Michelle Kenney is still fighting for her son Antwon Rose II

The mother of Antwon Rose II speaks out on losing her son to a police shooting.
7:18 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Michelle Kenney is still fighting for her son Antwon Rose II
Eaten in in dead every day. I don't need to have every man must own anymore. I know that was my salon. And know that is my son. And no eyes of fight harder for my eyes are on in me. I don't have any choice but to get up every morning. As a found a little long derelict have been doing it all of his life. I'm on. And scorn and I have always. Stanley needing only three of us. We hand some heart felt conversation. And I had expressed they have multiple parents and it's a young black male out were always beacon or his eight. I'm unfortunately alaskans aren't. Which ends on. Losing his life in the street and never mentioned in lose his life I'm Ryan who was born to protect her. I didn't actually see that Cohen peninsula the day after and on what you. And for so many years I wonder where. And I'll always repeat it must not you know as a parent that your keep you hear me do you hear me I hope you hear me ignorant. I didn't know until the day after and on diet that he or you are. You rodent or school project. Lowe was never made public his teacher's aide to. And it day after he died. When everyone in the city of Pittsburgh was protesting she brought it in my house. And we immediately release at her public. It through that poem I was able to understand that. Our kids hero. Even when we think we don't. So it reminds sheets are in my daughter heats up at some point Greinke. And that's why I'm in the schools. It's on to an elderly work and don't because I'm known how a year. Sometimes I feel bad about at. Stressed its own so much. At her parent you don't want my expressed earlier keys that you want them and know what the world really Ian. And then. Repeated some cute for years that were to squirrel. In nobody's allowed on the way Acton. And that poem I was a Watson learned it harder. Add our news. Column and European. Reality on her way beginning and and I just wish it was their car. Think we all. Hope and crede. When it's hard. You you know half a year. Anymore. Every tab UC enough or where. It takes you right back to date. Didn't happen. Year. Miss rice has come to my home. Has come to my home. And happens it comes. On a date when Ronald Houston was her daughter. Dean. Has called me on the phone and I have called her own home. Full in go to her disappearance in my. It brings about a bond. It I can't begin to explain. Enacting the reason that that happens. Is because. No one. Understanding an. Let this change truly in you know in all of the dynamic. Com Whitney. Election we have while an hour she. In every day at trinity. And those whose don't have to beat on by another person. Lewis heartbreaking. It's not as heartbreaking for months now my heart rate and I listen. To their paint because I know. What that Cheney. In in. We knew we had an anti all of us use the word overwhelming. Because there's not the way to Japan. I don't think people realize that we're not just battling. Our own issues and effectively lost ark here where we're bat on a whole law enforcement agents. So lack. A get more people are listening. N and for media executive ordered it was sad about the president actually just praying. It'd puts a little pressure on the represented in the they lateral. Or that they are at least encouraged to take action because the president. And action no matter how wallet while. I'm hoping that now. His quarters and the other Republicans whether Ian and it Arnot congress will ask that. Because heat shall. At least the initiative about signing an executive order it is OKV. And and in New York truth. And do what is right. I'm hoping that he is any example. Putting his signature on that piece. Where those on the they will because at this point in my home state workers and our own beer would house. Or. And we can't get the Republicans on pork. I'm hoping. It at this point. Is follow orders and the people to report him. Now any east Aaron something weak indeed. None of us and it could be thrust into the world. It has become an op or most of us and I'm note for Matt. I'm no longer have. Gone out. An arms deal willing to get out their legal way and blew me. In in an open up some doors for some other people. I personally to like it. If I can delay and head on out here every black or should do. I am out of the last needed I am black and I and crap. And anybody. Who is blacks should be out there and rock lands right with us. I'm not I'm no longer trying to a delight of my client that is all it act and they are like a bunt up the mothers out. I'm gone do it every day of the week. And I and I mean. I ain't got until I'm date. And I pray somebody in my family picks up the fight in.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"The mother of Antwon Rose II speaks out on losing her son to a police shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71726910","title":"Michelle Kenney is still fighting for her son Antwon Rose II","url":"/GMA/News/video/michelle-kenney-fighting-son-antwon-rose-ii-71726910"}