GMA celebrates National Pancake Day with incredible dishes

Celebrity chefs Adam Richman and Jessica Tom share their crazy pancake creations.
4:47 | 02/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GMA celebrates National Pancake Day with incredible dishes
Do you all smell that here in -- all of you at home, oh, the pancake, the moment we've been waiting for. It's breakfast time celebrating national pancake day. It is easily one of America's most favorite breakfast foods. To help us celebrate we have two celebrity chefs here for our heated flapjack face-off. Adam Richman and Jessica Tom and they are here to whip up two crazy pancake creations in their pajamas, by the way, and the best part is, you guys can make these at home. So here we go. You didn't see her extension there. She really -- And she kicks and kicks. Our chefs competing to see which dish our experts, kid judges over there, yes, they're the expert. Going at it. And this is what you all are vying for, this lovely golden beautiful golden statue. So tell us let's start with what are you going to be making. Cinnamon apple pie pancakes. Ooh. Here we have our roasted apples. Wait. Let Adam tell what he's making. What are we making? We're making s'mores pancakes. Oh. All right. You know what, Adam, we're up first. You got tips though because you want to say this, it all starts with the flour. Absolutely. The thing you want to combine dry ingredients with dry, wet with wet and the easiest way to do it we have our milk, our egg, we have our vanilla and put it in a jar and shake it to combine nice and easy. Can I do that? That will be easy. By all means. Perfect. Once that is combined we'll add in flour and then we have salt, we have sugar, now, the other thing is you can combine right here in the measuring cup and your baking soda and your salt and your sugar all together combine it and then you can just add it right in then give it another shake. Right? A little neater than that. Okay. If you feel it, only if you feel it. This is the secret to getting the batter just right. Exactly right. Well, let's see what our judges think over there. Kids, what do you think about the s'mores pancakes? I love s'mores. I love the s'mores. I think it tastes really good and it's very sweet. Sweet is good and the apples. It's good. It has a really good taste. The apps make it. The guys table. I really, really like the s'mores, but the cinnamon on the other side also has a nice crunchy taste to it. I tell you what, we got good critics. I love the marshmallow topping. Make one simple batter and we whip graham cracker krupps right into here, cocoa and chocolate chips into here and basically take a little bit here and I also have to say since we have amazing kid judges there's a kid near and dear to my heart celebrating her 4th birthday. Happy birth day to my cousin Clair. Happy birthday. Jessica, how do you keep yours fluffy. The key to a fluffy pancake you want to use your batter as soon as you mix it so you have all of your dry ingredients. I don't have a jar, I just use a bowl. It works fine for me, I got to tell you. A little shade. Dry and wet ingredients. Batter use right away to get the fluffiest pancakes. Make sure the air doesn't deflate. I have my roasted apples with cinnamon, sugar, butter, really concentrates that apple flavor, infuses those spices in there. And then we're just going to build this beautiful stack here so we have our pancakes, we have our apples. Yeah. And then I love to sprinkle it with a little bit of coarse sugar or use your favorite nut for texture and pop it under the broiler for three to five minutes and get the nice crackly crust. What do the judges say over there? Lara, Michael. Thumb's up. No adult judges, everybody loves them, guy. Who is the winner, though? We have to give someone gets to wing the golden flapjack award. S'mores. S'mores. Oh! You were robbed. There you go, sir. Ex-me. I'm trying them. Awesome as well. Get these recipes on our website, make sure you check it out and make yourself a nice breakfast. It is final for pancakes at all Coming up, the "Shark tank"

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Celebrity chefs Adam Richman and Jessica Tom share their crazy pancake creations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69195647","title":"GMA celebrates National Pancake Day with incredible dishes","url":"/GMA/Food/video/gma-celebrates-national-pancake-day-incredible-dishes-69195647"}