Jessie James Decker shares her tips for quick and delicious recipes for whole family

The country music star, entrepreneur, and a cookbook author of "Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate" joins to share time saver tips.
4:08 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for Jessie James Decker shares her tips for quick and delicious recipes for whole family
We are back with our meals in minutes. Jessie James decker, the country music star and entrepreneur, is now a cookbook author. The book is called "Just feed me: Simply delicious recipes from my heart to your plate." Jesse is joining us from her home in Nashville. Jessie, good morning to you. It's great to have you. I understand you have three adorable kids there at home. I think I can see some of them in the shot there. How has your family, first of all, been handling this quarantine? You know, we're handling it as well as I think any family can. We're spending a lot of time together which has been great but sometimes it's a little hard to have one-on-one time with your husband when you have three young'uns hanging around. We're doing our best. You have three little ones too. We're ready to dig in. I've already started eating this cauliflower potato salad. It's your twist on your mother's recipe. Yes. What is your time-saving hack? So I've got a couple tips that I just feel like will make I'm a mom on the go. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time to whip up a full on meal for an hour, so my little tip is boil your eggs and your potatoes all together in the same pot of water and add your cauliflower so it's super quick, super easy. And also it kind of sneaks in an extra vegetable for your kids that they don't know about. Which is always clever. It's good for adults too, and you only have to clean one pot. That sounds brilliant. What are some healthy swaps that you can use when you make this dish? So as you can see, we've got the eggs and we've got the potatoes, and I'll toss in this cauliflower. But another tip and trick you can do, use light mayo. This obviously cuts the calories, I mean half of them, I think less than half. But there's so many sneaky things you can do, you know, when you're a mom in your kitchen whipping things up but I want life to be as easy as possible especially when you're running around and we're as busy as we are these days, throwing everything in one pot and getting your light mayo, sneaky things you can do here and there. This is the finished product right over here. It's absolutely delicious. This is something my mom made for me growing up and I added the cauliflower and it's absolutely delicious and we like to serve it warm instead of cold. I know that sounds kind of different and a little crazy but I think it tastes so much better at room temperature. I can confirm that it is totally delicious. Really good. So next you've got a special pizza that you guys like to make. Tell us about that. Yes, so we make nonbread pizzas. I'm going to come over here. I'm going to throw my nonbread on the stove and we're going to grill it. I have it grilled over here. You'll take it, I love nonbread. I think it is absolutely delicious. I'm going to bring it over here and I've got this one. We'll toss this here and what I love about this nonbread pizza, it's something you can do with the kids. It's super easy, it's really fun and I like to put the little accoutrements in the bowls and build the pizza together with your kids. I love having pizza parties, family gatherings, so much fun and makes thing easy rather than having to make homemade dough or just getting the frozen pizza dough from the store. I just think this tastes so much better. This is also something we did in my family growing up. I'm building the pizza, getting lots of good cheese on there just like that. And then you'll take a pepperoni and I'll toss this on top here. And then what we would do is pop this right back onto the stove and you let it cook for awhile. But I'll show you the finished product over here. This is the finished product once it's all done. I'll dress it with some arugula, finish it off with some shaved cheese, a little salt and pepper. Jessie, just so you know, we've got some finished product right here. It looks great. Yum. Smells great. Tastes great. Thank you so much. Look how good. Yeah. Absolutely. Really appreciate it. Thanks so much. Jessie's cookbook "Just feed me" is available on Tuesday and you can get all these recipes on our website as well, For now though let's get

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The country music star, entrepreneur, and a cookbook author of \"Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate\" joins to share time saver tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73115784","title":"Jessie James Decker shares her tips for quick and delicious recipes for whole family","url":"/GMA/Food/video/jessie-james-decker-shares-tips-quick-delicious-recipes-73115784"}