" and what she's looking for in a man.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58767205","title":"Tiffany Haddish reveals her hilarious 'qualifications' for a date","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tiffany-haddish-reveals-hilarious-qualifications-date-58767205"}