How a Facebook group becomes 'family' for those with unexpected DNA test results

Many who have received unexpected results with at-home DNA tests are turning to this online community.
6:03 | 07/30/18

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Transcript for How a Facebook group becomes 'family' for those with unexpected DNA test results
DNA discover ate DNA tests are hug hop lar. Rehan2illion people have us them. For , this results can be unexpectnd here'sabs juju Chang. Repor watz dream vacation to Africa THA inspired hope to a DNA test lastmmer. A wanted to ne my backgrnd that nationalwas. Rep she eagerly ined the results. That iasrom the Congo and it told me who could related to. It said thaterson who came up were my parenty d,r she e-mailed the person who said they needed to talk O the ph Hsays, there's not an easy way for meou this but I'm your biological father. Reporter: Stunned by the news that the M W raised her was group F support It was barrassmen shame. To be able T have that group to go it was family. Npe for not parent expected. The Crear, a the Texas grandmother. Did it change the way you think of youridentity? Oh,yeah. To look in the moor ror. I took for grantedhole life, I was lookinghe reflecon my dad. I looked in the mirrnd thought, there's H there iw who it is. Teays her Facebook group hasro in just over a year nearl1700 members. The father who raised he uraged hero connect with her other father. He kept saying,ou'll always be my daught ohatou get to know biological father. Reporter: For member Erin, the experience has been aught. M biosn't want toave anythg tdo with reportehe calls the Facebook group It justeels se there. Help E other on dark da Reporter: "Gma" spoke with and 23 me. Both cau that ct getults they don't anticipate. Ancestry a says it has experien rreatives to help customers with M sensitive iinquiries. Knowg she's not ane ges Erin strength. I just want her the big. Because, we are able do what we do was a because of her VI these that she designed for us. Reporteorning America," jujchang, ABC news, New York. And he wh me is Katherine St. Cln cosentin Catherine, you said this made yorethink your entire life few people end what you were going through? . Ty can't understand it's verytraumatic. Wouldn't have understood until then. Ye discovered this communitd created this community of P through it. What do you want to say to C Catherin youaid she'see mother role key yating is group. Yeah. I mean - I thank for makg it- Normal. Relyyou are a pioneer. You' force. You took thision and created this space. For all of us to feel at home. home. Andbe You do it for me, space that didn't exist bere.yo nowave each other. Nolse knows what you're going through. Somewhat fst thing you tell SNE whenhey have this startling discovery?earth-shakingdiscovery? The first thing want to do is validate their theyave an open W th bleeding. We, as ap, do best to thaeeding. You talk about it as aup. People feel the safe space. Peoplateea he experiences and otions.and I think it just having T validation G use S of yourpeace back. That our goal. To get our peace ck. I would pr yens, each store I have different. Your biologilther, Erin, has decided he didn't want to haveuch contact interaction with you. GHT. Friends and family helping you get thrthis process. How are they helping you? It's just a pla where --E know that each situations completely different. But were Bou by that one same thing.anach of us heal fferently. Each of us process different bu there are people the that get you. That get U know we don't have T ashame yeah. There's no sh at all. There' no S for us. Shame our parents. There's no shame. It's jus a G place. Which pleads me to ve. LE like erinseon't want be I touch. What do Y tellthem? We're not the problem. Not the cause of it. Wehe result fit. E Tur our M into a message. En you do G contacted by one of pleas don't that door all we want to K is who we ar tningour mess INT a mess it wonderf Thi you're doing. Thanu. T you. Cinup, the judgesf the all-new "Dan with the stars" E here live.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Many who have received unexpected results with at-home DNA tests are turning to this online community. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56911407","title":"How a Facebook group becomes 'family' for those with unexpected DNA test results","url":"/GMA/Family/video/facebook-group-family-unexpected-dna-test-results-56911407"}