Actor Timothee Chalamet was nervous to act with 'The Office' star

Chalamet and Steve Carell speak out on "GMA" about their new movie, "Beautiful Boy," that shows a father's struggle to help his drug-addicted son.
5:15 | 10/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actor Timothee Chalamet was nervous to act with 'The Office' star
You know our next guest from "The office" and "Call me by your name" now teaming up on the big screen in the powerful new moved "Beautiful boy" and they're already getting Oscar buzz. Please welcome Steve carell and timothee chalamet. Hey there. Good to see you. Good to see you. Have a seat, fellas. They're excited. What can we say? They're excited to see you two and this is great. Timothee, this has been a dream for you. Absolutely. Because you said this man sitting to your right, you're one of his biggest fans so what was it like to work with someone you admire. I was really nervous. I didn't want him to know. Who here is a fan of "The office"? Right? So, yeah, I didn't want Steve to know because I thought he would be creeped out. Is "The office" one of your favorite works he's done. Or "Fox catcher, the big short, "Vice" is about to come out. I'm your publicist now. I'm just sitting here. Timothee, you as well, you are the youngest best actor nominee in almost 80 years for "Call me by your fame." 22 years old at the time and, Steve, you're an accomplished actor yourself so did you learn anything from timothee? Oh, my gosh, he came in and auditioned. I've never seen an audition better than his audition. He was incredible. We all -- when he left the room we all looked at each Ohno other and said that's it. It's done. Who here has seen his "Anchorman" audition. That's what this is going to turn into? This movie -- this is based on a true story. I know your agents when he brought this to you said, you know, Steve, this could be kind of tough because the character you're playing, he's actually a pretty handsome man. Right. What was your response to that? Yeah, my agent said David Sheff is a pretty sexy guy so you'll have to step it up a little bit and I failed miserably. I think -- who thinks he's a handsome man? Whoo. All right. Great. That's just to wake you up. Yeah, sure. This movie, "Beautiful boy," it's a powerful story about a father's struggle to help his son with addiction and how addiction not only affects the immediate but so many people around it and we'll take a little clip at the work you two have done. Here's "Beautiful boy." I've been doing some research. You got to be kidding me, dad. You think that you have this under control. And I understand how scared you are. I understand why I do things. It doesn't make me any different. I'm attracted to craziness and I was your special creation and you don't like who I am now. Yeah. Who are you, nic. This is me. This is who I am. Wow. Wow. You can see, this is very powerful, very emotional but you said acting with Steve you felt protected by him. Yeah, I get -- I don't want to sound cheesy but I get great dad vibes from Steve and immediately felt nurtured and safe. For you there was a little "Office" reunion from dunder Mifflin, your love on the show, holly. Amy Ryan actually is in the movie as well so how was that for you getting back together with her? It was great but we like each other -- we play a divorced couple in this movie but we naturally like each other so much that the first scene where we have to embrace, it was way too warm for this divorced couple that, you know, still care about each other but don't just love each other so we kind of clicked into holly and Michael mode there for a second and had to pull back. And when you're in a film like in that is heavy and it's a tough subject, how do you keep it light on set? I don't know. I mean, I was constantly in a state of freaking out especially when Amy and Steve were on set because that would just keep it light automatically because Michael and holly were there. But I don't know. It's true. Like you're dealing with heavy material and a heavy subject matter and almost don't want to make yourself -- you don't want to lean into it too much, you know. Ellie kemper was here for "Gma day" and told us on the set of "The office," she went to reach for a bagel and they yelled at her and said you didn't have a tong to grab a bagel. Only Steve carell can grab a bagel with his hands. Doing "The office," in my defense I had my hands replaced with tongs. So I was able to just so I could do that. I tell you what, don't ever replace anything else because you two are fantastic. The work speaks for itself and this movie, "Beautiful boy," speaks to a lot of people out there. I'm glad you guys did this because I've had this in my family so it's good to be able to see it on film so other people can get through their struggle. Thank you very much. Timothee, I loved seeing, you man. It is "Beautiful boy" in select theaters on Friday. Make sure you go check it out

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Chalamet and Steve Carell speak out on \"GMA\" about their new movie, \"Beautiful Boy,\" that shows a father's struggle to help his drug-addicted son.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58404265","title":"Actor Timothee Chalamet was nervous to act with 'The Office' star","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/timothee-chalamet-nervous-act-office-star-58404265"}