Mom shares strategies for flying safely with kids this summer

Experts also weigh in on how to help keep masks on your kids.
2:38 | 07/22/20

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Transcript for Mom shares strategies for flying safely with kids this summer
important travel tips for parents taking to the skies as more unpredictable now than ever before especially with young children and our gio Benitez spoke with the experts as well as one mom who has some insight after flying almost 5,000 miles with her kids. Gio is joining us from Laguardia airport with more. Gio, that is a brave mom. Reporter: It is, yes, she is, whit. Good morning to you. We've been getting this question, if you need to fly right now how do you do it safely with young children? This morning we have some practical advice. the Jackson family was making a big move from the south pacific to Seattle, 18 hours of travel in the midst of the pandemic all with two young children just 2 and 9. We wanted to make sure we were as safe as possible during travel. Reporter: Chelsie Jackson was convinced she had to think outside the box. Keep carry-ons to a minimum. Bag also go in the overhead bin and on the floor under the seat and get based around the airport and that presents the opportunity for more germs to be carried about. Reporter: I love you even said no to stuffed animal. That was a hard one. That was quite a fight but anything that could potentially be a risk factor had to go. It's not worth it. Reporter: Next she says keep kids extra entertained. At least enough so that they aren't touching anything else. She brought coloring books, stickers and gave her children more screen time with the tablets. There was a moment you were sort of weighing the risk of germs or hours of screen time. In situations like these it really is the lesser of two evils. Reporter: Remember food service on a plane isn't the I believe there was one meal service on our total 18 hours of travel. What about those masks? How do you make sure they keep them on? Get creative but be honest. Say this is really important, you know, we're all working together to make sure grandma is safe, right? That kind of thing. Make it relevant to them. Reporter: Being an experienced traveler during covid what would mom do differently today. I think we might have packed more snacks and might have packed a couple more activities. Reporter: Just a few more activities. Just remember they needed to travel for that move. If you're traveling for leisure consider staying local at least for now during the pandemic. Whit. I've got two young daughters myself. I know all bit. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Experts also weigh in on how to help keep masks on your kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71914976","title":"Mom shares strategies for flying safely with kids this summer","url":"/GMA/Family/video/mom-shares-strategies-flying-safely-kids-summer-71914976"}