Is 'Mommy Juice' culture hurting moms?

Parenting expert Ericka Souter discusses how the culture of wine drinking among moms can impact their families.
4:28 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for Is 'Mommy Juice' culture hurting moms?
And we return to the story of one mom raising a warning about raising a glass to deal with parenting stress. We've seen plenty of jokes about mommy juice but we have ray story about it. Reporter: The mommy wine culture is alive and well. Who can products and mantras like mommy fuel or I wieven because my kids whine. Those memes define life for harmony Hobbs, a Louisiana mom of three until she says she made a sobering discovery. That she couldn't handle life without alcohol. I would direct a lot at home, wine, just like a glass or two and I'd feel better and then I get the kids to bed and then I would drink like the rest of the bottle and start on another one. So a bottle and maybe a bottle and a half? Right. She says the stresses of mothering led her to secretly keep filling her glass. Pretty much from the time I woke up I was thinking about the glass of wine I was going to have and I couldn't wait. Reporter: The daily drinking take a toll on her family. The unfortunate part is that my children and husband bore the brunt of my true alcoholic behavior and I was not a good I was not a good wife. Reporter: Even at age 6 her oldest maverick was well aware. Did you know she was drinking a lot of wine. Well, I did know that because like I didn't know it was out of the ordinary because that's how I grew up. That's what I was used to. Reporter: Finally her best friend and writing partner Audrey called her out. And that I think was the moment that I was like, an alcoholic, okay. Reporter: Eventually this former sipping mom began blogging about her painful journey and agonizing road to recovery. It's hard to get through hard stuff and not revert back to your coping mechanism. In fact, you say it was the hardest thick you've ever done in your life. It is for sure. It's the thing I'm the most proud of. Whee! Reporter: Her play dates look different. Laughter without libation and a network of supportive friends. Harmony Hobbs tried to create a new kind of mom culture. Sobriety. Hopes that others will join in. I'm very proud of her. What are you proudest of? I'm proud that she overcame addiction and then helped like inspired others with her story and helped possibly inspire them to stop drinking. For "Good morning America," Deborah Roberts, ABC news, baton Rouge, Louisiana. Let's bring in Ericka souter, editor of Welcome. I know a lot of moms enjoy a glass of wine. When do you know it's a problem? Well, a lot of people think if you have a problem with alcohol it means you're slurring your words or you're foul down it doesn't always look like that so ask yourself is the drinking going beyond the social. Are you drinking when you're alone and think about are you using as a coping mechanism as we saw from the video. You know, are you drinking to get through dinnertime and naptime. Are you having a bottle afterwards to relax at the end of the day and do you need it to get through the day. Need is important. Need versus want. Exactly. The pressures of this mommy juice Kuehl R culture are real. How do you deal with it? You don't have to be a parent to get the running joke. The memes are endless so you want to work on a positive relationship with yourself. Now, a lot of moms have told me they drink to fill a void or mask other emotions. That's something they began to work through. Some with getting sobriety counselors and getting help so you also want to find an authentic friend group. If you're with a group and have to drink every time you're with them, you need a new mom squad. They should help you through whatever struggles you're working with. Avoid getting overwholed. It's easier said than done but you know, know your bandwidth. A lot think heavy to have Pinterest perfect holidays or join a school community. Say no. Your sincerity and sense of calm are so important. A lot of good advice. Thanks very much. You can see more on "Nightline." We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Parenting expert Ericka Souter discusses how the culture of wine drinking among moms can impact their families. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65426323","title":"Is 'Mommy Juice' culture hurting moms? ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/mommy-juice-culture-hurting-moms-65426323"}