Teacher adopts her student and his little brother

Chelsea Haley, 26, opens up about her decision to adopt her former student, Jerome Robinson, and his little brother, Jace, live on "GMA."
4:52 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for Teacher adopts her student and his little brother
Now to the inspiring story of a teacher going well beyond the call of duty. Chelsea Haley started with the nonprofit teach for America to make a difference the lives of students. She didn't know that at just 4 years old, she, her student, and his baby brother were about to have their clooifrs changed forever. They'll join news a moment. First, their story. At 24 years old, Chelsea was an elementary school teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One of her student, gentlemjerome causing her trouble day in and day out. He was having a tough time at home and taking it out at school. Chelsea admitting his behavior was so bad she almost quit teaching. After her two-year commitment with teach for America, it was time to move on. But something was holding her back. It was Jerome. Then in October 2015, Chelsea had a life-altering dream. God told her she was destined to be Jerome's mother. Soon realizing he felt the same. And with his mother's blessing and hopes for a better life, Chelsea became mom to Jerome and his little brother, Jace. Yay! Reporter: Now, over two years late, the family is thriving. Chelsea, Jerome, and Jace join us from kennesaw, Georgia. Thank you for joining us. He's a little shy. There you are, Jace. Such an incredible, inspiring story. I have to say, Chelsea, it didn't start out this way. Jerome was a troubled student. He made you consider quitting teaching. What made you change your mind? So, after exhausting all of my resources in the classroom, I realized that the only way to reach Jerome was to get to know him and just build a relationship. So, I started spending time with him outside of school. Going to his football games. His basketball games. Just hanging out with him at home. Buying school supplies and groceries. Those kinds of things. As I got to know him, I realized that, the kid is really funny. Really witty. Very smart. Just kind to everyone around him. So, though there were still days the the classroom with he made me want to pull my hair out, I knew that below that tough boy exterior, there was a little boy begging to be loved. We were happy that you found that part of him. You're 26 years old now. You're a single mother of two boys. How has your life changed? Wow. Yeah. So, my life has definitely changed in a lot of ways. Um -- over the last two years, my decisionmaking has gone from focusing on myself to ally focusing on my boys. So when I think about my money, my time, my energy, all of it is really on the boys and what's best for them. I have even taken two part-time jobs on top of my full-time job, just to make ends meet. I'll tell you what. You need that energy. Because Jace is doing 360s in his chair right there. I know. Jerome, how does it feel to know that Chelsea changed her entire life for you and your brother? It means she's -- it must mean that she really loves me and believes in me. What message do you have for other kids who may be going through a tif time like you were? To never give up. And keep trying, no matter what people say. You always have to believe you can do anything. I tell you right now you have not given up young man. You're on the honor roll. Yes, you are. And you're -- you're very active. You're very active in school activities. Chelsea, for you, how does it feel seeing him do such a great job right now? I don't think there are many words to really describe just how awesome it is to celebrate all of Jerome's achievements. I think it just goes to show that he's always had the potential. All he needed was the support and the self-confidence to be successful. So I'm just really proud of him. Well, we're all proud of him. You know, we know you are big Atlanta sports fans. We reached out to our friends at the brave naps would like for you to be their guests at an upcoming baseball game. Is that cool with you? Wow. Yeah. That would be awesome. That would be awesome. You are awesome. We thank you for sharing your story with us. Chelsea, Jerome, Jace. Good luck to you all. And Jerome, keep it up, okay. Young man? See you soon. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Chelsea Haley, 26, opens up about her decision to adopt her former student, Jerome Robinson, and his little brother, Jace, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53009993","title":"Teacher adopts her student and his little brother ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/teacher-adopts-student-brother-53009993"}