Elmo and Cookie Monster help kids understand COVID-19

The "Sesame Street" stars and “GMA’s” Michael Strahan answer questions on staying safe and healthy during this new normal.
3:37 | 05/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elmo and Cookie Monster help kids understand COVID-19
As we head into summer with so many camps and programs closed due to covid-19, kids have a lot of questions about the new normal and who better to answer those questions than Elmo and cookie monster themselves. Earlier I had a virtual chat with some of our furry friends from "Sesame street." Cookie monster. Hi, cookie monster. Hi. Hi, guys. Hey, Elmo. Hi. I like to see you. I love your suit too, Elmo. You look sharp. So, Elmo, I know you have a film coming out. The not too Late Show with Elmo. It's a talk show. Three, two, one. Cookie, are you ready to be a co-host? That's a big job. Me am the co-host. Elmo does all the heavy lifting. Me just kind of sit back and throw in some zingers every once in a while. We have the cookies. Cookie monster, it was really good having him. Things are pretty strange. I have some friends. They are here with me who can use a little help. You know, uplift their spirits so can they ask you some questions, please. Sure. Of course. I know you have some questions. Is everyone on "Sesame street" staying inside like we are? Yes, yes, Elmo thinks everybody is staying inside. Even Oscar, he's staying in his trash can. I heard you had a question for Elmo. Chatting with my friends. Have you been video chatting with your friends. Elmo's mommy and daddy set up a camera so Elmo can visit with all of his friends. Hi. Hello, internety friends. Is there a new activity you learned since staying home? Me tried to get lots of exercise, you know, and Elmo and cookie have been working out with grover through the internet and we do grover-cize. Lots of moving. Whoa. Falling over. You got to work off those cookies. Have you been trying new foods during coronavirus? Yeah, yeah, me have. Me tried hummus. Hummus! Cowabunga. It was like, yuck. Me tasted it and it was yummy. Delicious. I know have you one more, stell L.A. What is your last question? I can't help some of my Framily members social distancing so I hold up my hand like this and do sign language to say I love you. How do you show your family you love them. You know what, me like that way. How you do that? Me want to learn that? This. That means me love you? Yes. Wow, me learned something new today. Me going to do that. That is terrific. Me love you. We all learned something new. That was my girl Stella. Let's all give it a try. Here we go. I like that. It's beautiful. You and you. Need to be seeing a lot more of this today. We need a lot more of that, for real, whit. Thank you so much. A big thank you to Elmo and, of course, cookie monster who came through to help out my friends, their new show "The not too late Show with Elmo" available on HBO Looking forward to thafrjts sailor brinkley-cook, the

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"The \"Sesame Street\" stars and “GMA’s” Michael Strahan answer questions on staying safe and healthy during this new normal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70946658","title":"Elmo and Cookie Monster help kids understand COVID-19","url":"/GMA/Family/video/elmo-cookie-monster-kids-understand-covid-19-70946658"}