Val Chmerkovskiy will dance with Nancy McKeon on season 27 of 'DWTS'

The first star and their pro partner for the highly-anticipated upcoming season of "Dancing With the Stars" was revealed on "GMA" today.
5:28 | 09/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Val Chmerkovskiy will dance with Nancy McKeon on season 27 of 'DWTS'
And now it is te for an exclive -- wait all day for it --da the stars" reveal a about to find out whoval will be dance into the ballroom with and TRE isva he's in the screen overe. Can you give us a my fr? Ll you take the good, you take the D, you take them and wh D you have? Faof life. W yourartner. Okay. Youave my parer. Oh.whoa. Hey, we don't even need drum roll. We'll just come out with it. Nancy Mckeon from "The of life." Hey, , ael. Hi. The crystal has dropped now. See isyou. How does itlo fly be revealed that you're going be on "Dancg with thestars"? Actually that's kind of now daughter talk about it. Athey ask. Can W talk about it? Cane talk about I so and to thank you to er for loan me her amazing partner. Ah. Aslliant andll try not to let her down. As t-up. No, you won't dothat. But I don't think you were born when show C out. Have you ever seen neverched it. He never watched it. I urkel was his Yeah, urk was my man. Call M Grein on camera -- just revealed W I Ed you oncamera said so many nice too. He is awesome. He is most amazing partner. Mo patience than I know and I'mlucky. Ah. We love the chemistry already. The emistry. There's something Nancy, you were talking about your daughters earlier. Did the really -- I would in really wanted you to do this. Well, Y know, I -- they were S supportive and they are so inspiring and they send texts every day and I spoke to it's- they teach me every day. They are two of the braves little young women W say th I know and S I'm trying to show them that can be bve too. Ck withhe family eme. It takes a lot O courage. Competed against yr brother. You've competed against si-I now Y fiancee this season. Are you Rea for that? Ah yeah, I'micially moved to thuch now S I'm start toeal with and, Nancy, we heard you say hoeat Val is and howreat he is to work with. Ginger howgh he cou be as well. Have Youn that sidef him yet? I think we're only on day three, so he's saving O come at me think, but to in a goo way, tough gd way me that I have what need to maybe keep up withhim. I'm not certain it's all going omogr but we're going to try. 'LE a lot of people. We got a little glimpse of you, Nancy. Youharacter Jo the Christmas "Facts of life." Wey atle bit of that. ??? But we fd aittle Chris right this very minute candles the wow ??? ??? yes we lit Christmas right thiser minute it hasn't snowed a sine bit but Santa is inry See, now the thing IST was the elf shoes te that whole thingork. Got to have shoes. And, Val, and,l, waw an Instagram. Already he yourit picked out for the first dance. Allowed to mention that. We hav Shi instagra Ion't see what you're showg but bed on the reaction -- It's a throwback. Oh, it's a throwback. Okay, okay, well, I'm going T see show ler so. An Y, we knowrts of life K feels really well in competiti whenhen and made it all th to wkseven. I'm N certain. Is as speular- she is myeautiful sister from our show and she wasfabu. I wanted and wouldter and she was wrful and, you know, shehe couge to come out and dot You D to'm trying to walk in her shoes. You do as well. W got to say, hey, you to Nan and thank you good luck, thank you as always. Congratuons on THA gement. I know Wold you THA before but we're very happy for you. Yoways bringight to the show. Good luck to you. We'lll reveal of castext dnesday, the premiere of the new seaso that starts on septemberth 'S right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The first star and their pro partner for the highly-anticipated upcoming season of \"Dancing With the Stars\" was revealed on \"GMA\" today. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57613829","title":"Val Chmerkovskiy will dance with Nancy McKeon on season 27 of 'DWTS'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/val-chmerkovskiy-dance-nancy-mckeon-season-27-dwts-57613829"}