Linsey Davis joins GMA's Reading Room with 'The World is Awake'

ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis reads her two books 'The World is Awake' and 'One Big Heart'
8:26 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for Linsey Davis joins GMA's Reading Room with 'The World is Awake'
Hi there I'm Lindsey Davis and excited to partner with Good Morning America for GM main reading room. And this is just a chance for parents to have operate a much needed reprieve in the midst of these BZ nineteen days you know that it helped bring every child is still. Reading and learning and exploring. So I am actually written two books they're both inspired by my son eat the first one is called the world is weak. A celebration. And reading blessings and I think my son is about three years old and said mommy is god open up the flowers. And I thought that that was so interesting that account is curiosity. About who god is in his place in nature and so this is my attempt to kind it. A gentle introduction to who god is through the world around us and so. Here go the world is where. This is the day the lord has made it butterfly close to the song in the shape up threatening fines slipped past the flowers and trees grasshoppers hop in the soft morning breeze. And have been as busy being there. I think today Italy parents call them to come out and play. Just look at the sunrise its pain in the sky and look at the songbirds all starting to find. The world is a wait it's a wonderful plays alive with God's power and Glenn we accuse Greece. Out in the yard just waiting today are all kinds of things that want us to play. It gives the lord are found everywhere and all that I see is just like a prayer so much of creation is happy good. Even rocks would see you me it. It can pray the lord that the trees grow so tall grass so green and the flowers call. Look at us look at us god trust us up to like rates sweeping raincoats and skies wrapped in blue light water and sunshine and summer days too and you. Beautiful beautiful use. And later today let's show we did I know I don't let's go to this. We can buy it and meet a baboon we can look at the animals all afternoon. See that barely there just trying this news despite all the killings from the young kangaroos. The slippery our letters are swimming alone the lethal coyotes howling song. I look zebras and lions and elephants to pandas and penguins and now call the some Pandit peacocks and Kantor's agreed mountain sheep and that Rome Neal Baer who's trying to sleep. Out of disease in their own parade the wonderful creatures and good lord has me. My daily sounds like that they're winning grounds it's time for supper my tummy now pounds. Phillips after the market for something to eat god always provides us with wonderful treats. At summertime I take my chair and now my head and saying prayers that they don't look for all this food for carrots cooked in apple sued. For milk and juice and bread and cheese for even Brussels sprouts and appease it tastes so good I eat and then. I think the alert for food again. And we night Kelly lights start to currently outside. He's almost come back. In the trees kind of leaves I hear God's love and sound of the greens. The wind is whispering stories tonight and far above the moon shines it. So I save my prayers and climb into bed and snuggle up close while my books are read. Comforting nine feels calm in deep colony down to a dreamy sleep calling me down to meaningfully. Calling me down to mean demands the our act that is the world is awake. And now all ordinaries. My second book one of the heart. And one big heart is a celebration of being more alike than different and also this was inspired by. Me money uses give this message to my son. Realizing that yes. We have allowed differences. May in this human race but others are a number of ways that we are a lot more alike than we are. Different. Instead of one big heart. In 18080 corner up our great big world is art. Tiny classroom filled with happy boys and girls. Each of us is different because went on what it. And they don't look like me. Our faces make a rainbow lots of colors all around shades of tan and violence can eat chocolate brown. Some are missing two front teeth while others smile with dimples. Meet each of us unique you really isn't that simple. So have wavy hair on top while others where they're straight sums were actors twister braids I think might pop looks great. Why is short and read his homework every shape and signs some had freckles on their nose and somehow right lives. Guide is different bodies that can do amazing things with one arm L does cartwheels and my friend and things. Analysts telling stories and wants to learn to read know where the bright red cape and runs with super speed. Mile plays that princess with a long who promptly address. Accurately to jump in splash and often makes him act. The filming then we head outside for recess in the sun are giggles after shortly Ollie cattle fun. I seen smiling faces and understand today we're more alike than different in many east passionately. We each have risen deep inside that makes us want to move. We loved to run and jump around and find out playground group. Back inside for music we not to every be. We wiggling dance sideways we clapped and stop our feet. And afterward it's lunch time our favorite time of day. No matter what we choose to eat our taste buds shout her way. Let's is curious we can lead to explore we ask a lot of questions. And did we ask some more. We all like to imagine and let our minds run free. To draw our writer dream about what we will grow up to be. We all have great big feelings that don't always stay inside some times we've gotten angry some times we've sat and cried. That friend will cure or something filler lives with Julie. We all need friends and give us hunts or share favorite toy. But the way we're most alike the most important part. God gave us all a special gift we each have one day heart. We got a lot of elbows we've got a lot of hands than that I have to help policy and pizza we can stand. But the thing that matters most is something we can't say. The touch of god that's insight you would also inside me. So please we're kindness grows and where about gets its start. Deep down in our pumping pumping one. Be part. And that is if I'm hoping you'll enjoy this time of Reading these books and he enjoyed his time at home with your families.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis reads her two books 'The World is Awake' and 'One Big Heart' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71563312","title":"Linsey Davis joins GMA's Reading Room with 'The World is Awake' ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/linsey-davis-joins-gmas-reading-room-world-awake-71563312"}