New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars

The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.
2:31 | 10/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars
Now to "Desperate housewives" star felicity Huffman serving her time in a California prison. She's got a week left in her 14-day sentence in the college admissions scandal, and now we're getting a glimpse of what life looks like behind bars. Reporter: This morning a first look at actress felicity Huffman's life behind bars. This video emerging overnight of the "Desperate housewives" star in a green jumpsuit and white hat sporting her glasses. You see Huffman's husband, William H. Macy, and her daughter as they arrive to visit her. Huffman walking in a parking lot to meet them. Dublin is almost a camp. It is a place where minimum security prisoners enjoy the luxury of being minimum security prisoners. Reporter: Huffman reported to the federal prison in Dublin, California Tuesday, starting a 14-day sentence for her role in the varsity blues college admissions scandal. I said a lot of things I shouldn't have. I'm sorry. Reporter: In may the actress pled guilty to paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter's S.A.T. Answers. Huffman is one of 51 people embroiled in the scandal which includes 34 parents, 9 coaches, one athletic director and 7 defendants who worked in both official and unofficial capacities for the college counseling firm at the center of the scandal. 19 of the parents facing charges are still maintaining their innocence. Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband are still awaiting trial for their involvement in the scandal. The couple stands accused of paying a half a million dollars to get their two daughters into usc, pleading not guilty to conspiracy charges. They could face up to 40 years behind bars. The varsity blues lead prosecutor, Andrew welling, recently speaking to our affiliate, WCBD. If she's convicted, I don't think I'm giving any state secrets by saying we would probably ask for a higher sentence for her than we did for felicity Huffman. Reporter: Meanwhile this morning, Huffman is almost halfway through her time behind bars with seven more days to go. And if you're wondering what she's doing to pass the time, the inmates are allowed to work on pre-approved hobby crafts like crochet, origami or scrapbooking. Then the prison menu, bran flakes, breaded fish sandwiches and Salisbury steak for dinner. And you say Lori Loughlin could get up to 40 years? That's the max sentence for what they're charging her with. It will be curious to see how it all plays out but that's the max sentence. Other defendants are getting months in prison, and the prosecutor even said that he would probably recommend more time for Loughlin. All right.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66399983","title":"New video shows Felicity Huffman behind bars","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/video-shows-felicity-huffman-bars-66399983"}