Carla Hall’s muffin recipe puts a twist on PB&J

For Ultimate Muffin Week on “GMA,” our "Quaran-Testers" try the chef’s peanut butter and strawberry muffins.
3:00 | 05/06/20

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Transcript for Carla Hall’s muffin recipe puts a twist on PB&J
It is ultimate muffin week here and our quaran-testers are back. They've been testing these treats and sharing baking questions with us. Those quaran-testers have been busy and joining us to answer those questions is chef Carla hall with her twist on a pb & J. Peanut butter and strawberry muffins. Let's see how she made them. Today I'm making peanut butter and strawberry muffins. Three-part recipe starting with the crumble. I've got flour, brown sugar and oatmeal. I'm going to add in cinnamon and And, of course, the peanut next up, time to make the batter. They are melted and to this I'll add the egg. Reporter: And add to the dry ingredients. Make a well and then you pour in the wet ingredients. Here's a third part of the muffin this. Is where we get the fruit ready. Reporter: Now chop the strawberries and add the sugar. Going to fold in the sugar and strawberries. I don't want it to get too overmixed. Now we're ready to put it in the pan. This is the fun part. You know you'll be eating in about 20 minutes. Reporter: Finally, pop them in the oven at 375. Look at this. Oh. Look at that. Tasty. Getting hungry. I've learned more about muffins in the last two days by the way than in my whole life. Carla hall is joining us from her kitchen. Carla, it is so great to see you as always. Let's jump right to it. We've got these questions coming in from our quaran-testers and this one comes in from sonal. Let's take a listen. Hi, chef. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for getting the crumble to stay onto the muffin a little bit better while it's baking. Thank you. Oh, you're welcome, sonal. The first thing you want to do is with your crumble you want to make sure that you pinch it enough so that it clumps together. When you are put it on the muffin push it down a little bit so that it sticks. You're going to lose some but most of it will stay on the muffin. All right, Carla, we have another question. This one is from Jolene. These muffins are delicious. But the recipe makes such a huge do you have any ideas on how I can store them so he stay fresh longer. Yes, I kept them for about four days and they're even better the next day. So as soon as they cool since you know you're not going to eat them all put them in a zip top bag and put them in the freezer. When you want one take out what you want, let it thaw and pop it into the microwave for a couple of minutes so it won't change the texture. Great advice. Everybody loves pb & J and great mash-up for the muffin. What about parents and kids who have peanut allergies. Is there an alternative of ingredients you can swap? Yes, what you can use an alternative nut butter, the peanut allergy, cashew, almonds but you can use tahini which is a sesame paste. It is completely nut-free. All right, Carla. We have a question from Jeff. Let's take a listen. My question is, how do you prevent the muffin liners from pulling the strawberries out of the muffin on the outside? Oh, you had some hungry muffin liners. Yeah, that's happened to me before. So all you have to do is I didn't use a liner at all because I just don't have any here at home so I sprayed the muffin tin but you could also spray your muffin liners and that makes for easy cleanup and so your muffin will come out really easily. All right, sounds good. We can smell the muffins here in the studio. Thank you so much, Carla, as great to see you. We'll talk to you soon. And you can get this recipe

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"For Ultimate Muffin Week on “GMA,” our \"Quaran-Testers\" try the chef’s peanut butter and strawberry muffins. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70528821","title":"Carla Hall’s muffin recipe puts a twist on PB&J","url":"/GMA/Food/video/carla-halls-muffin-recipe-puts-twist-pbj-70528821"}