How to make the most delicious wings this football season

Step up your party with recipes from chefs Dan Churchill, Gina Neely, Josh Capon and Eddie Jackson.
7:15 | 09/26/19

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Transcript for How to make the most delicious wings this football season
top chefs here to make one of the top tailgate foods and show us how to MVP our meal. Speaking of MVP, we also have the host of "Afv," funniest videos," Alfonso Ribeiro is here. Get our wing on. All about chicken wing, Americans ate more than 1.3 billion of them. Wow. Just during the last super bowl alone, okay. Oh, my goodness. Can you imagine how many are consumed over the course of the whole football season and rob is here with some lucky members of our studio audience. All right. But as you said we got our wing man, Alfonso. We'll get into some wings. Ain't no thing like a chicken wingment bring in the wings, we've got Dan Churchill from Charlie street restaurant with Lara. We have celebrity chef Gina Neely with robin. Owner at Valerie meat company, Josh capon with Michael and author of "The cookbook gameday eats," Eddie Jackson with Amy. Should we go on down here and get something started. Let's go down to Lara. What's going on here? Let's talk about your wings go well, no, you're going to do it. I want to tell everybody this is sort of Dan's aussie twist on the wing. That's what gives us -- separates us from the others. We have an advantage. Use that whimsical Australian flair and dry rub and do a zesty dry rub on our beautiful wings so we'll get some pepper, your beautiful salt. Nice. The secret is the zest. Never throw the lemon out without adding the zest, on anything in my opinion. Just a nice heat of the oven, 350 degrees fahrenheit for 0 to 40 minutes. When you're doing a dry rub, how long do you want it to sit? Honestly you can have it overnight. It's great but I'm not going to tell everyone to do it overnight if they don't have the time. We definitely don't, so moving right along. Get it on there, goes in the oven see you later. Here's a dairy-free awesome cashew soy maple sauce. This is not your regular ranch dressing, no, no, no. There's a lot going on in You have a secret ingredient. You soak the cash Sures in water. Exactly. Why? What it does is makes them get soaked up and easy to cream. Adding the coconut milk, really good fat, super tasty. Great for the skin. Add in the cashews and soy sauce, some lemon juice, roasted garlic and a little bit of may. Can you try one? Yes. You try. All right. Okay. I want the dance. Do you love it? Oh, my gosh. Is that special? Okay, all right, well, let's go on down here, Gina and robin, what do you guys got cooking? I'm going to make a sriracha honey wing. Sriracha. Sweet and let the heat come on down. Okay, okay. So first off -- Holla. Iaught that, Michael. Olive oil on that and add in the pepper and mix some butter and adding in my sriracha. Uh-oh. Wait. Salt and pepper in there. Salt and pepper. Salt and pepper. Salt and pepper, honey. Okay, okay. Toss it around. Toss it around. Okay. Tossed. Add in a little honey to balance out the sriracha because we don't want that -- just a little sweet. A little sweet heat. I'm coming over here. I want to see this on this side. Can we smell it? Whoo. I know. Instant honey and spice all up in your nose. Listen, let me tell you, we're going to add in soy. Okay. So just toss that around and whisk this all together. Okay. Don't spill. Can you try one? Like you bake. You bake this in the oven at 425 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes to get that right chrissiness and put it on the top shelf. You want that there. Beautiful. Then you put it on and shake it up. Shake it all around. Let's jump over here. Come on, robin. Scallions you add. What you got? We have lollipop chicken wings. That's right. So, Josh, what makes these lollipop That's the way we butcher them, easy to eat especially with that gap that bone just comes out every time. Well said, my friend. Well said. What are we mixing up here. We're making a late summer beach barbecue sauce and one habanero is all you need because it goes a long way, very spicy, your favorite barbecue sauce. Take the wings out. You got that sauce over there now. All right. This sauce. The key is butchering the wings, fry them up. See, this is quick and easy. Let me show you. Is the lollipop working? The lollipop is working. All right. Eddie and Amy, what you got going? Eddie, he actually -- I feel like we have an edge. He wrote a book on it "Game day eats." Spicy Korean wings, right. So bring in the sweet and the heat, right? With a little bit of Asian flair. Go ahead and get the wings and mix up cornstarch and flour and double fry them. Double fry. All right. Double fry. Everything is good when you double fry it. You're never mad when you fry it up. Quick fry and then make the sauce which has a little bit of molasses, sweet. Then we have soy sauce, deep, rich flavor. Salt back there as well and add some aromatics to it, ginger, garlic going in. Oh. Amy, go ahead and try some. I got to find out what the taste testers feel. Let's run over here. Okay. Taste testers, tell me what you think. Which one? Which one is the one for you I mean I think for one thing the lollipop is cheating but asterisk it was so good. But double frying is kind of going -- double frying. Double frying. Which one you like. The crispiness, the double fried Asian. I do like the lollipop that comes off the bone but double fried Asian. You got it. Double fried Asian. Lollipop. A great time for the holidays. When you watch the game, Michael, do you rock on some chicken wings? Yes, I do. I love chicken wing, one of my favorite meals out there. Great thing, Alfonso, no losers, all winners. All these recipes are on our website so you can try whichever

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Step up your party with recipes from chefs Dan Churchill, Gina Neely, Josh Capon and Eddie Jackson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65872487","title":"How to make the most delicious wings this football season","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-delicious-wings-football-season-65872487"}