Comparing different types of nut butters

Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses what to know about all the different kinds of nut butters currently on the market.
3:26 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for Comparing different types of nut butters
week. Aroun And we're back with our series supermarket sav aboutno the school twiut your kids' lump and staple pnut butte and sunflower seed butternd our nutritionn Jaso peanut butter is a B me but a lot of competition. Things like allergies in school fro peanut Buer and tree nuts so a lot of T variables that, you know, K want but it's sort of allergy nd. I think this is convenient nutrition so we got to pick which ones right for you. Let's figureut which ones chhings setting out with protein. We' make this sort of a . Ohyeah, so I'll award the number one tree teen. What D Y think it is? Scream itt. W what.all right. Here we go.number one highest in etreen but number two, what do think? Okay, right here. Anybodo said almond butter. Great. Noo tablespoons is about seven grams of polt D' is equivalent to about egg and also forwo tablespoons -- That a ze. Mine is more like a jar yes, tablespoons is aboutig size, exactly. How Abo for fibe S let look at fiber. What do you think? Fiber, fibe here we almondbutter, if you said almonutter you're right. About double the fiber as the ear N and sd butters yep, exactly.ah. That'sprising to me. Ntioned agi a lot of crn aboutmenut S. Whis the mis. If you screened out sunflower seed butter. GHT. A lot arepeanuts tree nuts and this mad seeds so lergy ly. You have to look, though the brandre lower in ont protein be aware. Equivaln calorie. Yes, they are, about T sre 200 Ries for of ese. Not too bad. S is a funone. Most des fly? What do Y think, guys? Kay. S., iishat I say there. 'S ss a lot try to use it eakfast or lunch. 'Ster fessert because O tablespo same Su twoeanut butterup candies. At? Yes. So, that ISS no, yes. Keep it dessert. I it forsert best. When it comes to picking any of these, really the key is don't lo at th label for like low fat or natural, anything like that lookth ingredients and see that it just had theut or as the ingredient. Timportant.he key point. No addedsugar. No sugar.he thg, aotf mp ts oil on and a lot are LI E's oil on top,hat do I will mix itselfore you op it. What, what. U,dawn. You can all the tips on our website

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses what to know about all the different kinds of nut butters currently on the market. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57496435","title":"Comparing different types of nut butters ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/comparing-types-nut-butters-57496435"}