Tito's Vodka to start making industry-standard hand sanitizer for those in need

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:04 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Tito's Vodka to start making industry-standard hand sanitizer for those in need
that. Right now it is time for "Pop news" with Lara Spencer. Take us away. Good morning, everybody. Good morning to you. We're going to begin with Tito's vodka and -- Yeah. Not just because it's rather popular in these days -- In the studio. I'm sorry, did I say that? Sorry. The makers of Tito's are doing double duty, using their knowledge and ingredients to help make much needed hand sanitizer, announcing on Twitter that the Tito's distillery would be working hard on the production of 24 tons of sanitizer that meets industry standards. They plan to give away their sanitizer free of charge to those who need it most. And another company stepping up, Louis Vuitton, mow et Hennessy, the titan that produces fragrances has added sanitizer to its list of products, and no luxury price tag here. The French conglomerate will deliver the disinfectant to the largest hospital system in Europe free of charge. We thank both of these companies for stepping up. And now you know why I support Tito's. Every chance I get. Real housewives star bethenny Frankel making an incredibly generation donation. Her foundation be strong will donate over 1 million face masks to hospitals in need. The masks will be part of what she's calling the be strong Corona kit that they're putting together. They'll be distributed to medical professionals nationwide and the masks will be available within the next few days and will go immediately to health care workers who need them most. When there is a crisis this woman steps up each and every time. Every time, yeah. We'd love to talk to her. Just really impressed with everything she's doing, so thank you, Bethany, and everyone we're talking about including the Pittsburgh pirates. The team sending 400 pizzas and 100 trays of pasta to the staff of the allegheny general hospital on Monday to say thank you for their around-the-clock care. Joe muscle grove, pitcher for the pirates writing on Twitter, us players found it important in a time of chaos to take care of those looking out for all of us. A pirates rep going on to say, we thought this was a way to help two birds with one stone. We help local restaurants, we help the hospital workers and we share our appreciation. That's three birds, baby. And another every day hero, this one in New Jersey. Brian Morin of Federico's pizza. Remember that name. Brian took out a $50,000 line of credit to keep all of his 20 employees on the payroll, saying, quote, no matter what happens they're going to get paid. Everyone here is an extension of my family. I want to make sure I pay them back in some way, shape or form even though I might go into a little bit of debt myself. Federico's pizza remains open for takeout business. If you live in the Belmont area and you want to grab a pie, it could help Brian pay back that incredibly generous loan. I love all these acts of kindness, brings me great joy to bring them to you. And then there's this. Normally this time of year we're getting ready for baseball's big opening day. Of course that's all been postponed this year because of coronavirus, and Nolan from Nebraska, well, this kid's really missing his favorite sport. The 11-year-old writing this open letter to baseball that has gone viral saying in part, dear baseball, I wake up every day wishing to play with my what I love about you is the feeling when my adrenaline starts pumping in my veins when I make a diving catch, step up to the plate or steal a base. It is comforting to know you will come back, hopefully sooner than later. Nolan signing the letter with his nickname, the golden spike. Oh. Oh. No explanation given there but the MLB heard about your letter, Mr. Golden spike and they responded writing, this is the mood and, yeah, we are crying. We feel the same, MLB. Nolan, hang in there. You'll be playing ball before you know it. That's "Pop news," everybody. Thank you as always, Lara.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69766227","title":"Tito's Vodka to start making industry-standard hand sanitizer for those in need","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/titos-vodka-start-making-industry-standard-hand-sanitizer-69766227"}