Lazy Weeknight Meal Ideas: Cauliflower bites and pot pie

Self-taught cook and author, Tieghan Gerard, shows "GMA" how to make easy meals for those lazy weeknights.
3:07 | 10/29/19

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Transcript for Lazy Weeknight Meal Ideas: Cauliflower bites and pot pie
We are starting out, ready for this? I'm so excited about this. You have no idea. This is actually -- I have to tell you this woman has inspired 75% of the meals that my family has eaten in the last year. I just said -- Lazy week night meals, that's our series, cooking easy, affordable, healthy food in just a few simple steps. And joining us is tieghan Gerard, the author of "Half baked harvest", a cookbook, but also the best website and Instagram that I'm consistently inspired by. Thank you. Self-taught. You learned by cooking for a large family, nine? Yes. That's amazing. If you can do it we all can do it. Absolutely. We've chosen two that we both love. The first is this cauliflower but it's got a kick, a Buffalo kick to it. Yeah. There's the finished product. Now let's make it. This is so easy. I'm going to have you whisk the sauce. We have hot sauce here, some olive oil, some paprika and a little bit of garlic powder. I'm whisking. This is the Buffalo base. This is the Buffalo base, right. The black pepper gives it a kick, something different from everybody else's sauce. Then if you want to pour over the cauliflower, we're going to toss that all together and, ginger, why don't you mix while she's doing that the bread crumbs. This is Panko. Yes. No! Oh gosh. We're all good. This is what happens when Lara and I are in the kitchen. I'll mix the bread crumbs in It all ends up in the same place. It ends up in the same place just like this. Then spread it out on the baking sheet. We're going to roast this cauliflower and I'm going to sprinkle these crumbs. That's how it goes. If you want to do the cheese on top. Usually when I read your recipes, I follow directions. The one thing you want to note is you don't want to overcrowd the pan because you don't want to steam the cauliflower. You want it crispy. How long should it cook? 425 for 30, 35 minutes. We have a very short time. Sage butter, chicken pot pie. We have a little bit of shallots, some butter. If you want to add the flour and sage and thyme and whisk that up. We're going to make a roux. Over here I'm going to add chicken broth. To the roux. To the roux. Stir that around, incorporate that a little bit. Backstage you were telling me you always go with a store bought. I always do store bought puff pastries. It's flakey, buttery. How do you keep it moist? I have a damp kitchen towel to over it up so it doesn't get moist and I'm going to toss these vegetables in here. We actually have to finish it up. Maybe we take a bite. Can we grab one? Can you bring it in? Thank you so much. You can do little individuals, so fun. Check out the book called "Half baked harvest, super simple." (Sam) Hey, have you heard about blacktitanium? (Sarah) Yeah, that heavy metal band thats like, so metal all their

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Self-taught cook and author, Tieghan Gerard, shows \"GMA\" how to make easy meals for those lazy weeknights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66603667","title":"Lazy Weeknight Meal Ideas: Cauliflower bites and pot pie","url":"/GMA/Food/video/lazy-weeknight-meal-ideas-cauliflower-bites-pot-pie-66603667"}