Tyler Perry uses celebrity status to help with decades-old cold case

The filmmaker and actor is offering a $200,000 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of two black men who disappeared without a trace.
6:54 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Tyler Perry uses celebrity status to help with decades-old cold case
Oh, my goodness, but everybodwas okay We'll continue with that co heating U wh help ofilmmaker Tyler pey. Two disappearing more th a decade ago last seen W the sa iff's deputy a now E of their mothers is filing a lawsuitgainst thaor deputy and we'll speak with Tyler Perry in just a moment rst linsey da the St goodorning. Reporr: Good moing. Tyler Perry, the prolific activist is phone for his comedies and dramasry to help solve two real-life mysteries keeping the cases in their SP offering reward money. Th morning filmmaker Tyler Perry. Help S. Reporter: Now announcing he's seeking Stice in real life. Ha got to come together as one to fight injustice and fight wh wro this wrong. This is wrg. Reporter: Perrys now offeng0,000 for any information in the disapprance of two Florida men who mysteriously vishedfter being apprehended by former Florida shf's deputyteve Calkins. Heas moved T raf watching an ede of discoveryi.'s "Disappeared." In004 witnesses claim they saw hi taking 27-year-oldms into custody near Ary Naples, Florida. Will was never seen again. Aybe he's out there in the tery. He'll come back and his car gone. Epr: He den ever meetingwilliams. People at the cemetery aretelling meou put somebody I the back of your vice a arrested them. I never ated nobody. Reporter: He changed his story Villanova and admitting he noticed Williams having car troue so dropped him off at a circle K gas station but neithermar spotted T illance came. If there's anything that you know, SP, please Reporter: That a miliar feel. A few Mon beforewilliams' disappearance, -year-old Felipe stos also vanished after receiving traffic citation from CAS claimed he last dropped Santos off at a circle K because didn't have iurance or registration. Eriff's ofce but faceiminal C in either man's disappearance. Calkins D not return multiplet. In statement theoo unty iff's off tells disappearaes, Terrance Williams' and her attorney Benjamin crump lnched a suit against Calkins. Pey's hel haseen a gift from above. We'llk to him because joining ow is Tyler Perry, exclusively from atlathank you very much. I know this is somportant to you and so many O a linsey's piece you firrned about the case through the TV episodat Y want to get involved, Tyler? Well, just looking at rrance's mother and how she was S pasate about it -- about out what Happ her son a her pain. Let me S thank you to "Gma" for giving this story Tention base these men have been gone a very, very long time and it'sny difficult to getttn onal news. WER N symptic, so, robinnd everybody there at " thank U very mucfor given T people attention because they absoluly deserve it. Thng and this is injustice and we got to fight for .I alsoano say about the Collier co sheriff' department. There are some detective that have been am and standing with Marcia and it'ot about us against the police but findin justice for these two men. Well . I want to talk about THA as well a go back to wiiams. You have gotten to know and LI the Santos family they nt answers. Yeah, , she absolutely wants answers and I T this person who puthe in the car, deputythe time was deputyid not count the resilience of this mothnd love F her child commitment and fortunate to Bens situatio stand with herfight. Anitially you were Ng 100,000. This and the lawsuit will bring somebody forwartoome of these ler? Su, yeah, the is more about T find ohatned and getting rmation tt can lead to a instigation. So we'reo pursue every avenue we can to get justice for te Williams and fel sa. Because hs an undocumented immigrant or Terrance a blackid with four K itoesn't meanheir lives were not impor ca. I want to go back tosomething U were talking a eaier, Tyler. An oseel that these kinds ofes do net brilliant in Y pss conference yesterday W you were talk about this not a blacdhite issue, can Y just exp O that? , Ll, jt where we are in this country jus ything has become about and this I a black and whitessue or police versus us.it's aboutjustice. I was saying yesterday, I done who you are, there are deputies I hate getting into black and white butre are deputies down in cer county O are white who are just as interest seeking justice as we are Monica who runs Q forissing persons is a white woman a just a iested I seeing justas we Arend the thing about thiss ding slavery when slave wrying to escape there weeople that helped them. Duri rights moment there were white people that helped anded Alf us. I want us to awayrom everythingeing black and white and Stan for what's right a stand against what is wrong. This is injustice. People are J seeking justice. Thanu very muc I knowt you made a lot of newsrday for tsnd also for Y offer to Geoffrey and inoe G to go T commercial but I'llalk T you about in the commercial bre hareour thoughts are ab young man CING but thankyou, tyr. Okay, gr thank you guys. He's soe about this. So psionate andziwhat he's ING. The spotlight. We've H thisument amongst ourselves about the average that certain cases get against and don'tnd brings up V points. And als putti his money up as well tove this oblem. Th Y Tyler Perry for that. Poison the woman

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The filmmaker and actor is offering a $200,000 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of two black men who disappeared without a trace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57613908","title":"Tyler Perry uses celebrity status to help with decades-old cold case","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tyler-perry-celebrity-status-decades-cold-case-57613908"}