Mom of sextuplets celebrates Mother's Day

Thelma Chiaka gave birth to six babies on March 15 at the Woman's Hospital of Texas.
2:28 | 05/12/19

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Transcript for Mom of sextuplets celebrates Mother's Day
exclusive on this mother's day times six. Diane is here with the mother who just gave birth to sextuplets. That's right. I can't imagine six of them sitting in the green room. But Thelma chiaka sure can. An emergency c-section and just nine minutes later all six babies were born, all under three pounds. Now she's getting ready to celebrate her first mother's day and getting ready to bring those babies home. Reporter: New mom Thelma chiaka speaking out for the first time in an ABC news exclusive as she celebrates mother's day with the help of not one, not two but six newborns. I was excited but at the same time I need help with taking care of six babies. But so far is good. It's been awesome. Reporter: The odds of having sextuplets are a staggering 1 in 4.7 but they were all born on March 15th at the women's hospital of Texas with the help of Dr. Ziad haidar and his team. She was a champion because she kept her smile until the last minute. It wasn't an easy pregnancy on her but she did wonderful. Reporter: The doctor describes the successful delivery as a combined effort. With the NICU efforts, with the leaderships, with the nurses, were all helping each other. It was great teamwork and I'm very proud to be part of it. Reporter: The new patients born weighing between 1 pound 12 ounces and 2 pounds 14 ounces all initially spent time in intensive care but now are slowly being discharged and chiaka and her husband are looking forward to having their full family at home. Well, I'm just grateful to god to have been given these beautiful babies. Mother's day has been an awesome experience for me. One of the girls is already home. Another is expected to be released from the hospital how's that for a mother's day gift? And the four boys are expected to come home in the next week or two. Amazing. Assembly line diaper changing going on. Yes, yes. Hopefully she has a lot of help. She did say the community -- she's from the Houston area in Texas and said the community has rallied around her. They keep asking about the babies and how they're doing so it sounds like she'll have a villagto help her but she'll have her hands full. They need to keep doing that for 18 years. Exactly. Thank you, Diane. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Thelma Chiaka gave birth to six babies on March 15 at the Woman's Hospital of Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62987817","title":"Mom of sextuplets celebrates Mother's Day","url":"/GMA/Family/video/mom-sextuplets-celebrates-mothers-day-62987817"}