How TikTok ‘safety calls’ can help keep you safe

Users are taping mock phone calls on the social media app to deter would-be attackers.
3:48 | 01/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How TikTok ‘safety calls’ can help keep you safe
Noon tick tock transient that might help keep it safe users are creating safety videos to help others in possible danger Becky Worley. So join us with more on this good morning Becky. Good morning Robin we're talking about a tick pat hash tags safety call. It's where users can find videos that some really don't real phone call to potentially help that they feel unsafe. While there not a magic bullet creators say these videos have helped them and then people should be making more. Early honest here. This is not a real phone call. That's very apparent substance rock to ticked up dating someone complained when they're traveling alone don't have someone to talk to immediately and feel unsure of their surroundings. Some are apparently believe you. County on the phone so we media with prompts to respond to video makes it seem like you're having a real conversation. This video by Mandy Purdue viewed millions of times that they started because my friend. Call me when I when she was leaving work and I was eager to answer I don't need our conversation. Well luckily nothing happened to produce lent the incident though inspiring her to help others. I decided. Yet Purdue posting videos and tick tock various scenarios for kids walking alone to school are you a new way to school. But someone potentially being followed in a parking. Be there in just a few minutes or should be all right they started getting all these amazing message is just people hate hate yeah. It helps and. Tick tock users like Yvonne Ingrassia who says one imprint his video stop someone who was possibly following our. Only. The I think people since. And people whom. Don't do you see Purdue inspiring other creators to make their own videos with the hash tag safety call hey kiddo it's up. The started to read your comments and somebody said boy who he really really great if somebody would do this but from a dep Simeon and went back to your dorm now. You guys pray with you right. The girl. Three out of ten Americans say they feel unsafe walking alone at night. Our safety calls are are not the magic bullet to say they are great tool that's what should have is multiple tools in your arsenal. Distaste safe when you're alone experts advise always tell someone where you're going also stay aware of your surroundings and try your phone's camera. Criminals don't want to be seen on camera committing these crimes and so Patten that camera going is a great deterrent. Any peace think you're in danger call 911 immediately. Review does that on her videos and tells others to do the same. On the bond and a reminder. If you feel you are in danger call and when one. Good advise him again tell some. Where you're going whether it's walking or driving tell them when you're starting the route you're going. When your supposed to arrive. As our experts had these pickup safety call videos can be a great tool Robin but not your only tool not sure only one guess 911 as well she said but funeral was just thinking another ride share services a lot of times to fulfill. A little unsafe doesn't that come in handy in that case it's well. Oh yes for sure in remember in that situation safeties about layers of security. So you've got to check the license plate when you get and make sure it matches what's in your hand. I know how to use the safety features that are built in the app like you can share your location with a friend. You can check the route to make sure you haven't gone off course. And as you mentioned call 911 if he needs him well thank you for all that precious info as always thank you Becky. Incur the rest your day out there.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Users are taping mock phone calls on the social media app to deter would-be attackers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75195355","title":"How TikTok ‘safety calls’ can help keep you safe","url":"/GMA/Family/video/tiktok-safety-calls-safe-75195355"}