Vanessa Williams and Lena Waithe talk about their new film, ‘Bad Hair’

The new horror satire movie about a woman’s weave is set at a music television network in 1989.
4:26 | 10/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanessa Williams and Lena Waithe talk about their new film, ‘Bad Hair’
We have not one, but two fantastic guests who are joining us now. They are the stars of the new horror satire movie "Bad hair." Good morning to Vanessa Williams and Lena Waithe. Good morning to you two. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. And we know this movie is set at a music television network in 1989 so, Vanessa, we want to go back a little bit. A little flashback Friday for you for your music video for "The right stuff." There you go. Get it. Look at those moves so what are your favorite memories about shooting this video? We shot that video in downtown Pasadena and Jeffrey Daniels was the choreographer and he was really hot. He had worked with Michael he was one of the members of shalamar so the record company wanted me to work with him to show O my dancing skills and Rebecca Blake was the director. Lena, full disclosure, '80s probably my favorite decade ever. What would you like to see make a comeback from that era? You know, I love the pop stars of that era not unlike what we just saw, there was like a freedom, there was a style, there was a swag. It was all over the top, you know, and that was an amazing time, you know, I was a young tiger on that time. Pop stars like Vanessa Williams included, they were gods to us because there was a select few that we could look at and emulate and look up to and, yeah, man, that's why it's an honor to do this. She certainly is. Vanessa, you play this new boss in the kind of new music network and you're really shaking things up so we want to take a look at a clip and show everybody what you're up to. Here's where I'm at. No more cooking shows. No more hair shows, no more endless blocks of Anita baker. She gave us "Good love" and we've had enough of it. What's wrong with Anita baker? Look, hair beat -- That share would make me mad as well. Brooke, you are better than a hair beat. You got personality. With clothes that fit you could be a star. Ha! Vanessa, we got to say your hair in the movie looks nice but that's really some bad hair. So without giving -- I can't give up too much away but how would you describe what's going on with the women's hair in this movie? Well, the genre is one that we have not seen in the united States and there is a genre of films that came from Japan about Japanese hair killing movies, so this is a new twist, Justin Simien who wrote and directed it did a brilliant job is taking something that's fascinating and not done here in the states, so it's a great marriage of taking something that was done in the '80s and shot it on film to make it look more like the time and added a new twist so my hair and a lot of people's hair in the movie does have some evil intentions. Okay, Lena, we're talking about hair. I know this is a horror movie but sounds like there's an underlying message in it but black women's relationship with hair particularly. Yes, absolutely. I mean I think for a lot of black women particularly in corporate America they have been forced to conform. And to look palletable for their white co-workers and I think that we've had this image of European beauty and what we're supposed to look like and so I think there's a lot of pressure on black women to straighten their hair or even if they don't want to, you know, it's definitely not a film that's anti-straight hair or natural hair, it's more about having the freedom to wear your hair however you choose and things like the C.R.O.W.N. Act are a prime example of that. I think the movie is really all about not conforming to fit in but more about doing what makes sense for you and standing out actually. I love the message behind the movie. We love talking to both of you every time we get a chance. Thank you, both. We really appreciate it. In the movie "Bad hair" is streaming now on hulu so make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The new horror satire movie about a woman’s weave is set at a music television network in 1989.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73783009","title":"Vanessa Williams and Lena Waithe talk about their new film, ‘Bad Hair’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/vanessa-williams-lena-waithe-talk-film-bad-hair-73783009"}